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  1. JRT Mom

    Safe NSAID usage

    Maybe try Voltaren gel rubbed on your neck? It's now available over-the-counter.
  2. You make it sound easy, but we all know it's not...✌️
  3. Yeah, what catwoman7 said, hopefully this will give you relief from your swallowing issues but allow you to maintain your weight without losing more. Good luck!
  4. JRT Mom

    Just Got my June Surgery Date!

    YAYAYAYAY!!! I'm so glad that things are moving forward again with so many peeps here....that damn Covid crap put another road block in the way of so many people that didn't need YET another roadblock. You are so cute! You are gonna be smokin'. Good luck and keep us posted!
  5. JRT Mom

    Turkey neck

    AAAACCK!! I have a turkey wattle neck also and hate it. But you look nice and young--give it some time and all your skin should bounce back. You look great!
  6. Has your doc checked your thyroid? Hypothyroidism can cause that tired/weak feeling. Also if you have a nutritionist maybe he/she can make suggestions of things you can eat that might help raise your energy level. I hope you get a solution and feel better soon!
  7. JRT Mom


    WooHoo! Sweet story about your little girl!
  8. JRT Mom


    Hot flashes?? Are they different than postmenopausal ones?? Maybe all those hot flashes have been dumping rather than postmenopausal in nature.....great, now I have TWO chances for the damned things....grumble...😡
  9. I'm not worried about my saggy thighs and granny flaps. I can hide those with the right clothes. What I WOULD like done is the turkey wattle under my chin removed. Of course now that we are all wearing face masks that helps hide it...
  10. JRT Mom

    Never Felt So Good

    Awwwww, it's Bobby!! I've missed him!😁
  11. JRT Mom

    Chewing gum?

    Ha--that's funny that you should mention drinking through straws. When I got my lap band years ago they said NEVER drink through straws because you swallowed air. Well, after getting my revision I was having lots of trouble swallowing air drinking, so my PA asked me "Have you tried using a straw?" and I went "WHAAAAT??" She suggested trying a straw, and to my amazement the trouble IMMEDIATELY went away. I swallow less air using a straw then when I don't!
  12. JRT Mom

    Update time

    WOW!! Before: Beautiful woman, but so tired looking... After: Still beautiful, but SO happy and alive!
  13. I love the metric system. You weigh so much less! 🤣 All kidding aside, GOOD JOB!
  14. JRT Mom

    Random strangers keep mocking my appearance now

    WTF?!? People are messed up. I know it's cruel and people should mind their own business. The important thing is that you did it for YOUR health and well being, not theirs. It's how YOU feel about it that matters. The internet is a harsh place, people can say some cruel sh*t and hide behind their anonymity. Try to ignore these low-lifes and focus on your success.
  15. You can't find it anywhere here in Virginia. Is it like that nationwide?? Oh well, I got lots of leaves in my back yard...
  16. JRT Mom


    My doctor said to eat very slowly because it takes about 20 minutes of your stomach being stretched to give the signal to your brain that you've eaten enough and retain that feeling of fullness for a few hours. I got an RNY but I imagine the same is true about a sleeve. It's all about tricking your brain that you are full after a half cup of food.
  17. JRT Mom

    Discouraging friends

    You are not doing this for your friends--you are doing it for YOU!! Yes, it would be nice if they were supportive, but if not be like Teflon and don't let their comments stick. Once your weight starts dropping they'll be like "Oh, you look so good! We're glad you had WLS!"
  18. JRT Mom


    Wow--you've done well!! Congrats!
  19. I'm VERY pleased. I'm a revision from a slipped lap band to RNY and was told by many (but not my surgeon) it would be hard to get any real success. But I'm 6 months out and have lost 59 pounds. I'm only 5 pounds from my goal, and weigh almost 20 pounds less than the lowest weight I got to after my band! I chose the weight of 140 because it's the highest weight that puts me in the "normal" BMI range. You might want to base your goal by your BMI rather than your scale weight. Good Luck!
  20. Superman, if those pictures are you just standing there and you AREN'T sucking your stomach in, then it looks like you are getting a tad thin. In the very first picture you don't look too thin--you look PERFECT!!
  21. JRT Mom

    Lap Band to Sleeve?

    Hi Joan--add me to the list that is wondering if you aren't have any trouble with your band, why does your doctor want it removed? We have a saying here in the South: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" If I hadn't had so much trouble with mine in the last two years I'd still have it.
  22. JRT Mom

    Questions about Gastric Bypass Surgery

    1. Do you need to take a lot of vitamins It's not lots of vitamins, but you will daily supplement with a multi vitamin, extra B12 and calcium 2. Does your hair fall out Many people experience hair loss around three months out, but it will grow back. 3. what is dumping Dumping is your body's reaction to food that is too high in sugar or fat. Since the food goes fairly quickly into your small intestine your body will try to "dilute" it out by moving water from your body into your intestines. It results in dizziness, fatigue, faintness and sometimes nausea and diarrhea. Not everyone dumps. I like it because I'm not tempted to eat sugary stuff because I'm afraid to experience dumping. 4. do you have to chew your food a certain number of times in order for you to eat it Not a certain number of times, but you want it well chewed before you swallow it. This slows down your eating so your brain gets the message you are full before you overeat. 5. can you drink Water with your food? No, it will wash the food through your pouch so you lose the feeling of fullness and satiety too quickly. This is true of every WLS. It's not hard to learn, it's just a matter of getting used to it. 6. how long is recovery time from the surgery That varies from person to person but around two weeks you'll feel pretty normal. 7. how much weight can you lose in the first month? That also varies depending on how much to you need to lose, but it's pretty dramatic the first month. 8. what foods are you NOT allowed to eat There will be a post op diet that introduces food slowly to allow your new stomach to fully heal. That varies drastically from surgeon to surgeon, but once you've been cleared by your surgeon there's nothing you won't be allowed to have, just avoid sugar and fats. Aim for high protein and low carbs for the best results. GOOD LUCK!!
  23. JRT Mom

    I got my date

    I think almost every one of us went through that "What the hell am I about to do to myself" phase, followed by the "What the hell did I DO to myself" phase. You are about to have major life changing surgery so you would have to be a rock not to have some emotions about it. Excitement and fear aren't very far apart on the spectrum, so you'll feel both at the same time! Good luck--YOU GOT THIS!!!
  24. JRT Mom

    Alarming Hairloss

    I hit 3 months and my hair started falling out also. I'm currently at six months and the loss has finally slowed down. Now that our stay at home orders are easing I have a hair appointment Friday where I'm going to get it cut really short. Think Carol of The Walking Dead short. That way the new hairs won't have much catching up to do!
  25. JRT Mom


    Our state has the same rules. It's not a true quarantine because we can still go out. Our restrictions have lifted a bit and instead of "stay at home" they are saying "safer at home". It must be working because my county has had no new cases for almost a week.🤞 They've just opened hair salons, but good luck getting an appointment! I would like to get my hair cut really short since it's falling out anyway!