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    Like many others, I've been overweight almost my entire life. I looked into gastric bypass back around 2010 but my insurance didn't cover it. Now, years later, my current insurance covers the procedure and I'm sooooo ready for it!
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    Classic cars, interval running, my dogs, family get togethers, video games, YouTube, true crime shows
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  1. 2 month post-op check in

    Highest weight: 300 (this summer)

    Surgery weight: 279.4

    Current weight: 244.4

    Lost since surgery: 35 lbs

    Total lost overall: 55.6 lbs

    Those numbers are so hard to believe...that's an average of -17.5 a month, or -4.375 a week. Overall I'm doing AWESOME with the losses after surgery. My biggest hurdle right now is that there are some foods I can eat again without issue (i.e. taco dip and tostito chips). And I think my loss this week shows that (only -2.2, which is the least I've lost in a week so far). So I will need to be vigilant about what I'm eating and really do my best to track what I'm having. It's also possible that I may be edging into my first stall, so I'll just have to stick to the plan and wait it out. I've also started up my birth control pills yesterday, so that may affect my weight loss a little bit while my body adjusts to the hormones again. So eating right is DOUBLY important this upcoming month!

    I've been drinking the premier protein shakes more lately, just because it's fast and easy for breakfast. But I think it's a good thing, because it has half of my suggested minimum daily protein in that one shake. I'm finally making a dent in the two boxes I bought at Costco before surgery, so I think once I'm low I'll go pick up another box or 2. Chocolate again for sure, then maybe try something other than bananas & cream.

    Last weekend, my sister Nikki and I went to some thrift stores and I got some new clothes :) I mostly got cardigans, since those will be easy to wear for a long time as I keep losing. But I also got a few other random things, including this super cute spring green jacket that will be awesome to wear in early spring for work! Nikki was more than happy to help look for stuff for me, since she knows that they'll all be handed down to her once they're too big for me and she starts losing weight after her surgery lol. She actually got her PPO card in the mail yesterday, so she finished her info packet and is mailing it to Kane Center today. Looking back, the one thing I didn't try on and buy were smaller pants....bit of an oversight, as I keep having to pull my pants up lol but I got a little caught up in being able to fit into smaller sizes in the tops, and I never made it to the pants section haha. I'll have to go again after Christmas to pick up some pants. 

    Excited to take more progress pics tonight when I get home from work! I've decided to take them every month out from surgery so I can watch the progression :) 

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      Nice... keep it going pal

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      That is great to hear:)