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  1. JRT Mom

    6 days Post-Op RNY

    I was ALWAYS the one turning down the thermostat until I got a bypass and now I freeze all the time. Since you are eating so few calories your body is trying to conserve energy by not producing a lot of body heat. My BP peaked the day after my surgery, but after a week was running where it used to. Walk as much as you can, the exercise will help bring your BP down. Hang in there, everything will get easier!
  2. JRT Mom

    Weight staul

    I got a BAD stall at three weeks that lasted about two weeks. Stick with your plan and the scale will start moving again, I promise!
  3. JRT Mom

    Regular Diet

    YAAAASSSSS! I remember how great it was to eat something you could really CHEW!!! Just remember tiny bites, chew well and savor that meal by eating it s-l-o-w-l-y!
  4. I'm three months out and still can't get 64 ounces of fluids in a day. My nutritionist isn't too concerned as long as I get 48 ounces in. Also check your pee--it should be a pale yellow. If it is dark yellow then you need more fluids.
  5. JRT Mom

    So glad I found this site

    Don't beat yourself up. Remember that you are a human being and not a rock. I'm sure six months out that you know the difference between head hunger and true hunger. When you feel hungry stop and think which it is...if you decide it's head hunger try to distract yourself from eating--take a short walk, grab a book (as long as it isn't a cookbook!) maybe treat yourself to a massage...and afterwords if you are still hungry maybe eat something. Hey, congrats on the 70 pound loss. Hang in there--you got this!
  6. Other than the first time I got up to go to the bathroom in the hospital, I never needed ANY help. You should be fine--good luck!
  7. JRT Mom


    OOOOH!! I LOVE your countertop!😁
  8. JRT Mom

    can someone just tell me

    If you have had a bypass, as Darktowerdream has, NSAIDS are off the table for life. My surgeon really hammered this home before I got a bypass. It certainly wasn't a deal breaker as I already couldn't take them since they had a tendency to eat holes in my stomach....Apparently people with sleeves can still take them, but RNY people can't.
  9. JRT Mom

    Coffee Talk

    Right after my surgery I got a decaf Pike's Place from Starbucks that was drinkable. All the others I tried tasted like a$$. Don't even think about trying the Kroger's Private Selection Decaf. TOTALLY undrinkable!
  10. JRT Mom

    These are AMAZING

    Actually, I do have that gene, also! Do you hate liver, also? I've always said there was something in liver that some people could taste and others couldn't. Those that taste it HAAAATE it. Those that can't. love it. No one is ambivalent about liver. Anyway, why would anyone want to eat something whose primary purpose is to filter all the toxins out that animal was exposed to?!?
  11. JRT Mom

    Surgeon says NO gummies

    This is weird. Mine sez no gummy vitamins but gummy supplements are ok...
  12. JRT Mom

    VSG Friendly Snacks

    Can you eat peanut butter? Eat a tablespoon slowly--it it delicious and has protein.
  13. I'm sure you all have heard that when you get a revision that you will have more difficulty losing weight than with the first procedure. I'm here to give you hope! I had an eleven year old lap band slip, so I had it removed and had a RNY done. Today is my three month post-op anniversary, and I am down 40 pounds. More importantly I am only one pound heavier than the lowest weight I ever achieved after my lap band! So trust the process, hang in there and hopefully you will also show the naysayers that it is possible to get good results even after a revision. Please add your stories here to help encourage the people who need a revision and think it'll be a waste...thanks!
  14. JRT Mom

    After RNY...

    Does your doctor have you taking vitamins with iron? That can certainly turn your poop dark. If it IS blood, as long as you are asymptomatic for blood loss (rapid heart rate, low BP, dizzy or fainting) you should be able to wait until your doctor is open again. However, if you ARE showing these symptoms, you should go to the ER asap. ps I am not a doctor, but I play one on TV (remember that old Vicks cough syrup commercial?)
  15. JRT Mom

    can someone just tell me

    No judgement, but cocaine is a vasoconstrictor, so I'd think it might inhibit your healing to a degree. You might want to give yourself some time for everything to heal before using cocaine. Maybe stick to weed instead?
  16. On the surface, my husband wasn't thrilled with my decision. But I understand his motive--he's in bad health and I'm his caregiver, and I think he was afraid of losing me during the surgery. But it went fine, and he's more supportive, especially since he knows I should be around longer to take care of him now! The bottom line is it's hard to fully tell why a partner might not be supportive. Sometimes you have to read between the lines...
  17. My old brain read this as "sleepovers" the first time I read this. Geez, you should live in my head. It's sooo much fun.
  18. JRT Mom

    Sick of sweets 🍭

    Try sipping on some broths to get that sweet taste out of your mouth. I know what you mean--after a while you can't stand that taste! It will get easier when you can add the "mushies" to your diet. Hang in there!
  19. JRT Mom


    It's likely still some gas trapped after your surgery-as you commented walking helps some. You will eventually absorb it and the pain should go away. I felt like crap for about 5 days and then turned the corner. If you have pain lasting much longer than that you should call your surgeon. Hang it there--it will get better!
  20. It's tough at first, but hang in there and it WILL get better. Can you have protein shakes? That will go a long way to filling you and relieving hunger. I was allowed diluted fruit juice and it helped also. Also give thought to the fact that it may be head hunger rather than true hunger. If you think it's head hunger try to distract yourself with a good book or movie! Good luck--you got this!
  21. Ha--the calcium chews are the only sweets I get to eat all day, so I actually enjoy them! Don't take away my candy fix with a patch--unless it's a chocolate one!😊
  22. If he can find someone to put in a lap band in this day and age, taking it out a year later would just be setting him up for failure as he would be likely to gain the weight back, unless he is SUPER disciplined with his diet. Instead of removing it he could have the fill pulled out, so if he starts regaining weight he could have it filled again. But put me on the list of people who thinks he should research band statistics and compare them to sleeve or RNY. Whatever he decides, good luck to him! Keep us posted...
  23. I did a lot of searching to find a calcium citrate supplement and couldn't find one at a better price than Bariatric Advantage. If you order it on a auto delivery plan it's a bit less. There are a lot of supplements out there that are cheaper, but they are usually calcium carbonate which is not absorbed as well as the citrate.
  24. elcee, I could have written that post myself, because it mirrors my lap band story perfectly! Are you sure you're not my Aussie evil twin separated at birth? Or wait, maybe I'M the evil one.....😁
  25. JRT Mom

    so undecided...

    Get the band if you want to have to do all this over again in about 10 years....and fight with it those ten years....I know that there are some real success stories with the band, but they are the exception rather than the rule. I wish I hadn't wasted 11 years with mine before it slipped, gave me a hiatal hernia and I had to have it removed and a revision to RNY. Whatever you decide to do, it IS your decision, but do your homework. And whatever you decide, good luck! We are rooting for you.