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  1. JRT Mom

    Looking for a walking partner

    Erm, I live in Virginia. If I start now, it should take me about five months to get there. I'll be in great shape and lose more weight, but I'm afraid I'll be too tired to walk with you.😁 Seriously, I wish I had a walking buddy also...I never thought to use this forum to find someone. Good luck! Hey, if you start east and I head west we should meet in Nebraska or something. That sounds like a math word problem. If JRT Mom walks west at 4 miles and hour, and 50Startingover heads east at 5 miles and hour (she's faster than JRT Mom), how many hours before they meet, or will they give up and call an Uber first??
  2. JRT Mom

    Greek yogurt

    This is what I do...I buy the plain greek yogurt. I take one cup of it, and mix a trial size bag of the Syntrax Nectar protein powder in with it. It makes the yogurt have a nice fruity flavor without any added sugar, and 20 some extra grams of protein in addition to what's already in the yogurt. Yum!
  3. Oh, you'll be still be buzzing for sure, but doing the things you enjoy, because you'll have all this new-found energy after your weight drops! Things that hurt before won't, so you'll be able to do more with less pain. Even a thirty pound drop will give your knees a HUGE sigh of relief! Ha when I read your thread title in the "recent topics" side bar I thought it was going to be about having to give up coffee...🤣
  4. Yes, I was definitely in a room by myself. There wouldn't have been room in there for a second bed! There was a nice recliner chair that your husband can probably sleep in, if you want him there. I wouldn't let mine come--we live 5 hours away and someone had to stay home with the dogs. Besides, when I'm under the weather I HATE having people hanging over me. So I rode the train up, and then stayed in a motel for an additional night before taking the train home. Worked out great, thanks to Amtrak, Metro and Uber! Although I had to argue with the hospital about being released to an Uber to get to my motel, but when I threatened to walk instead, they relented...
  5. I had my surgery at Reston Hospital Center and was very happy with my care. They use a team approach so there were a lot of people looking after me, and they all were good and almost too attentive! Of course I can't comment on the hospital's food since all I was allowed was water, diluted fruit juice and broth... 😁 My surgeon was different, it was Dr Fitzer of Virginia Bariatric Surgery. He and his staff also are wonderful. There seems to be no shortage of excellent bariatric surgeons in NoVa...it sounds like you will be in good hands!
  6. Are you an HCA employee? I am too, or I was until I sorta retired. I still work PRN. So you have to use an HCA facility, don't you? I started the process while I still was full time but by the time I got through everything I was old enough for Medicare, but I still went where I started, even though it is 5 hours away and I could have gone to one an hour away. But you don't change horses in the middle of the stream, as long as you like those horses!🐎🐎🐎 (I got the horses in the back, horse tack is attached...)
  7. JRT Mom

    Newbie alert, need help setting up profile :-)

    Click on your user name in the tool bar at the top. It should give you a drop down menu. Under settings there are options for your account. If you want to share info about your weight loss you can select "my tickers" and customize it and share your success with all of us...good luck!
  8. JRT Mom

    Anxiety through the roof! Help!

    I'd be more afraid of NOT having the surgery. I don't know your weight, but if you are like the rest of us here, we were all ticking time bombs waiting to go off with a host of obesity related issues. I can't add anything better than what everyone has already said so well! We are all rooting for you.
  9. The Lady in Red--looking good!
  10. JRT Mom

    november sleeve

    Hey november11, this is a great forum, but I thought it was for sleeves, and I had a bypass so I thought I'd start one on the bypass forum. Hey, I can tell by your stats that we've lost the same amount of weight! Yay for us!😁
  11. JRT Mom

    My sleeve, my wife & hgc

    Sounds like y'all are going to have to "agree to disagree" but support each other nonetheless. You might want to see if she'll watch any of Dr Vuong's youtube videos. He uses "colorful" language but always presents them in a manner that is entertaining but explains everything well. Maybe this would help. He does a great one on why diets don't work--she should at least watch that one!
  12. JRT Mom

    Surgery Approved!

