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  1. Hi! So glad to find a support group, thank you for all of your frank posts, it is great to read through your experiences and share your successes! I had a very toxic experience with the lap band, after an adjustment and then removal decided to try the Orbera Balloon. I'm struggling with it, lots of heartburn to the point that I don't even want to eat - and let me tell you, I LOVE to EAT!!! My first few weeks I was praying for the sweet relief of death, the heartburn was awful, only throwing up helped - gross and not great, I know. I'm in the 5th week and have gotten the heartburn under control with meds and halting all food by 5 PM to make sure I have 4 solid hours before sleep - but I am uncomfortable all the time! I feel very full, strained, not cramping, not nauseous, but distended and achy. It is uncomfortable to wear my bra as it feels like it sits on the worst spot . . .does this sound normal? Did anybody else need more time for your stomach to adjust? When I spoke to the PA she said it wasn't unusual, that they fill the balloon fully for both men and women - and I wonder if that is my problem and more importantly, will my stomach really adjust? While I am overweight, my frame is petite, I'm not sure I would have said a full balloon is right for me. So, I'm down 11.5 since the procedure (15.5 total since the consult) as I am about to finish the 5th week, not bad, but not worth it so far for the discomfort. Anybody have any similar experiences or advice? Thank you!