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    needguidence101 reacted to James Marusek in Did you take a "Before" photo?   
    I would recommend a good before photograph so that you have something to compare it with after surgery. I would not recommend an underwear photo because you may be tempted to share it with someone. I would recommend a bathing suit photo. Many times we are blind to our obesity. We do not see ourselves. Therefore when the weight begins to drop off rather dramatically, we question if this is really happening. Photographs are a good visualization of our success. Many people carry a before and after photo with them, just to remind themselves of their success. In my case I was the photographer in the family and as a result I rarely appeared in photographs. Also when I looked in the mirror, all I could see is a front shot, so I didn't really see the extent of my obesity.
    When I took my before photo, I used the time release function on the camera and took poses in several positions (front, back, right side, left side). This allowed me to recreate the same exact pose 6 months after surgery. This is the result.

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    needguidence101 reacted to AsianBeauty in Need a Buddy cause I getting little or no results   
    Hey there. I'm new to this side of the app. I was sleeved on 9-12 and I'm in the same boat as you all. I lost 20lbs my first week post op then another maybe 5lbs the next week. I have not lost since. I've been going up a d down between the same 20lbs. I'm losing inches though. My clothes are fitting a lot better. I've been monitoring my body with one pair of jeans that were extremely tight on me. They have gotten loose. I'm not sure what's going on with the scale but I am happy with the inches coming off. It looks like this maybe a common thing since we all are experiencing it. Just keep your head up. [emoji1]

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    needguidence101 reacted to MauiLolly in Down 165 lbs since March 28, 2017   
    You must be so thrilled! You look amazing and I'm sure you feel so much better physically and emotionally.

    Sometimes this process happened so quickly that I feel like my head is spinning. Do you ever feel that way? It's like, not too long ago, I was really really heavy, and in a short amount of time relatively, I'm not having any more. It's surreal isn't it?

    It's a journey filled with excitement, disappointments along the way, nausea, Elation, you name it and we go through it!

    It certainly isn't the easy way out, but it is an amazing surgery, no matter what type you choose, with amazing results and hopefully life-changing ones.

    Congratulations on the new year and many many years of Health ahead of you. God is good, yes?

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    needguidence101 reacted to brwneyesbbw in Down 165 lbs since March 28, 2017   
    Thank you. I feel awesome. My ankles have gone down considerably. Lymphedema has decreased a lot.

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