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  1. For those in OC California, i highly recommend Dr. Michael Russo , at Orange Coast Memorial. He and his team are very kind and professional. He takes his time to talk to you about everything very truthfully and very nicely. He is honest and you can tell. He doesn't tell you what you might want to hear, but tells you frankly. What he said all happened for me! 1.5 yrs ago i had him for gastric bypass. I am now 5lbs from my goal- and maintaining. I followed all the directions of his team and had no complications. I also had my regular scheduled check ups with them and was very pleased every time. He's very good at his job. My scars shrunk and look much better, and like i mentioned before, i was very careful with my diet and when i had issues i would call him and his office and they always called me back and answered questions.
  2. SGirl35

    The regain posts

    I must agree with everyone a little. You all make great points and I don’t have a long opinion to anyone’s post. Everyone is different and we all have different results. We all have different addiction levels and we all eat differently. However, I truly believe we have to work at this for the rest of our lives. Maintaining our low weight. Hell- I’m too short to even gain 10-20lbs back if I want to stay this small. So... everyone’s goal weight is different. I don’t understand regain though like most Vets- because I can only eat 1/4 cup at a time... 10months out. I am however hungry quite often . So I eat Clean calories all the time. So my calories don’t add up as fast. Time will tell. We all have motivations that keep us from over doing it and from gaining weight. Whatever that may be. Mine is feeling sexy in size 4-6 clothes. Feeling light as a feather when I walk. Etc etc ... good luck to everyone!
  3. SGirl35

    The regain posts

    In my humble opinion: I have to disagree. I think they are eating too many Calories, worth of those foods. Not that those foods made them fat. At the end of the day, it’s calories in and out. So.. I do think it’s often calories from liquid that add up. My diet is super flexible- and I’ve barely plateaued at 140lbs for the first time since surgery. Yes, I was super strict until about 8months post op... but now, I eat ... I don’t drink though. At all. But I will buckle down to break plateau. I just don’t think anything super strict works long term. Deprivation leads to binges..
  4. You make a great point. Although I eat much faster than my boyfriend most the time... I need to just slow down
  5. SGirl35

    The regain posts

    I must agree with you. My doc to me to eat anything I can digest- maybe eating less heavy carbs- which I don’t eat because I can’t digest them- but that to just stay in a calorie range but to add as many as I burn also... not to be too low. And that was 6 months ago! I wasn’t this low of weight. So.. I’m gonna stop the added sugars and carbs and eat more fresh food and maybe a low sugar protein bar for snack and cross fingers! Lol
  6. SGirl35

    The regain posts

    Thanks for your input. I’m trusting the process, but would love to lose another 5lbs at minimum to jump start the rest of the slow weight loss... I’m annoyed being completely stagnant after two months.
  7. I hate to sound negative.... 10 months post op and I still very much get nauseous and vomiting... all the darn time. It’s just how it is... I’ve accepted that. I’m sure down the road it’ll go away.
  8. SGirl35

    How often have you gotten sick?

    10 months post op and I still throw up a few time a month at least. I’ve thrown up maybe 30 or more times this year? Not sure- but more than I’ve ever in my whole life combined! Not fun at all. Although when you don’t have stomach acid anymore it’s not as painful.
  9. I know I was lactose sensitive prior to Surgery and I’m still very sensitive. Also all the gas, bloating, etc is very normal. Especially the first 4 months. Mine was awful. From diarrhea to constipation. Although you do drink a hell of a lot more than I ever could stomach. Good for you. 10 months out and I still have tons of stomach issues if I’m not careful. The gas hasn’t subsided at all with me... but now I’m more constipated than anything. It’s a balancing act for sure. Good luck with it all- seems like you have it handled
  10. SGirl35

    The regain posts

    Am I the ONLY one who wasn’t given a diet plan?? I was given a rough caloric intake count and that’s IT. I’m still stuck at 145- but yes I eat mostly anything I want in tiny amounts- except alcohol of course. I always thought people gained weight from alcohol or maybe over stuffing them self? After gastric bypass- so far, there’s no way of eating enough to gain more than 1 lb of water weight... I know this can change in 5 years?? Also- to break plateau I was thinking of All liquid protein and some chicken and lettuce? I cannot go without all sugars and carbs... it makes me crazy ... however I do eat sugar from berries. Now sure what else to try. I can’t digest most animal meats still- so anything Keto just won’t work... too much cheese won’t work either. Too bad people have to be so mean to each other and take things with such a heavy heart... 🤷🏻‍♀️😐💜💜💜
  11. SGirl35

    Stigma with WLS

    The same exact reactions I got ... I also lost lots of friends. Lots of salty people! My own damn family .... but guess what??? When I post the new pictures on Instagram- the crowd went WILD. At least all the people who are happy for me, did... they can stay fat. It was the hardest and best decision of my life.
  12. SGirl35

    Altered Taste Buds

    Everything smells and tastes much different for me now. I don’t like lots of things I use to...
  13. SGirl35

    Lower Back Pain

    I had back pain for a few months I’m going to say.. although I still do.., I have a lower back disc and kidney stones from prior to surgery.... but the pain was awful for like 6-8 weeks... hang in there and take Tylenol
  14. You look fantastic! I feel the same and Also always check myself out! It’s mostly because I don’t recognize myself!
  15. I had gastric bypass and took the full 6 weeks off.. I tried to go back to work after 4 weeks but I was still always sick- so I couldn’t...
  16. This is BEFORE. 250lbs and after 144lbs. Goal is 120 ish....
  17. Quite the transformation! Nice job! Thanks :) I’m not done yet! Fingers crossed. Need to push harder now.
  18. Gosh girl, you look AMAZING! Omg, seriously... you should be so proud! Thanks love. I really do struggle. I have lots of skin- and I often feel very chubby.
  19. SGirl35


    Start weight 250. Current weight 144. September 25 , 2017 surgery.
  20. Well I understand how you feel . Completely. There is a good part and bad to feeling just fine after surgery. You don’t suffer- but you can also be tempted to eat . Trust me- I feel that way 10 months out... still guilty when my stomach doesn’t hurt..
  21. Okay. Watch out for the carbs .. especially this early on. But hey- if your doc says it’s okay and you want to- then by all means. I had major dumping symptoms first 4 months at least...
  22. 7 weeks?! No... go get some yummy sugar free popsicles. That was my saving GRACE
  23. SGirl35

    My progress photos....

    Holy SHIT!! Congrats 😍😍😍