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  1. Rucamama

    Before and After Pics

    6 months post op gastric bypass
  2. Everyone has been so amazing and supportive, I’m sorry it has taken me so long to respond my life after surgery has changed for the better! I am working full time and so active and happy! Hollymarie36 update me please on how you are doing, I am sorry you are having to go thru this, it is a extremely emotional process I and my husband have decided he will get a vasectomy this month since we would hate to have to go thru something like that again. I have many friends who got pregnant at the same time and are half way thru the pregnancy now and it is a reminder but I know we made the best choice we could.
  3. Hollymarie36 yes I told my surgeon, and on my surgery date my test was negative. I had gastric bypass and it’s been 6 months since surgery and I’m doing great! Down 91 pounds!
  4. Rucamama

    6 months post op

    Thanks that picture really made me see how unhappy I looked and felt. It’s probably one of the worst pics I have of myself but it is a good reminder. It’s only been 6 months but I am so happy where I am today. I shared this because when I was pre op I would troll the net and look at before and after pics and I would get so excited. I hope this motivates someone😃
  5. 6 months post op, down 91pounds! Feeling good!
  6. Thank u so much for checking in on me! It warmed my heart! I had gastric bypass dec.5th I down 70lbs since then. I also started a new job in the medical world which I love! So I’m so happy. I think I would like to make a photo collage of my progress. I would love to see others as well! Thank u for checking on me.
  7. So I have been in some pain upper left part of my stomach and the mid of my back, I’m post op 4 months... is it my gallbladder?
  8. Rucamama

    Hospital packing help!

    I only used my robe and slippers and chapstick and phone charger... but I was only there for one night...
  9. Rucamama


    I’m looking for food ideas for 1 month post op gastric bypass?
  10. Hi everyone I wanted to share how happy I am to be 1 month post op today! Hw-320 Sw-310 Cw-285 I have my 5 week check up on the 9th and have met the goal I needed to reach of 286, I am a waitress so I get most of my exercise right now at work walking and lifting trays, I will get my go ahead to start the fun stuff!! Through my Dr. I get 1 year free membership to a nice gym! Eating has been hit or miss for me. I am trying to just remind myself to focus on my vitamins, water and protein for now slowly introducing new foods. I have experienced my first “dumping” and let me tell u WHAT!! uh no way buddy will I take ONE bite of a general tso chicken again! I took one small bite of a piece of chicken from my husbands dinner nd literally 5 mins of me swallowing that sucker I was violently ill. All I can say is 3 flushes later I was LITERALLY 4 pounds lighter! How are the rest of ya doing? Give me some ideas for food at this stage?
  11. Rucamama

    Protein Drink

    I actually checked my container and there was additional ingredients next to the nutritional facts and there is sucralose in it. Just wanted to let u know Incase u have a allergy.
  12. Rucamama

    Protein Drink

    You can also bake with it!
  13. Rucamama

    Protein Drink

    I looked right before I responded to u, and I did not see that on there. You can google it and you can see their main page I order mine from which ever site has it the cheapest.
  14. Rucamama

    Protein Drink

    Hi There! I love the protein shake I use. It’s called UMP by Beverly International, I get chocolate flavor. It’s amazing! I order it online, I don’t know of any stores that sell it. It tastes just like chocolate milk. My kids even try to steal some of my shakes when I make them. It is 20 grams of protein in 8oz.
  15. I had one I had gastric bypass, my surgeon does the drain with every surgery. I guess it depends on your doctor and your body?