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    Like many others, I've been overweight almost my entire life. I looked into gastric bypass back around 2010 but my insurance didn't cover it. Now, years later, my current insurance covers the procedure and I'm sooooo ready for it!
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    Classic cars, interval running, my dogs, family get togethers, video games, YouTube, true crime shows
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    International Project Specialist
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  1. Only 3 days away from this life-changing surgery, and I've started putting together a list of easy things I can do while I'm at home recovering. It has to be THE DUMBEST list of things I've ever put together, but here goes hahaha

    • Do all the needed post-op stuff: go for walks, use spirometer, take vitamins on time, eat/drink right, etc etc etc etc ...
    • Portion out vitamins for the week into 4x/day pill organizer
    • Copy all phone contacts into a spreadsheet, remove old contacts file from phone, double check remaining names against spreadsheet to ensure no one is missing
    • Pluck eyebrows
    • Catch up on YouTube channels I watch
    • Color in keepsake drawing of a tattoo I designed for a friend (I'll include a pic of the outline below :))
    • Write in penzu online journal
    • Play xbox games I've been neglecting
    • Prep and freeze food for first few days back at work

    Anybody else have a list of mundane things they want/need to do while they are recovering at home?

    And here's the sugar skull owl tattoo my friend requested I design for him. It'll be super colorful once he gets it done, and once I color in the keepsake drawing for him!


    owl tattoo.png

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    2. Sosewsue61


      I made it!!! I have been in my private room since 10:46 am. I have walked twice, longer the second time. Pain tolerable w meds - 1000mg tylenol in IV, an anti-inflammatory, two little boost of dilaudid. Sat in chair for a couple hours, short nap. Will have swallow test tomorrow morning, then try sipping.

      I have a nausea patch - scopolamine and it works for me, a little drowsy from it but I'll take that over the nausea.

    3. karen_marie


      Thanks for the update @Sosewsue61! Glad to hear all is going well so far after surgery for you!!! So I know you're just like my mom and have multiple sewing machines - which one are you going to play with the most during your recovery time?

    4. Sosewsue61


      Ha ha yes many sewing machines! My addiction is showong!! I just bought a new serger! So slick w air threading. But I quilt too, longarm in the basement. I need to start Christmas presents. I am going down for barium swallow and ultrasound of my legs at 9 I think. I might get out of here late this afternoon w any luck !!

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