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  1. I had RNY on 1/6/18. Something happened that caused me to have massive drainage. That night I had 4 things of plasma. Over the next 2 days, I had 4 blood transfusions. I understand my number was 6.5 and really didn't change much. I was kept in the hospital the entire time- never went to hotel. I had drain removed on 1/11 and sent home. The fluid is still coming out the drain hole- i soak about 10 maxi pads a day. The staff at Mi Doctor Hospital was kind and took care of me. The asst. doctor checked in on a regular basis , but I felt he couldn't tell me the whole story. DR. Ortiz came just 3 times, despite my asking to speak with him. I do not feel he was very forthcoming. I still don't understand what happened to make me bleed so much. I have a sister who is a doctor and she is appalled. After 2 transfusions, I would have been back in the OR to fix the bleed. there would have been accountability. I know that I chose to go to Mexico once my new insurance said all bariatric surgery was excluded. What I am so disappointed in is the lack of clear communication by the doctor. I would, therefore, not recommend this company and esp. Dr. Ortiz. I was aware that I would have to pay for "extra" services and I ended up paying close to $1500 for the blood. I do now run the risk of a long recovery (past the 2 weeks I had planned). I also run the risk of infection and the pain of so much leakage.
  2. I will have WLS in mid-January. I would love to have a buddy now!