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  1. Hi there, I am partway thru meeting my requirements. I took my psych eval and I am waiting for the results. If all goes well, I am thinking I might be a November sleever. Anyway, looking to chat with anyone in a similar place as me. I started this process once before and stopped because I was doing so great losing the weight on my own. As usual, I gained it back so I had to start the process all over since it had been over a year. I am trying to read everything I can, so I am prepared. The more I read the more nervous I am. It seems that everyone just has such different experiences. I'm not even thru the process yet, but it keeps me awake at night thinking about how to keep this secret, or who I should tell. Looking to see if anyone else is on here in my area. Thanks for reading!
  2. Shellabella30

    Surgery is Tuesday mixed emotions

    I don’t even have a date yet and I’m starting to get nervous....I think there’s a fine line between reading up to get educated and then actually trying to read too much. I think it’s starting to overwhelm me.
  3. I’ve got my follow up tmrw for from assessment that I took with the psychologist. If all goes well, I have my last required appt on oct 16, then they can submit to insurance for approval. I’m praying I can get this done before the end of year! I can’t think of a better way to start 2018! Good luck to you October sleevers!!
  4. Shellabella30

    [emoji860] it's surgery day!!!

    I hope you’re doing great!
  5. Shellabella30

    Any Minnesota (MN) sleevers?

    Thanks for your reply!! I did meet with Dr Laura July at Alina in Fridley. I liked her, but I can’t find too much on her. I’ve been having some acid reflex for the first time ever. I’ve been doing some reading and I’m scared it’s going to get worse after the surgery. Any experience with that?
  6. I agree! Thank for you this thread! I got butterflies reading alot of it! I hope that feeling normal for a pre-sleever!
  7. This is a great question! Thanks to all for these candid posts!!!
  8. Shellabella30

    1 Year Surgiversay

    You look great! Congrats! Can I ask where you had your surgery?
  9. Hi lovelies! I'm new here and looking into the VSG. I started the process a few years ago but I was having such success with the weight loss that they wanted me to lose, I decided to keep going, kinda like a last ditch effort. I did great, but as history repeats itself I gained it all back! Boo! The facility where I started, I chose based on proximity and a few friends had success there. Is that enough to go on? I don't want to make a bad decision. I never got far enough in the process to meet the actual surgeon. I'm wondering what tools I can use to make sure I'm choosing the right man/woman for the job! I've looked for bariatric centers of excellence and there's a number of them close to me. Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated!