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  1. cturn1970

    April 2022 Surgery Buddies

    I hope all of you that had April surgeries are doing well!
  2. cturn1970

    Have you seen the new Shakes?

    I have had the chocolate one and they are good. Very easy to drink and low in sugars Sent from my SM-G892A using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. cturn1970

    Protein shakes

    I like the premier shakes too but I also like unjury chocolate shakes. They have powder and ready to drink. Sent from my SM-G892A using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. Your highest weight and goal weight is similar to mine. I’m glad you feeling normal again. It’s a long road but definitely worth it! I’m almost 4 months out and down to 168 from a highest weight of 235, my surgery weight was 218 so we are really close to the same weight loss. I wish you the best on your journey! It’s exciting times ahead for you! Not to mention it’s so much more fun shopping for clothes! Sale racks and thrift shops are my friends! Take care!
  5. cturn1970

    Sleeved 9/19/2017

    I hope so too! Take care!
  6. cturn1970

    Sleeved 9/19/2017

    I felt the same way. Didn't take much to become teary eyed, but within 2-3 days, I was much better. I just surrounded myself with family and friends and tried to get up and move as much as I could. Good luck to you!
  7. cturn1970

    5.5 Year Update, with pics!

    You look great! Congrats on the weight loss.
  8. cturn1970

    Berry78's 6 month photos

    You look great! Keep up the hard work!
  9. cturn1970

    Olive garden

    Thanks! I like salmon so that might be a good choice. It's funny how we (or at least me) could eat all of a Olive Garden dinner with salad and breadsticks and now might be eating it for a few meals!
  10. cturn1970

    Olive garden

    I'm hoping someone has a suggestion for me. A ladies group I belong to will be going to Olive Garden later this month. At that time I will be post op 6 weeks and struggling to decide if anything there will be acceptable to eat. From what I see, everything there is higher in sodium and calories. Has anyone else either ate at Olive Garden and have suggestions or had a similar situation and a solution? I definitely don't want to have something that is not allowed as I'm trying hard to achieve my weight loss.
  11. cturn1970

    August 14

    I'm scheduled for the 15th. Looking forward to being healthy. I'm 5'2" and 235 pounds. My goal is to be between 140-150. Just started the pre-op diet and trying to find a protein shake that I really like. I hope your surgery goes well for you.

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