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  1. 1badassbiggurl

    Impatience & how to prevent loose skin

    Loose skin is the one constant thing that I have struggled with the most during my weight loss journey. But then I remind myself that I’d rather be carrying around a couple pounds of loose skin rather than the 140+ lbs I’ve lost! I’ve thought about surgery, however it’s very costly and I’m not sure if it will happen for me, so I’m learning to adjust and love my new body.
  2. 1badassbiggurl


    Weight loss
  3. 1badassbiggurl

    Sneezing and Other Weird Signs Your Pouch is Full

    I get hiccups!!
  4. 1badassbiggurl

    Non Scale Victories

    Me too ...which is why I haven’t changed my name 😂 ps keep up the good work 👍🏾
  5. 1badassbiggurl

    Non Scale Victories

    Oh yes it’s been years since I could fit on an amusement parK ride....keep up the good work! 👍🏾
  6. You look amazing 😉! But that brassiere...where did you get it from!?
  7. 1badassbiggurl

    Non Scale Victories

    Nope weird I can feel my bones too ...all of them 😩
  8. 1badassbiggurl

    Non Scale Victories

    This is also me and all i can say is ...Winning!
  9. 1badassbiggurl

    One year post RNY!

    Thanks Fluff you’ve been such a great supporter...really! I’m sure there are some others here who appreciate and value your input! Thanks so much for making me feel welcomed and always having an encouraging word. 🥰
  10. 1badassbiggurl

    One year post RNY!

    Today is officially one year since I had my surgery! Still one of the best choices I’ve ever made in my life! I’m 5’ 9” and currently 195.6 with a BMI of 31. No more high blood pressure, blood sugar levels are back to normal, arthritis pain is at a minimal, and I have wayyyyy more energy! As for clothes I wear L or XL in tops and bottoms, as for jeans size I still haven’t figured that one out yet, LOL, but that’s because I mostly wear leggings and sweats. I did need to wear a dress recently for an invent that me and my husband attended; it was a size 12. Imagine that, from a 28 to a 12. I never imagined that I could be this small; in fact I can honestly say I haven’t worn a size 12 or weighed under 200lbs since grade school (yes, I said grade school). I don’t profess to walk a straight and narrow path when it comes to eating right, but I do still monitor my calories. And I’m no gym rat, but I try workout to out often (maybe three times a week if I’m lucky). It’s all about ACCOUNTABILITY!!! This journey has taught me a lot about myself. Like the fact that I am very resilient, and focused; however I can be a bit of a pessimist who hates the word “skinny”. For instance here I am over one hundred pounds lighter than I was just a year ago and despite how good others say I look, there are still days that I look in the mirror and I’m tearing my self apart because I’m not happy with what I see! However, I have learned that having weight loss surgery is truly a journey...a life time one! It’s not just some quick fix it’s a commitment and you’re either all or ya ain’t!! Anyways, I feel blessed to experience it all the highs and the lows! It’s like I got a new outlook on what life has to offer. I believe I shared once before that there’s a significant age difference between me and my much younger, fit and very active husband, and having weight loss surgery has given me back some years plus now that I’m more mobile I can now experience life with him. As a matter of fact this month we’re going away on vacation and I cannot wait to participate in all the fun activities and shore excursions we have planned now that my weight is no longer an impediment! PIC TAKEN JUST NOW! 😂
  11. 1badassbiggurl

    Non Scale Victories

    I know this one too well
  12. 1badassbiggurl

    RNY November 2017

    Well surgery buddies I kept pushing and it finally happened, I made it to Onederland. For a little over two weeks I was stalled @ 204, but I got on here the other day took some advice, got some encouragement and viola lost a stubborn five ponds and earned a first class ticket to Onderland 😛! Super excited and gonna try to keep this same energy while I fight off this last 24lbs so that I may reach my goal!
  13. 1badassbiggurl

    From 470 to 235 (with photos)

    Wow! Well done!
  14. 1badassbiggurl

    Comfortable to rock it. Mini vacation

    You look amazing boo 👍🏾