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  1. Hurricane is looking like it's coming to Texas and will come up through Houston, leaving a CRAP ton of rain. *ring. ring. Hello Allison, you little ******, why do you have to send your kid brother Harvey to visit?* le sigh. Anyone else in the path of the storm? Stay safe peeps! :780_sparkling_heart::460_circus_tent::224_monkey::222_hear_no_evil::220_monkey_face::224_monkey:

    Water (check)

    Propane tanks full (check)

    LC Dry food in the pantry (check)

    LC Munchies available (check)

    Decaff coffee and decaff tea ready (check-and *sob* for no booze being an option; hurricanes + sobriety=bs)

    Flashlights, batteries, candles (check)

    Cards and games set out (check)

    Gas in the cars (check)

    New batteries in my digital scale *snick* (check)

    All work sent to the printers so it's off my desk/computer (working on)


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    2. Newme17


      I'm a pretty strong woman but I don't think I'd wanna handle a chainsaw! lol. You're way stronger than me with that @Apple1 lol

      no power till wed evening about 10pm, that's the eta. Hopefully it'll be sooner but with the weather cooled off, it feels great with all the windows open. I slept real good last night too.

      Its very sad seeing the devastation in houston and other areas as well. I've said it a few times already, I'm so ready for all of this to be over.

    3. Apple1


      No, I am really not that strong.... lol.... The chainsaw does all the work. I can't lift even half what you do.

      Glad the weather is cooler for you all. I hope the ETA on your power holds.

    4. FluffyChix


      @Newme17 Holy moses!!! That lean was scary Larry for sure! Thank goodness you have friends at church to help you. No WAY would I let Mr. Fluffy up there to cut something like that down. me=super chicken with power tools and chainsaws are a huge nightmare for me! @Apple1 Now I have even more respect for you and your chainsaw wielding self!!!

      I'm so glad it's been cooler down in Corpus and that you get a good breeze! It would be miserable otherwise. And so glad they project Wednesday for power. That's really pretty awesome speed! Yippee!!

      The devastation here is enormous. None of us really know what the aftermath will be for our town. Houston is huge now, but when I was a little girl, it still felt like a hometown and we couldn't go out somewhere that we didn't see people we knew. So to see it like this and to see how many people have lost everything, is really heartbreaking.

      Thank you both for thinking of us down here and for your prayers, especially you Newme17 who suffered the first wave of a terrifying storm right in your own backyard! ((hugs)) So glad you are safe!!!

  2. Having my EGD tomorrow. A teensy bit askeered...

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    2. FluffyChix


      So it went well. I'm not too worried. The report said, "irregular z-line," possible Barrett's esophagus. The doc wasn't very worried. I take it that it's a very common finding. But interestingly, he said it's from GERD, but my esoph didn't show any signs of active GERD or inflammation other than the weird junction of the esoph to the tum. I've been doing this VLEverything diet since May and before that, my GERD was cra-cra. And now, I've quit taking my PPI for the last 2 weeks. We're waiting for the biopsies which will take a week.

    3. heycrystal2052


      Well, as long as they said everything should be fine, hooorayyyy!!!! I'm so excited for you, you're a few steps closer! :)

    4. mama3beartn


      So glad to hear. Thanks for the update :)

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