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    needguidence101 reacted to Louisa Latela for a magazine article, Daily Self-Love Habits   
    Set an intention to be loving and respectful to you every day.
    Drink plenty of water every day.
    Intentionally move your body every day.
    Spend 5-20 minutes in sacred silence every day.
    Say only Kind and Loving things to and about yourself
    Say "Thank You" to compliments.
    Listen to and speak with your body throughout the day.
    Eat life-affirming high energy foods.
    Pay attention to your intuitive hunches.
    Notice energy.
    Protect your energy (ask/pray that you not take on others' energy/anxiety, before you leave your house imagine you are surrounded by a protective shield/bubble that will only allow positive loving energy to penetrate, no negatively get get through... If you are talking with someone who is particularly negative you can imagine you are standing behind a one way mirror and everything they say to you just bounces right back to them, or you can "put on your teflon suit" i.e. nothing sticks!!)
    Clear your energy: meditate, stretch, take a bath in epsom salt, spend time in nature, create a releasing ritual
    Before you say or do anything take a deep BREATH…Connect with your inner wisdom and ask if what you are about to say or do will support your Highest Good. Intend that your words and actions be grounded in the energy of LOVE
    Don’t say or do ANYthing that doesn't feel right.
    Live in the moment (pay attention to your breathing: this will always bring you back to the present moment.)
    Count your blessings/feel gratitude every day.
    Be ever mindful of living in the energy of LOVE.
    Live in Love,

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