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  1. Nice! Keep it up and you will love your new lease on life! Question: Your profile sez pre-op? did you not get a surgery or do you need to just change your status?
  2. It has been a few years since my sleeve surgery and I am loving it. I still get full easy and maintain my desired weight. Lately I noticed that my loose skin surrounding my belly button is burying the button. Before I was able to clean my belly button quite easily and now I have to dig for it as the skin seems to be closing up around it. I understand that pregnancy can be an issue with belly buttons but I'm not pregnant. Anyone have experience with this?

  3. Looking Good! Bet you are feeling a whole lot better too!
  4. FishOn

    Artesia, NM

    Doing the "Great Pumpkin" imitation at 40 H.S. Reunion before surgery. One of the "Wakeup" pictures
  5. FishOn


    8//30/20 Big Bear Lake, CA with the Pups for some hiking and swimming
  6. FishOn


    Once upon a time my nickname was Poster Marine.
  7. FishOn


    After dumping a few times, I sometimes use it as a tool when constipated. I overload on the dumping foodstuff and am cleaned out shortly. Works most of the time. Not highly recommended as the consequences can be very funky
  8. FishOn

    Done and Fun 9 Months

    Looking good! Fishing and Lab pup, seems we may have a couple of things in common.
  9. I was on *** insurance and switched to PPO insurance to ensure that I got the surgery if that helps.
  10. Looks like you may be experiencing the same thing as I. Been working out everyday before work doing cardio and weight training to gain muscle where fat once was but losing muscle as I have not been taking in enough protein. Boosted my protein intake but not enough. Boosting my protein again to see if I can build more muscle again to take up the flabby skin and still shrinking muscles.
  11. FishOn


    Almost at goal 2018
  12. FishOn


    At work 2018
  13. FishOn


    Santa Ana Zoo Santiago's birthday 2018. Just about at goal
  14. What is on your menu for Thanksgiving Holiday Meal? Be honest. Me? I will keep my plate to saucer size and have samples.
  15. You look awesome! no visible wrinkles either, you must be pretty young. I dare not take off my shirt in public, lol.
  16. Recently I got a new puppy and stopped going to the gym so I could do resistance band training at home with pup. I found myself not working out hardly at all and noticed muscles getting smaller and smaller. Even though I am at goal I still have more fat to lose and need to rebuild my muscles that have shrunk. I read somewhere that if you don't work the muscles the body will consume muscles before consuming the last fat. I believe I need to start lifting heavy to tear and rebuild muscle. Anyone experience this or have advice to offer?
  17. FishOn

    Losing too much muscle mass

    Times of duress...I have been very stressed out with a 1/2 dozen computer servers going down the last couple of weeks. Could that be a significant factor?
  18. FishOn

    Fat Arms?

    I have reached my weight goal but now realize I have a bit more fat and flab to contend with. I have stepped up my training and been a gym rat for the last couple of months. Now I am switching routines and doing resistance bands and green vegetable powder. I believe resistance bands will be excellent in toning and shaping muscles/skin and combating flab. Here are some tips that may help you on your journey. I will be posting the results of the resistance band routines in a couple of months. https://www.livestrong.com/article/195891-how-to-tighten-loose-abdominal-skin/ My energy level is very high for the past few months.
  19. https://www.livestrong.com/article/195891-how-to-tighten-loose-abdominal-skin/ More info on toning with resistance bands.

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