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  1. KimTriesRNY

    Moisture under stomach flab

    Once there is no yeast or fungus, use some gold bond medicated powders in the creases after you shower. Make sure everything is clean and dry, then sprinkle it in your folds wherever you have a problem.
  2. KimTriesRNY

    last minute cold feet?

    If you were diagnosed with Cancer, would you discuss waiting for treatment for a year or two in hopes that better treatments were available in the future? Obesity is a disease and many people that have had surgery wish they had done so sooner, not later.
  3. KimTriesRNY

    I'm in despair

    Don’t forget, it is normal at this stage for some emotions to be running amuck. Agree with above, focus on water and staying hydrated. Increased protein intake is going to come in time. If your friends are confusing you or overwhelming you with advice, just tell them you are following your surgeons plan and that is what you were advised to stick to. If you were an emotional eater, this is a tumultuous time post op, but it will pass don’t worry! I had some crying jags and emotional peaks and lows following surgery, it is normal. It does get better, be patient with yourself. ❤️
  4. KimTriesRNY

    Flavor water

    Looks refreshing 😀
  5. I had gastric bypass on 12/02/17. My start weight at consult was 384, my surgery weight was 369. I now weigh between 182-185. This was my surgeons goal, I may try for 175. I am 5’10” for reference. I have gone from a 28 in pants and 4x in shirts to a 10/12 in pants and usually a medium now in tops. I agree with above posters, I do get hungry but it takes much less to feel satiated and although I do still get cravings for things, it is easier to not eat those things now as I know they make me feel poorly, both physically and mentally.
  6. KimTriesRNY

    Weight loss

    20 pounds in three weeks is a huge rate and it doesn’t stay that fast forever believe that. It’s not a sprint. Just enjoy the journey for what it is. Congratulations and keep up the good work!
  7. KimTriesRNY

    Hello! Just a Quick Introduction

    It is not an easy decision to make when you realize you need surgical help to conquer obesity. Good luck on your journey and gosh I hope you only need three months because 12 months of a supervised diet is excessive! Whatever it takes then...you can do it!
  8. KimTriesRNY

    adding in your "addiction foods"

    Focus more on beans, legumes, sweet potatoes, etc. You are going to find that your pouch likely is not going to tolerate much bread or pasta anyways as these items have a way of expanding after eating and can make you feel full very quickly for not a lot of nutrition. I am fifteen months out and still steer clear of bread but on special occasions I have eaten fresh made pasta 😀. I get over 50g carbs a day, has not slowed my loss too much considering how close to goal I am.
  9. KimTriesRNY

    Questioning the surgery...

    Would you let other people influence your decision on how to treat a complicated medical problem such as cancer or renal disease without a medical degree? No? Obesity is a disease that is complex to treat and a bystanders opinion is of little value when it comes to your health. You need to decide what’s best for you.
  10. Seems like a good pace to me. Just don’t get discouraged when it starts to slow down, you won’t lose that quickly forever! Congrats on your loss so far!
  11. I do not have PCOS but was able to lose over 100 pounds in six months. Amount of weight you can lose straight away will vary greatly from person to person, especially as the larger someone is it is normally easier to lose larger amounts of weight in the beginning. It is best to not compare one person to another. Symptoms of PCOS are usually improved with weight loss so any amount you lose before and after surgery will help you health wise.
  12. KimTriesRNY

    Stomach spasms turned out to be an ulcer

    I hope you feel better soon. Any clue what caused the ulcers?
  13. KimTriesRNY

    Goal Weight

    Depending on your frame size 175 is likely doable, although may not be attainable without plastics I’m not sure. We are the same height. I would be thrilled to be 175 too. I set my goal for 185, I’m at 191 right now and my surgeon thinks I likely could lose another 10-15 pounds but have 7-10 pounds of excess skin spread throughout my body too. I hear a lot of “you are too skinny now” and things like that, but just remember most people are used to seeing us heavy and have trouble adjusting to seeing us at normal weights. Although the loss slows down after a year, it’s definitely possible to keep going. I just keep re evaluating every ten pounds because it takes a long time to lose that now. ‘Even If you decide to maintain at 225, or 200, you would be so much healthier and feel so much better than where you started! You are definitely a success now wherever you decide to set your goal!
  14. KimTriesRNY

    Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    Next year you can have one. And you will look fantastic and feel better than you have years I bet. Think of that!
  15. KimTriesRNY

    I just can't get warm!

    I am always cold now. My surgeon says I lost a lot of my insulation. Not sure there is a fix. I’m over 14 months out, labs are ok. 🤷‍♀️
  16. You can find more pictures of this on Instagram as well.
  17. KimTriesRNY


    Gastric bypass: Surgery date 12/2/17....still losing....slowly losing February start weight: 194 pounds Challenge goal: 189 pounds Accepting no junk food challenge. For exercise portion, my goals will be more centered on increasing my number of days going to the gym which I have really slacked off on the last few weeks. I realize the weight goal will be super tough to hit for me at this point, but I’m ok with that! I’m fighting every pound at this stage and if I only lose two or three pounds that’s ok. Cant wait to see everyone else’s posts and progress, especially fresh post ops who usually have such rapid results! Lets do this!
  18. It depends on your insurance and your surgeon. My surgeon would not operate if we gained weight during the six months. Insurance varies but usually is based on first weight for surgery requirements.
  19. KimTriesRNY

    2 week stall

    Yes it’s normal. Yes we have all had weeks where we didn’t lose weight.
  20. KimTriesRNY

    I do not wanna do gastric bypass!

    Do you know this persons medical history? All of the conditions behind the complications? Is it the same surgeon? Complications can arise from any surgery. Keep in mind if you get a sleeve and you already have reflux or similar issues you could be facing a needed revision if your problem worsens anyways. It may be more prudent to listen to the surgeon and opt for bypass now than undergo two operations. You likely would need new approval but that does not necessarily mean a longer wait once you have insurance approval to change the form, but a longer wait is worth it to make sure you get the needed surgery. You need to get the surgery you are comfortable with but why base a decision on a friend of a friend situation and let that influence your health and medical decisions?
  21. KimTriesRNY

    Breast Implants

    Working in the medical field I can say this is true....there are surgeons that will do whatever the patient wants to get the money, and there are surgeons that will honestly advise you based upon what will give you a better result. I hope you find a surgeon that is the latter.
  22. KimTriesRNY

    Please help!

    I agree with Fluffy. If you are drinking wine and eating potatoes and rice you are actually eating a lot of calories for non nutrient dense foods. Change your diet to lean proteins with vegetables and you will see better results. You can do this!
  23. KimTriesRNY

    In a month I only lost 6lbs :’(

    Many times the less you have to lose, the slower it starts to come off as well. If you stay consistent the weight seems to come off, it is just not as fast as we want it to.
  24. KimTriesRNY

    My Road to a Better Me

  25. If the person next to you is a bariatric surgery and vomits, they aren’t likely to be vomiting anything with an odor after weeks of a pre op diet and then being nothing by mouth before surgery. I wouldn’t worry so much.

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