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  1. How are you feeling? I'm curious what your stomach feels like after surgery??
  2. That's so exciting! I bet I could have it done the end of October but for scheduling with my kids and when my husband can be home to help it will have to be November or December... but still enough time for a great summer bod [emoji12]
  3. Oh yes energy is a big plus!!! I feel like a need a nap in the afternoon... this one might be a little x rated so hopefully it doesn't offend anyone but trying some new sex positions... my husband and I have a great sex life now but I think it will get better with me being more confident[emoji51]
  4. Rucamama

    Anyone jealous?

    🤣🤣. I'll just be over hear dreaming about my up and coming summer bod!! Seriously tho can't stop from looking at before and after pics of people!! Pure motivation baby!!
  5. So just a update, I had my first consult with Dr. Heydari and it went well he gave me the list of things I have to get done before they send my info for approval thru insurance. Which I have those appointments already scheduled:) I have to take 2 pre op classes that are for sept. 28th and oct. 5th. It's looking like end of November for surgery! I'm so excited!
  6. Rucamama

    93 lbs down at 4.5 months

    Looking good girl!! You have a light in your eyes! And happiness on your face!
  7. I'm Preop but have done protein shakes and I really like the chocolate by UMP. You can order it online. It's delicious and has 20 grams of protein. Check it out!
  8. Hi! So I'm a ball of emotions with this process. I finished the seminar sent my paperwork in, now have my first consult with the surgeon Aug. 23rd. I'm wondering what will happen at this visit? How do you all deal with the idea of changing your eating habits for life?
  9. I'm going for my first consult so I am new to the process, but I'm curious to how you felt before and after surgery? I've read a lot of articles about how people's lives have changed for the good or the bad. Do you think these changes would have happened regardless of surgery? I think the surgery will be good for me but then I have my doubts afraid it will change me. Is this normal?
  10. Rucamama

    Attitude after surgery?

    Yes we have discussed it. I've addressed my concerns about it, he supports me. He doesn't think I need surgery but supports me. I know I will be a happier version of myself if I was more confident and more comfortable in my skin. He was with me before the weight and loves me with the weight. I'm 30 years old, I have no other health issues that I know of (going to my consult Aug.23rd) and have a physical scheduled on the 28th. I want to live a long healthier life with my family.
  11. Rucamama

    Attitude after surgery?

    I might be over thinking everything... the main thing I guess I'm worrying about is I've read that divorce rate after WLS is higher, I know two people whom are my brother and my cousin who have had WLS and both got divorced afterwards... now I know there are always other underlying issues. I'm Head over heels for my husband and we have been they many things together so I'm hoping this will just grow us closer together.
  12. I'm hoping for surgery by December, it seems that the program I'm going through is booked like weeks out and if there is one day available I have to take it! I'm excited and nervous. This will be a big change in lifestyle... (mostly food).
  13. Thank you! I actually just got the call for my first consult with Dr. Heydari for next week! And I have to schedule my bariatric/ nutrionalist screening. It's really happening! Im so excited and scared.
  14. So I'm leaning towards Gastric Bypass, but interested to know your thoughts on the sleeve? I'd rather not do the band. Tell me your ideas on the pros and cons of each?
  15. So I'm in the early stages, I'm waiting to get the call to schedule my consult with surgeon. But I've told my parents and husband, and 2 close friends. I have a large group of friends and family that I will most likely not tell because I'm normally a private person. And don't feel like I need to explain my weightloss. Especially my in laws.... that's all they will talk about and I guess I'm embarrassed about it... I don't mind sharing my story with someone whom is struggling and would like help. But this is personal for me and I guess I'm sensitive to others and their thoughts.
  16. Bmi is 50, I do not have diabetes, I get acid reflux once in awhile, I would say I have a candy addiction :/ I eat chocolate before bed...
  17. Hi everyone I am new here, I'm going to my seminar to start the process for WLS tomorrow. I want to hear from people who are addicts/alcoholics who are sober whom have gone thru the process. I'm afraid that bc of my past history and medication I'm on for opiate addiction I will not qualify or my process will be harder. I'm a recovering addict for 3 1/2 years, from heroin addiction and currently working a program and on suboxone. This has worked for me. I had a c section a year ago I was on subutex during my pregnancy and under the knife. Which it was fine for baby and me baby healthy and no w/d . I'm worried that I will be judged and told to get off meds completely when I know what is working for me and what can work for surgery procedures... such as 3 days prior to surgery lower your dose and conitinue to take that lowest does with the opiates the dr has prescribed for a few days after surgery, and when u feel u dont need them then to conitinue to take your subutex like you would have pre op. I've been reading that cesections are much worse pain than haveing GBS but yes I know everyone is different. I am just wondering how your process went? I've also read up on people switching food addiction for drugs/alcohol/ gambling/ or having too many cats ... 😜 J/k but I would like to continue on the subutex after surgery bc I've been down that dark lonely road of addiction and don't want to do it again. Also I've read articles about after having GB that patients whom taken suboxone that the naloxone isn't processed into your body. I know this is a lot and I may be all over every place I guess I'm afraid I be honest with these people and get treated like I'm a drug seeker. Or if my dr is uneducated on the medication. But at least I know the experience I had before and how I felt the last time. I will hope and suggest that to them. Please tell your stories!!! I can't stop searching the web on WLS!! 🤗
  18. Thank you everyone for your replys! I went today for the seminar, just filling out a stack of papers to fax in to get the ball rolling! Also I have Bcbs il ppo, a bmi of 50, was wondering how your process went with insurance will they require a supervised diet before approval? Trying to get surgery done before the new year... just in case insurance is picked apart and pre existing conditions become worse for us.