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    Hiya everyone! I'm a 43 year old stay at home mom of 3 and I live out in the country with my hubby John Wayne (yep really!)
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  1. AmylouRouxEnY

    Embarrassing question for the ladies

    Not feeling sexy can really ruin a woman's sex drive. I didn't stop "using it" because I wanted to keep my husband happy, but I didn't enjoy it as much as when I felt better about myself. My sex drive has been through the roof lately! It's probably a combination of the increased energy level, the fact that even though I'm not at my ideal weight (and will definitely still need plastic surgery) I don't hate my body anymore and then this special surprise of youthful pleasure. Whatever the reason I'll take it!!
  2. AmylouRouxEnY

    Feel so weak!

    Amazon sells protein shots that have 42g of protein. they are 3.8 ounces and kinda syrupy but they really helped my mom. Her hair had started falling out because of her lack of protein. Also, Premier has a clear protein that's like flavored water. I get mine at Sam's.
  3. AmylouRouxEnY

    September Bypass Buddies

    I'm really starting to get nervous now. I leave for Tijuana Monday morning! Time is sure flying by! They need to invent a word for "terrified and excited" because I'm somewhere in between!
  4. AmylouRouxEnY

    Surgery complete

    I've been researching ways to ease the gas pain after surgery. I don't know first hand if these work or not but I figured it was at least worth mentioning. 1. Ambulation: any movement helps so even when you're not walking, rock back and forth or side to side. 2. mylicon 3. pain meds (obviously these don't help that much, lol) 4. warm drinks, see if they will heat up your protein and water 5.a heating pad. 6. increase fluids but that's not very easier after wls, lol. 7. reposition: lay on left side, or on your knees, head down and bottom up (again, another one I'm not sure will be to easy after wls) I hope one of these will help you. Oh, and my sister is a nurse and she said to ask for Benedryl if the nausea medications don't help. Good luck to you!
  5. I'm having my surgery in Mexico so I've had to basically research post-op diet like you and I've found that You Tube has a plethora of information. Ton's of ideas and recipes!
  6. Cool, I'm having my RNY surgery with Dr. Corvala on September 12th! I'll take pictures and share my experience while I'm there. He has some videos on YouTube that are pretty cool to watch as well
  7. AmylouRouxEnY

    The old me

    My before pictures

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