    Yay! Come join us on the other side...😁
  13. My lap band had slipped and a large hiatal hernia resulted. Rather than to try to reposition the band my surgeon suggested a revision to RNY. I'm glad I took his suggestion--I'm not quite three months out and am already down 36 pounds!
  14. JRT Mom

    13 years later and - I Love my band

    You are truly lucky! Most bandsters struggle to find the "sweet spot" and some never do. The band can be a great tool if you have the fortune be able to live with it--I wish continued success for you.
  15. JRT Mom

    Complete lap band failure

    I had a total blockage about 5 years ago. They confirmed it with a barium swallow and even that couldn't go through. They pulled out all the saline while I was still in the fluoroscope and you shoulda seen the barium drop like a rock into my stomach! It looked like a Drano commercial! The doctor said that sometimes a little bit of irritating, usually pointy hard food like a bit of a nacho chip can get wedged in the band stoma and the stomach swells around it in response. After waiting a while to let your stomach settle down you should be able to get a fill. Good luck!
  16. JRT Mom

    Feeling Discouraged

    It's amazing how a good office staff can make or break a practice. When I first started exploring getting my lap band out, I went to the closest bariatric office, three hours away, I liked the surgeon and his PA, but the office staff was a DISASTER. You could never get hold of anyone on the phone, and they gave me a lot of incorrect info about Medicare benefits. So I started seeing the next closest surgeon, 5 hours away. The difference was like night and day! The office always answers your questions, and if they can't, they get you an answer the same day. There are a lot of good surgeons out there, so if the office staff is bad "shop around" if there are other options where you live.
  17. Hi, I had a slipped lap band that needed to come out. I thought I wanted a sleeve until my doc explained that it was easier to revise a lap band to a bypass because of the scar tissue the lap band causes. Then he explained about the GERD the sleeve can cause and that clinched it, because before I got the band I had TERRIBLE GERD. So I went with the bypass. I stayed two nights in the hospital. They were willing to let me go late in the day after the first night, but I live five hours away by train, and was afraid of something popping up on the way back home, so they (and my insurance!) let me stay an extra night to make sure everything was OK.
  18. JRT Mom

    If you are queer, lesbian, no label, poly......

    I am a 65 year old married female, but as I get older I hate the use of labels for myself. I platonically love ALL nice people regardless of whatever labels they use for themselves! If I HAD to use a label I would call myself mostly gender neutral pansexual monogamist.
  19. You look great! Glad to see you are doing so well. Bobby is such a sweetie! And he fits in with your decor so well!😁 My JRTs aren't bothered by a blow dryer, but the vacuum cleaner--that's another story...
  20. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I was having such problems with my lap band having slipped that I wasn't able to binge much before my revision surgery. I DID manage to eat a nice piece (or two) of cheesecake, which promptly made me barf, but it was worth it!
  21. I don't think it matters if your BP is under control with medication. You have been diagnosed with high BP, which makes it a comorbidity even if it's responding to medicine. Just the same as if you had diabetes and metformin was controlling it, it's there regardless of what the medicine is doing for it. You shouldn't have a problem with it being accepted as a comorbidity.
  22. JRT Mom

    Arm flab

    I'm 65 and have world-class granny flaps. Seriously, I could kill someone if I whacked him upside the head with them. I never go sleeveless. If you are young enough your skin could tone up, but like kristieshannon said, sometimes surgery is the only solution.
  23. JRT Mom

    Before and After Pics

    Wow you looked so sad on your surgery day picture...you have the look of "what the hell did I just do to myself?" But then look how happy and trim you looked in October! Success!
  24. Ha! That is the biggest understatement I have ever read on these boards!🤣 It's amazing that there is NO consensus on what these bariatric doctors recommend. Toodlerue is right--follow what your doctor recommends.
  25. JRT Mom

    Is it wrong ?

    Of course you aren't a horrible person! You care enough about your health that you will be undergoing WLS. If you mean are you horrible for worrying about whether or not you'll reach your high school weight, well, that's not horrible either, but I think you'll find after your surgery that you won't obsess about your final weight, especially since you won't have to lose much until you feel much better, and your diabetes should ease up dramatically! After your surgery you'll have other things to worry about, like all the cute new clothes you'll have to buy!