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  1. Two weeks post op today. Since beginning the program, am down 47 pounds, 13 pounds since surgery on September 18th. Did have some "constipation issues" but Miralax did not help. So, got some puree baby food prunes. and had 1 container on 2 consecutive days which did the trick on day 10 post op. Have been working on keeping the protein way up, since we were told in the post op class that it takes 90-100 g of protein to prevent hair loss, So, throughout the day I drink two 16 oz Protein-2-0 (30g protein isolate total 120 calories), 1 premier protein (30 g protein 160 calories) I usually have a serving of bone broth (10g protein and 50 calories). So, 70 g protein in 330 calories. Then have soft chicken or fish for the rest of the protein.  Stopped the pain meds 3 days ago, was taking 1 at night time, but they were getting me very unmotivated to move around and wanting to sleep too much. All in all, things are going well.


    1. FishOn


      I didn't realize you have to have 90-100 g of protein to deter hair loss and have been losing hair since the 90 day mark. Had surgery 10/17. I will boost by protein starting today as I was trying to keep in under 80. Also bought the hair loss shampoo PHYTO PHYTOCYANE. Have you had any hair loss Peachdumplin?

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  2. Ughh - hair loss is very real. My hairline is noticeably thinner. I've been losing hair constantly for the past 3 weeks (exactly 3 months post-up). Today was the first day I dyed my hair since the hair loss started and everytime I went to squeeze water out of my hair, more hair kept sliding out. I know it's temporary but it's still scary!

    2017-05-28 15.19.02.jpg

    2017-05-28 15.18.46.jpg

    1. FishOn


      I started noticing hair loss around the 90 day mark post-op as I had my surgery 10/17. I just bought this shampoo from Amazon. It pours fast be careful.


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  3. Once insurance approves surgery, what happens if you fall below the minimum BMI required in the first place?


    1. FishOn


      I had that concern when I started my journey and went into a six month medically supervised diet prior to any WLS. My nutrition Dr. put that fear to rest that if I should lose a drastic amount of weight would I no longer qualify for the surgery. She assured me yes the surgery would still go through, what mattered was the weight at the beginning. The nutritionist shares an office with my WLS Dr.

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