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  1. JRT Mom

    Can your pouch stretch?

    My surgeon's PA also said you couldn't really stretch it back out. She said that people who regain a lot of weight are usually drinking lots of extra calories, or "eating around the pouch" (what when I had a lap band we called "slider foods") I hope she's right--I've been afraid to up my amount of food in one sitting for fear of stretching my pouch.
  2. That was NOT social distancing!😁 Seriously, I hope you had a good time! (I can't tell by your expression if you loved it or was scared sh*tless--probably both!)
  3. JRT Mom

    I have a date

    Ha--I'm seeing your user name is Libra758347. Your life is soon to revolve around scales so your name is fitting!
  4. JRT Mom

    Having surgery

    Wow, that's tomorrow! The very best of luck to you!
  5. JRT Mom

    I have a date

    Wow that is soon! It'll be here so quickly your head will spin. Good luck to all of our July surgeries!
  6. JRT Mom

    It’s getting real...

    What a great story you have. You are young and it is great that you are changing your life and your health for the better. I wish the very best for you--please keep us posted on your journey. You got this! ps I am sorry about your friend.
  7. Hey Mikeyy! How ya been? You look MARVELOUS! Hey, don't lose any more...
  8. If you can stand it three more years, Medicare will cover it. I had a similar situation like yours...when they did my revision they found the band had slipped and caused a large hiatal hernia. I went with a bypass rather than a sleeve since I had a history of GERD before getting my lap band. The Medicare and my supplement paid for everything but the psych consult and the dietician visits. You might find an obesity advocate law firm to challenge the age restriction on your policy. It sounds illegal! Good luck--I hope you can find a solution to your dilemma!
  9. JRT Mom

    Incontinence greatly improved

    YESSSSS!!!!! I have noticed the same thing. I couldn't laugh or sneeze without wetting myself. You hear all the good things about losing the weight...healthier heart and lungs, less strain on your joints, etc, but I don't think my doc mentioned relief from stress incontinence. WOOHOO!!
  10. JRT Mom

    Safe NSAID usage

    Maybe try Voltaren gel rubbed on your neck? It's now available over-the-counter.
  11. You make it sound easy, but we all know it's not...✌️
  12. Yeah, what catwoman7 said, hopefully this will give you relief from your swallowing issues but allow you to maintain your weight without losing more. Good luck!
  13. JRT Mom

    Just Got my June Surgery Date!

    YAYAYAYAY!!! I'm so glad that things are moving forward again with so many peeps here....that damn Covid crap put another road block in the way of so many people that didn't need YET another roadblock. You are so cute! You are gonna be smokin'. Good luck and keep us posted!
  14. JRT Mom

    Turkey neck

    AAAACCK!! I have a turkey wattle neck also and hate it. But you look nice and young--give it some time and all your skin should bounce back. You look great!
  15. Has your doc checked your thyroid? Hypothyroidism can cause that tired/weak feeling. Also if you have a nutritionist maybe he/she can make suggestions of things you can eat that might help raise your energy level. I hope you get a solution and feel better soon!
  16. JRT Mom


    WooHoo! Sweet story about your little girl!
  17. JRT Mom


    Hot flashes?? Are they different than postmenopausal ones?? Maybe all those hot flashes have been dumping rather than postmenopausal in nature.....great, now I have TWO chances for the damned things....grumble...😡
  18. I'm not worried about my saggy thighs and granny flaps. I can hide those with the right clothes. What I WOULD like done is the turkey wattle under my chin removed. Of course now that we are all wearing face masks that helps hide it...
  19. JRT Mom

    Never Felt So Good

    Awwwww, it's Bobby!! I've missed him!😁
  20. JRT Mom

    Chewing gum?

    Ha--that's funny that you should mention drinking through straws. When I got my lap band years ago they said NEVER drink through straws because you swallowed air. Well, after getting my revision I was having lots of trouble swallowing air drinking, so my PA asked me "Have you tried using a straw?" and I went "WHAAAAT??" She suggested trying a straw, and to my amazement the trouble IMMEDIATELY went away. I swallow less air using a straw then when I don't!
  21. JRT Mom

    Update time

    WOW!! Before: Beautiful woman, but so tired looking... After: Still beautiful, but SO happy and alive!
  22. I love the metric system. You weigh so much less! 🤣 All kidding aside, GOOD JOB!
  23. JRT Mom

    Random strangers keep mocking my appearance now

    WTF?!? People are messed up. I know it's cruel and people should mind their own business. The important thing is that you did it for YOUR health and well being, not theirs. It's how YOU feel about it that matters. The internet is a harsh place, people can say some cruel sh*t and hide behind their anonymity. Try to ignore these low-lifes and focus on your success.
  24. You can't find it anywhere here in Virginia. Is it like that nationwide?? Oh well, I got lots of leaves in my back yard...
  25. JRT Mom


    My doctor said to eat very slowly because it takes about 20 minutes of your stomach being stretched to give the signal to your brain that you've eaten enough and retain that feeling of fullness for a few hours. I got an RNY but I imagine the same is true about a sleeve. It's all about tricking your brain that you are full after a half cup of food.