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  1. I just had my 6 week follow up on Wednesday, my NUT informed me that as long as I was meeting my fluids and protein, I could start drinking coffee but to start slow with 1/2 cup of black coffee (no sweeteners) I was thrilled.
  2. I had surgery over a 4 weeks ago, before surgery I was taking 35 units of insulin in the am and another 36 units in the evening. After surgery, I was given insulin in the hospital and I took one shoot when I got home but haven’t needed it since. My surgeon had me fill a prescription of metformin but said I may no not have to take it and he was right. My blood sugar stays between 110-120 and I’m so happy to be off meds.
  3. Hi everyone, Merry Christmas, today makes 4 weeks post op, my SW was 248 and as of today, I weigh 227 which is a 21 lb loss. The first week I lost 9 lbs, 2nd week 5 lbs, third week 4 lbs this last week 3 lbs. I started exercising after 2 weeks 3-4 times per week for 45 mins was was a little bummed that I didn’t lose more weight but overall I’m satisfied, just wanted to share my progress.
  4. Hi, Im five days post-op and since getting out of surgery, i have had very vivid dreams and have waken myself up from sleep due to talking of making sounds. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this. Thanks
  5. Hello, My surgery is scheduled for 11/27; I am currently on the 2 week pre-op diet. I am 5'3" and weigh 254; during this whole process, I found out "mild fatty infiltration". I meet with the surgeon earlier this week and he informed me that if they find my liver is too fatty and in the way, then they may not be able to do the bypass and may have to go the sleeve route. I really want the bypass not the sleeve so Just wondering if anyone ran into this issue and if they had to have a sleeve rather than a bypass. Thanks for reading.
  6. My Bp is under control now, I really think the hospital stay and the gas build up was causing my elevated bp because once I started passing it and they released me, my bp was back to normal range and hasnt gone up. Also my blood sugar is under control so I’m excited that I’m seeing the changes already.
  7. Hi, aI had surgery on Monday the 27th passes gas on Wed 11/29. What helps me is bringing my legs up to my stomach when laying down, basically putting them at a 90 degree angle. Hope this helps.
  8. I was finally released from the hospital today, my blood pressure was high so I had to stay an extra day. Glad to be home but definitely have to watch my BP. Anyone have an elevated BP upon their release?
  9. Also, never realized how many stomach muscles we use to pee. Finding it hard to completely empty my bladder but if found out that if I pretend to sneeze and say acho, a little bit comes out each time.
  10. Thank You, went into surgery around 10:20 am and woke up around 3pm. The Dr was able to do the bypass I felt like a truck had ran me over but am feeling a lot better now, I’m only in pain getting in and out of bed. Just drank my first medicine cup of water but had to do it very slowly.
  11. Hi GwennyPenny, Thanks for asking, I hosted Thanksgiving dinner and it went pretty well. I stuck to Turkey and green beans and had a spoon on macaroni and stuffing and a small sliver of pumpkin pie but I felt guilty afterwards but I was able to control myself and stopped. I thought not drinking would be a challenge but I actually didn’t even desire any alcohol so overall I think it went well; Monday is right around the corner.
  12. Thanks, I’ve been on the liquid diet for 7 days, so far lost 3.5 lbs. I have 6 more days to go, getting excited and nervous.
  13. New poster, Im scheduled for 11/27 too. So excited.

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