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    starryskies reacted to LeaM in Looking for a band buddy, UK or any   
    Am seeing that I have a msg but when I go to it theres nothing there. So if u want to email me your numbers or fb names I can set up the whatsapp group or fb group. My email is lea9794@yahoo.co.uk

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    starryskies got a reaction from shelby76 in Worried I'm doing it wrong/post op blues   
    I seem to have the day 5 post op blues if there is such a thing. I am really hungry today, I think because my pain has subsided greatly and I'm moving more and also because the liquid medications and the shakes seem to leave a artificial sweet taste in my mouth. I crave salt like mad too. The last few days I've been having a shake for Breakfast, milk mid morning, Soup for lunch, milk mid afternoon, soup for tea and a shake/smoothie later in the evening (one tin of soup will do me 3 ish portions) and I have water/ sugar free squash/tea throughout the day. Is this too much? I'm so worried I'm going to stretch my pouch. I haven't been or felt sick, occasional I get a little tight chested but I think that's a signal to slow down/stop. Really gassy after everything too.

    Sorry to be moany!
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    starryskies reacted to Bandolita in Worried I'm doing it wrong/post op blues   
    I’m not your doctor, but have more soup!
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    starryskies got a reaction from Berry78 in Dressing to be changed, scared!   
    Hey, you were right! It didn't hurt one bit! I only had one of the 5 dressings changed as they all looked good and the nurse was more worried she's introduce infection by fiddling with them. Back next week for clips out :/
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    starryskies reacted to Berry78 in Dressing to be changed, scared!   
    It shouldn't hurt. Sometimes the tape can stick to the skin a bit and pinch when coming off ("like pulling off a bandaid")..
    You're gonna do great!
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    starryskies got a reaction from jenhanna87 in Just starting the process   
    I think it depends on where you are as to whether surgeons are not doing them as much. Here in the UK we have yet to have any horror stories and I'm pretty confident from the research I did that the band is as much of a viable option as the others.

    My choice was based around not wanting to permanently alter my internal organs, the option for reversal, recovery time etc, but that was MY choice. The best you can do is lots of reading and think about what it is you want, speak to your surgeon and get them to discuss the options and statistics with you. If you look for bad you will find bad about anything. Good Luck!
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    starryskies reacted to K@t in Liquid Stage Recipes   
    Hey every one, I thought I would start a stages recipe thread for the 3 stages. Maybe a mod can make these stickies. Then when ever we want a recipe from a certain stage we can check out these threads, and if we find a good new recipe we can post it in the threads. What do you guys think??
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    starryskies reacted to Jennifer8 in 10 days post op lap band   
    This is a really, really horrible thing to write on a thread of people who have just had their bands put in. What did you actually hope to achieve by writing this? Give people advice, give them warning signs to look out for, give them some context regarding your circumstances. Don't just come here and tell them the life changing decision they have just made almost killed you! Not nice at all!

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