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  1. Subaru

    December 2017 Gastric Bypass!

    Today's lesson - always remember to pay attention to the 30 minute rule! I'm usually very good, but I was eating a desperately needed snack while I was meeting with a couple of people and lost track of myself. I drank water right away. Ouch!
  2. Subaru

    December 2017 Gastric Bypass!

    Holy cow. I'm one week away. Yikes!
  3. I'm probably repeating what others have said, but the forum is being wonky and not letting me access past page one, so here goes: My insurance only required that my surgeon recommend the surgery. I first met with the surgeon on 10/04 and will be going in for surgery on 12/28. That time frame includes waiting one month for my NUT visit and one month for my upper GI and EKG. Without those two wait periods I probably could have been in at least a month a go. The program I am going through does require sign off by the nutritionist (and she often has people come in at least 3 times). It also requires psych and at least two pre-op approved support group meetings. (These things are regardless of insurance requirements.) Both the group and my NUT provided really great information. That said, I'm a researcher and have gotten much of my info from the web before even having any of those meetings. My being well-informed and pro-active shortened my time with my NUT (just one visit). Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I could argue both sides. In any case, I think my point was that it's just so much information for someone to take in, and there is a difference between reading about it and doing it. I have no pre-op diet requirement (other than the day before) and I have not been diligent about practicing some of the new habits I have to become comfortable with. I don't kid myself into thinking this is going to be easy, but I can see how some folks move into this without getting (as in "getting it") all the details they need, and not really through any fault of their program. Wow that was long winded!
  4. Subaru

    Should I tell him?

    For me, who has a tendency to overshare, it would depend upon when I thought I might see him, how frequently we are in contact, and those kinds of things. If it's a guy I was in contact with a lot I would end up telling him, because all I be focused on during hospital and recovery is this one very big thing. I date rather a lot and maintain a good handful of those guys as friends. During this pre-op process I have made some choices along the way about telling guys I might date or ones that I have previously dated. (Lawd that all sounds whoer-ish but I'm not!) Reactions have ranged from being really supportive that I'm doing something for me, worried that the girls deflate, and largely uninterested. There has not been a single iota of judgment. I know it's not the same situation that you're in. But I think my point is that you just have to trust. If you think you have a future with this guy, is major surgery something you want to hide or something you want his support on? Whatever you decide, do the best thing for you and you'll be fine. Best of luck!
  5. Subaru

    December Surgery Dates

    That's fantastic progress! Congrats! I just got confirmed for the 28th! Yay!!
  6. Subaru

    December Surgery Dates

    I'm sure i'll be updating later on today!
  7. Subaru

    BCBS RI requirements?

    Panic is over. I'm going in today to see the surgeon for my pre-op visit. New nerves will set in in a week or so no doubt!
  8. Subaru

    BCBS RI requirements?

    At least the time will fly by! I have my pre-op testing on Monday. Sh*t's getting real!
  9. I'm especially worried about smelly breath! I periodically get reasonably bad post nasal drip, which causes it's own bad breath. (Hello, right now is awful!) At least right now I can chew gum, suck on mints, etc. What can I do after surgery to help with the bad breath? The rest...well...I'll learn to be stinky for however long it takes.
  10. Subaru

    December Surgery Dates

    Totally-tentative-doesn’t-really-count-kind-of-tentative date of Dec 28. [emoji4][emoji119]
  11. They did not tell me I needed to show a loss, and I have not had to do any sort of weight loss prior. My insurance doesn't require it. I have shown that I completely understand how to follow a healthy program, and I've done it in the past and been successful for decent periods of time. Nevertheless, I need to start being mindful pronto, for all the same reasons I'm doing the surgery in the first place!
  12. The mindfulness questions are great! I'll admit that I've been having one food funeral after another the last month or so. I'm not a believer in "i can never eat x, y, or z again" unless my pouch won't allow it or it is specifically bad for new digestive system (like soda). But I do know there is food I will choose not to eat because doing so in a way that I really enjoy and/or in the quantities I enjoy would do me a disservice. So not only have I not been eating mindfully, I've been especially not connected to my food of late. Since I expect surgery will be in about a month, I need to get my ass in gear!
  13. Okay, I completely understand your CBT and have used it successfully in the past. I need to refocus on it to use it successfully again! The other CBT....erm...ah...c*ck & b*ll torture. (I read!!!)
  14. CBT? (The only reference I know for that is naughty. ) I'm impressed with you powering through. That is so very hard!! I will remind myself about the deep breathing because that helps. I have two housemates, so no clean kitchen. When I was divorcing I lived on my own for about 9 months, and also had a very small fridge and limited cabinet space. That meant I shopped several times a week and I was responsible for all the food in my house. It was healthy and I tracked everything. When I did bring in snacks or treats it was just enough for the moment so I couldn't go back for more later or the next day. My current housemates don't have any weight or food issues and can eat what they want and top when they're full. At present, one housemate does most of the grocery shopping. The upside is that if I make a list he will get what's on it. And they are both supportive of this journey for me. Nevertheless, not living alone makes it more difficult and it's one of the challenges I will need to manage!
  15. Awesome! I'll keep that in mind!

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