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  1. trailtramper

    4 Year Update

    This was an extremely helpful post for a newbie like me, nine days post-op. Thank you!
  2. trailtramper

    My story, WLS 2014

    Thanks for the tips!
  3. trailtramper

    November sleevers

    I know how you feel. I am five days out and still lots of pain. I have thrush now too. It will get better if we keep the course. [emoji3]
  4. trailtramper

    any November 2017 sleevers?

    Good luck! You will do great!
  5. trailtramper

    any November 2017 sleevers?

    Sorry you had to go so long without liquids. I had surgery on 11/17 and was drinking the little medicine cups of water shortly thereafter. I only had a short bought of gas pain. I have a lot of pain at the large incision site, but I have been lucky otherwise. Glad you are doing better.
  6. You can do this! I just finished and had surgery. It was a difficult process to be sure, but I am two days post op and couldn’t be happier that I did it.
  7. Than you so much! Good luck to you!
  8. Ooh, cheese sounds good. I skipped right over that in my quest to ignore food. [emoji106]
  9. Thank you! I am ready!
  10. I know. It seems like some docs even tell people to try them first.
  11. trailtramper

    Morning Vs Evening

    I agree. I have gotten a little more burn in the morning, but I am not a morning person. I never will be, so evenings work for me during the workweek.
  12. I read that scrambled eggs are the last ones to try and hardest on the stomach. They say try poached and fried before scrambled.
  13. trailtramper

    November sleevers

    Congratulations! The pain will fade, but it sounds like all else is great.