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  1. Hey -- Important article here in the LA Times. The FDA is investigating the balloon after reports of deaths soon after the procedure: http://www.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-gastric-balloon-20170810-story.html
  2. Two purchases that were worth it so far: 1 -- I bought a blender bottle protein shaker on amazon. It's awesome. It's a water bottle with a little metal device inside so I can easily shake up a shake at work. 2 --I bought a bottle of 0 calorie, 0 carb, 0 everything mango syrup. I'll put a splash into a shake once in a while for variety.
  3. greenlora

    The Shame of WLS

    I appreciate your perspective on this. I've decided to keep my decision private, but reading this really made me reconsider.
  4. greenlora

    August 2017 Sleevers

    The nutritionist encouraged me to buy this pre and post op package. I'll report back on it: https://www.vitaleph.com/products.html
  5. greenlora

    August 2017 Sleevers

    I just booked August 21! I got the pre-op diet plan. Yikes. I'm supposed to start on an Atkins diet then two weeks on protein shakes and green vegetables. Liquids only the last few days. I feel really god about my decision, so I'm going to give the prep my all.
  6. Hi All -- I'm getting ready to book my surgery. I've had a long-planned vacation at a beach house with a very close friend this summer. I'm thinking about timing the surgery to be about two weeks before I go. Would I be able to take walks on the beach at the point? Get out and about a bit? Thanks!!
  7. greenlora

    Post-op energy level

    Thank you for all these comments. I've decided to enjoy my trip and not risk it.

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