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    Just went on a cruise. Besides being a cheap date( really feel it after 2 drinks) I was fine. It was nice to have some drinks again, but I didn't over do it......ok maybe one night when my favorite bartender gave me a 4 finger pour of some amazing scotch. lol buzz goes away very quickly.
  2. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Anyone try hull-less popcorn?

    I like Buddha bowl Himalayan gold popcorn. 3 cups( which is a lot) is 100 calories and 12 grams of carbs. Tastes just like buttery movie popcorn.
  3. FlyFatA$$Fly

    August Sleevers-How are you doing??

    I'm 8-10lbs from my goal weight and stalled out big time. Be stuck here for 2 months. Need to go see my dietitian for some advise. Otherwise I'm very happy with the results.
  4. I'm stalled out big time. I'm almost 9 months post vsg, and been stuck for awhile at 8-10lbs from my goal weight. I'm going to go see my dietitian for help.
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    Forgot to post. 12/13 163.4
  6. FlyFatA$$Fly

    First real foods

    Like others have said some foods are sliders, but dense protein fills me up fast. I’m 4 months post op, and my hunger never really went away. So I try to eat every few hours, but I make sure it health meals or snacks.
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    Date 12/6 cw: 164
  8. FlyFatA$$Fly


    Stallled! 11/29 166
  9. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Sushi post sleeve?

    I get sashimi, one order salmon and one order tuna. It’s perfect amount, and no rice.
  10. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Down 70lbs!

    Yesterday I hit the 70lbs mark at 166lb! I started 12/13/16 on my 6 month diet, and was sleeved 8/10/17. I’m 16lbs from my goal weight. I had to go jeans shopping this week as even my “small” jeans were too big. I was wearing 38 waist last December, and now I just bought 30 waist! Crazy!
  11. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Down 70lbs!

    Thanks everyone!
  12. FlyFatA$$Fly

    I didn't eat cake!

    Thanks! It's a struggle, but I feel so good when I don't give in to temptation.
  13. I'm 3 months post VSG, and can eat just about everything BUT I don't. The amount I can eat has increased. A month ago I could only eat 2oz,and now I can eat a whole 3.5oz [emoji23]. For me surgery was an extreme step,and I considered it the last. So, I will not go back to old habits. I eat protein first then if I have room veggies. If I need something sweet I have some halo top, but I make sure I stick to one serving. I do get hungry every 3 hours or so, and try to eat 5-6 small meals a day. Before surgery I loved food, and always craved different foods all day. I'd see fast food commercials and want that food. Now I just don't care, and when I see those commercial they almost make me sick. I eat when I'm hungry, and for the nutrients. It was a difficult adjustment, but it's great now! Food is no longer the center piece of my life, and I feel free!
  14. FlyFatA$$Fly

    I didn't eat cake!

    I'm an airline pilot, and we serve fresh baked cookie to our first class passengers. Every flight I smell them, and want one bad. lol. For the last year I've passed every time except one.
  15. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Eating spicy foods

    I’m 3 months out, and eating spicy everything. I want spicy now more than I did before surgery.
  16. FlyFatA$$Fly

    What's the story behind your profile name?

    Ha! my wife calls me a Hobbit, and I'm thinking about second breakfast right now. [emoji23]
  17. FlyFatA$$Fly


    Here we go! 11/15 CW 168 GW 155
  18. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Chicago Sleevers

    I hope your surgery went well, and you are feeling better. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  19. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Progress Pic from Halloween Share yours?

    Can't stand the Dodgers ( go Cubs), but you make the Dodgers look good!
  20. Use the 6 month diet to learn how to eat, and make a life style change. You will be happy you did, and it will make surgery way easier. You got this!
  21. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Short term disability

    I received 2 months of California disability for my sleeve. I'm a pilot, and 2 months off was required by the FAA. California didn't question it.
  22. I'm also in Illinois, but have anthem BCBS. They required a 6 month supervised diet for me and my wife. At first I wasn't happy, but it ended up being the best thing ever! The wait sucked, but I had a great weight loss doctor and dietitian. I learned how to eat, and lost 35lbs during those 6 months. It set me up for success post op. I already knew how to eat, and it's been smooth sailing. I'm 3 months post op, and 18lbs from my goal weight.