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  1. GeneralDisarray

    Going off psych meds after surgery

    I went off my Wellbutrin (long-term user) at surgery. A bit more than two months out now, and I'm doing fine. It seemed like a convenient time (I mean hell, I was giving up caffeine already). The breadth of ways in which my life is changing is difficult to express, but I don't think it was a mistake. Your results may vary, of course, and I would certainly include your providers in any conversation about it. FWIW, one reason I stopped is because I've heard it can exacerbate tinnitus, which is a problem for me. I think my tinnitus has improved a little, but not enough that I'd endorse making that a significant consideration in anyone's decision.
  2. GeneralDisarray

    Going off psych meds after surgery

    You can get short-acting Wellbutrin. It requires multiple doses during the day, but you should be able to crush it just fine. (Edited to add, someone already provided a better response to this question. I should learn to read an entire thread before responding. 🤔)
  3. GeneralDisarray

    Surgery didn’t work?

    Thank you so much for your attention, and for providing us with this valuable resource. Sent from my ONE A2005 using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. GeneralDisarray

    Surgery didn’t work?

    Every licensing board is state specific. The APA ethics board has jurisdiction over APA members only, of course (though state professional associations and licensing board take guidance from them), and I have no idea whether or not you're a member. I took Memphis from your profile. Sent from my ONE A2005 using BariatricPal mobile app
  5. GeneralDisarray

    Surgery didn’t work?

    When you identify yourself as a psychologist, you are acting in your professional role as a psychologist. When you make evaluative statements about another person as a psychologist, you are treating them as your patient, even though they have never consented to it. "Principle A: Beneficence and Nonmaleficence Psychologists strive to benefit those with whom they work and take care to do no harm. In their professional actions, psychologists seek to safeguard the welfare and rights of those with whom they interact professionally and other affected persons, and the welfare of animal subjects of research." "Principle E: Respect for People's Rights and Dignity Psychologists respect the dignity and worth of all people, and the rights of individuals to privacy, confidentiality, and self-determination." "3.03 Other Harassment Psychologists do not knowingly engage in behavior that is harassing or demeaning to persons with whom they interact in their work based on factors such as those persons' age, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language, or socioeconomic status." "3.04 Avoiding Harm (a) Psychologists take reasonable steps to avoid harming their clients/patients, students, supervisees, research participants, organizational clients, and others with whom they work, and to minimize harm where it is foreseeable and unavoidable. " If there is anyone on this thread who feels they have been harmed by this individual, please contact the Tennessee professional licensing board: https://tn.gov/health/article/filing-complaints-against-health-care-professionals This person states she has a specialty in weight loss, practices in Memphis, performs bariatric psych evals, and has been making denigrating comments here under the auspices of her expertise as a psychologist. Though she's not identifiable on the basis of extant information, her board does have subpoena authority and could certainly identify her, if they deemed there was sufficient cause to open an investigation. (Note that portraying oneself as a psychologist when one is not can be deemed sufficient cause in itself.) If there are enough complaints, there may well be an investigation, because what is going on here is not really debatable, ethically. And she should be banned from this site. Sent from my ONE A2005 using BariatricPal mobile app
  6. GeneralDisarray

    Surgery didn’t work?

    Was one of those people claiming to be a psychologist? Sent from my ONE A2005 using BariatricPal mobile app
  7. GeneralDisarray

    Surgery didn’t work?

    Mr Brecher, there is a user on this thread who is claiming to be a psychologist, posting unverifiable proof that she is a psychologist, and then making hostile and denigrating evaluative statements to other users as a psychologist. When confronted, she refuses to curb her unethical behavior. This is analogous to someone claiming to be a physician and then practicing bad medicine on an anonymous internet forum that you host. Tolerating this behavior may make you complicit in any resulting harm. Please ban Abeille213.
  8. GeneralDisarray

    Surgery didn’t work?

    For anyone reading, the American Psychological Association ethical guidelines can be found here: http://www.apa.org/ethics/code/ Every state, to my knowledge, relies heavily on them to determine what constitutes unprofessional conduct. In ethics training provided by the TRUST, which is the malpractice company endorsed by the APA, the trainer presented surprisingly analogous behavior as an example of unethical acts on a message board. Abeille213, please seek consultation, and refrain from unethical behavior.
  9. GeneralDisarray

    Surgery didn’t work?

    If I could read your name and the state in which you're licensed, I'd be on the phone with the licensing board first thing tomorrow morning. Please discontinue your unethical behavior. If you don't understand that what you're doing is unethical, please seek consultation.
  10. GeneralDisarray

    Surgery didn’t work?

    If you are a psychologist, what you're doing here is unethical and actionable. You're making evaluative statements under the umbrella of your professional expertise that are damning, based on information posted on an anonymous peer support forum, where you have not formed a client/professional relationship. Please discontinue, or I will push for you to be banned from the forum (and I encourage you to seek peer supervision on your conduct).
  11. GeneralDisarray

    Why do protein drinks taste awful?

    I don't mind premier protein drinks. As far as powders are concerned, there's protein isolates, which will always have a bitter flavor, and then there's just the proteins (usually a bit less expensive), eg plain old whey protein, which is pretty good. There's also egg white protein (bulksupplements.com sells it) which is fairly flavor neutral. The best tasting traditional whey protein I've found it in the bulk foods section of WinCo. If you mix your own shakes in a base of almond or coconut milk (almost water), add a little vanilla, sweeten with sucralose or monk fruit, it's actually pretty good. It just takes a little effort. Once you can use skim milk, they're even better. I don't even mind the protein isolates, if I can use skim. Good luck! FYI Lono for Life instant bone broths also have 10 mg protein per serving. Immediately post-op, those were a lifesaver for us. Sent from my ONE A2005 using BariatricPal mobile app

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