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  1. Thanks a million for this post! I am starting to get freaked out at ALL the hair I lose each day (especially in the morning after my shower). I am almost 6 months out. The hair loss started at about 5 months out. I am going to continue to take the vitamins and add a couple as well. My 6 mo appointment with blood work is the first week of Feb. I am anxious to see what the tests show! Thanks!
  2. MN_Meg770


    Hi all, I had bypass on 7/23. I really miss sandwiches and am dying for a couple bites. When were you able to eat bread without problems? thanks!!
  3. MN_Meg770


    Yes-the gas was annoying and caused some discomfort for me too the first 3-4 days. Glad you’re doing well!!
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    Thanks all! I truly appreciate your advice!
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    How are you doing since surgery? Where did you get it done?
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    Hi Lyn - I'd love to know the details for the meetings at Methodist! I live in St. Paul but work in Minneapolis so maybe I can go Thanks! Megan
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    Hi Bearly- How are you feeling? Did you have RNY? Welcome! Megan
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    I hope it goes ok! Today I am feeling down and really missing food like I used to be able to eat. Just one of those days.
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    Hi! I’m in St. Paul/ had my surgery on July 23rd. How is life a year out? What do you still avoid eating? Megan
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    Hi Kate! I am Megan from St. Paul. I had RNY in July and am also struggling with protein. The shakes are so terrible (in my opinion). This weekend I am going to try blending up some of the tasteless protein powder with honey flavored greek yogurt, milk and berries. I hope it tastes ok! I am also going to look for other ideas for protein shakes/smoothies I can make at home that are tolerable. Let me know if you have any ideas for recipes. Take care, Megan
  11. MN_Meg770

    I tried a diet coke today...

    As long as it wasn't for the Patriots or Packers you're forgiven
  12. Hi, I am 6 weeks post-op and still cutting pills in halves or quarters. Some just feel too big to make it through my new stomach/intestines. When were you able to confidently take full size pills without issues? Thanks! Megan
  13. MN_Meg770

    Full size pills/medication

    Thank you all! I am going to give it a try today and see how full size goes.
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    Food Addict

    Thanks so much!!
  15. Thanks so much for sending your positive energy my way!! When and where is your surgery? I’m 5 weeks out now and started regular food on Monday. I’m being very cautious and trying to stay positive. Megan
  16. Hey all - I am almost a month out from my RNY surgery (had it 7/23). I am struggling emotionally right now, especially with the State Fair here. Anything that helped you mourn your favorite foods or food rituals? Thanks in advance. Megan
  17. Thanks!! I’m gonna go next year and share my faves- just have bites
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    Can you taste the protein power? I’m trying to find something I can mix with yogurt and a little fruit and not taste. Thanks!
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    Food Addict

    I’m in the same boat...Good to know I’m not alone!
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    Food Addict

    I’m also a compulsive over eater and I think I too need OA. Are there OA groups that don’t require its members to eat a specific diet? Obviously after gastric bypass there are already plenty of restrictions for me at this point (I’m 5 weeks post op). Any advice? I’m craving things and am depressed about not being able to eat without fearing getting sick. Thanks! Megan
  21. I am in St. Paul. On the HealthEast website it lists some out there - a few at St. Joseph's Hospital in St. Paul. Hope this helps!
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    I am in the same boat! Miss my bloody mary once in awhile or a amaretto sour! But I don't want to get wasted either.
  23. Hi Steve, I was initially going for the sleeve but my surgeon recommended the RNY instead because, like you, I had high BP, high Cholesterol, was diagnosed with diabetes, and have sleep apnea. I am glad I chose RNY in the end. I am off of my diabetes meds now except for a tiny amount of insulin (and that will be gone eventually too), and am off of high BP and cholesterol meds now as well. I have to see about the apnea and CPAP - I bet anything if I have another sleep test that I don't even need the CPAP anymore either. All this and I am only down 25 pounds/a month out! Of course this is just my situation, and your surgeon will know best. Good luck to you!! Megan
  24. Well, as of today I am 3.5 weeks out from my gastric bypass surgery. I have had a few high points, but also some lows.  Lowest moments lately are watching people that can have Starbucks Frappaucinos with no issues, and driving by the MN State Fair. The State Fair was always my annual feed fest - tons of eating some of the best tasting items ever! I am skipping this year and it hurts. I am trying to work through my giving up eating the way I used to and I have moments that I question why I did this in the first place. My moods are all over the place and I am trying to find other things that make me happy.  

    I had hit a weight loss stall, but I just went to pureed food on Monday and suddenly I lost another 4 pounds, so that is good. I've only had one time I almost got sick and that was because I ate too much, too fast.  I am praying I don't have any other problems as I add more foods.  I am scheduled to move to solid food on August 27th.

    That's all for now... Megan

    1. Orchids&Dragons


      I think most of us have the same grieving feelings that you're having. Even if we normally ate pretty well, there were occasions that we just loved a good pig-out. It's just not the same as saying we can still have small portions of those foods. Sometimes we just want EXCESS! State Fair is an excellent example.

      Maybe try to find related things to celebrate. Like next year, you'll be able to go to the state fair, walk around all day without hurting and ride any ride you want without worrying if you'll fit! You won't have to worry about how strong the folding chairs are at the shows. You may even run into an old friend who will be flabbergasted at how amazing you look ;)

  25. Shame on those %^*holes! I work in healthcare too, in compliance and these people know better. I’m so sorry you had to hear this. Knowing how bitchy people can be in the workplace I’d let it go to avoid even more stress, but that’s just me. Be proud of all you have made it through and your strength through all your battles. I wish you the best.