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  1. Hi all, I've been on BariatricPal for a few years now, on and off. Came back looking for advice or similar stories. I had my VSG done on 7/6/17. I am currently 5w5d pregnant, I was pregnant up until 15 weeks last year and then miscarried (that was my second). My first appointment with my OB was yesterday and she referred me to a MFM for my care between the recent surgery and the 2 miscarriages she is afraid to take me on without supervision of a high risk specialist. Anyone else have a pregnancy so soon after WLS? Did you have any major complications? any advice? how was your eating during pregnancy? This was UNPLANNED and UNEXPECTED, but nonetheless we are excited and praying all goes well. I don't think hubby and I could handle another loss
  2. I would suggest talking to your nutritionist if you haven’t already. My Doc told me Baby will take all the nutrients she needs from my reserves and should be ok. Just really listen to your body. You can always get back on track after Baby comes just take it a day at a time
  3. They gave me the option for birth. I had a csection with my first. But was told this was my choice for this one and I chose a scheduled csection so I can tie my tubes too
  4. Pregnancy is going well. I’m 23 weeks and baby is doing well. I lost about 15lbs in the beginning of pregnancy from morning sickness and haven’t gained any back yet. I’m finally not puking all the time. I do give into some of the cravings but try to do well. I’d say I’m happy so far since the only thing growing is my tummy. Lots of doctors since I’m high risk and ready to get this pregnancy over with lol. Best of luck to you and baby!
  5. Thank you! So far so good. I'm almost 9 weeks. My dietician and High risk OB doctor are working together for my care. They have me continuing with my bariatric vitamins (when i can keep them down) with a separate folic acid supplement. I have lost 15 lbs since finding out about the pregnancy as morning (and noon, and night) sickness is kicking my butt. Other than that the doctors think all should go well. Surprisingly my surgeon congratulated me instead of lecturing me which was a relief! I was terrified to tell him but he was happy for my husband and I. This will be my rainbow baby after 2 losses so fingers and toes crossed it works out well for me and baby both!
  6. Thank you both for you kind words