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  1. After many years of losing myself to weight loss and gain, many months of planning, eating better, Dr's appointments and seminars, and many many days of worrying, the time has finally come.  I'm scheduled to get to the hospital today at 12:00.  Everyone warns you about nausea after the surgery but nobody warns you about it before...the anticipation is driving me insane! I have a little tote packed with earplugs, headphones, comfy pjs (just in case), my unflavored protein, and lots of fidget toys.   I know this is going to be the start of something great for me but I might go crazy waiting!  I'm trying to stay as busy as possible but my entire body knows something big is looming and it's in overdrive.  See you all on the other side! 

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    2. karen_marie


      Hope all goes well today! Out of all the stuff I packed in my backpack, the only things I used at all were my going home clothes, 10ft phone charger cable, and my CPAP for the one night I stayed over. Other than that, I had family & friends keeping me company or I was doing walks or using the bathroom lol

    3. Apple203


      Hope it goes splendidly for you! !

    4. jls99660


      Today should be a day one post-op - I hope you are doing well. I saw my PCP yesterday, down four pounds at the one week mark. She took me off all medications except my Synthroid. I am on a diuretic for hypertension and run chronically low potassium. I have several IV doses in the hospital and was placed on a liquid replacement at home (blah). My labs came back to normal - so I'm hoping I can stop the potassium now. I think you will have wonderful milestones as well. Happy day one of your new life!