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  1. PrayingForWeightLoss

    Has anyone kept their surgery a secret?

    18 months post op and over 80lbs lost. Only my husband knows to this day. My body, my choice. I don't discuss my dental surgery, hysterectomy, or any other illness with anybody. I had been obese for most of my adult life and having one more meaningless, hurtful or back-handed advice/opinion ( if I had disclosed my surgery) was the last thing I wanted. When people ask how I did it, I tell them "...lifestyle changes" which is true. I am a private person so I shut the conversation right there. I don't regret keeping it to myself. I know and understand that sharing might help de-stigmatize weight loss surgery. I chose not to bear that burden (for lack of a better word).
  2. PrayingForWeightLoss

    Just Sleeved

    Completely normal feelings Kygirl. I am 18 months out and remember worrying about small things.....different from yours but still worried. I have now lost 88lbs and feel amazing. It will be worth it.
  3. PrayingForWeightLoss

    Secret sleevers?

    I kept it to myself. Sleeved July last year. Only my husband knows. I worked with a woman who had a sleeve done and my coworkers judged and talked about this woman in such a negative way. There were comments like, " I would never mutilate my body for a bit of vanity." I just decided I don't want the burden of educating these women about WLS. I am my priority and I am so happy I made this decision. When people ask me how I list weight I tell them I made drastic changes about my health which is true.
  4. PrayingForWeightLoss

    The Thrill Is Gone

    I watched my 600lbs life too! Obsessively. One year post op and I don't watch tv that much. I have basic cable now just to catch up on local new here and there. Otherwise I am walking during my spare time and letting our youngest daughter tell me what she wants to do with me.
  5. PrayingForWeightLoss

    Stigma with WLS

    Tracy I can certainly understand how this can be very annoying when you have people giving you unsolicited advice and comments. As someone who has been obese most of my life, I have out up with so much "diet advice " without even asking for it. I had a sleeve done July last year and went down from 233 to now 156lbs. The only person who knows I heard it done is my husband. I didn't want to deal with ignorant comments from people. When people ask me how I lost the weight I just tell them I took charge of my health which is true, I quickly shut down those conversations because I don't owe anybody an explanation. Keep pressing with your goals and take charge of your health. You already on track. Best wishes with your surgery.
  6. PrayingForWeightLoss


    At 6 weeks I was cleared to eat salads. Ate them with no problems at all.
  7. PrayingForWeightLoss

    Putting my surgery on hold...

    Hope everything goes well for you. Yes, surgery was the answer for me but it is not THE absolute answer for everyone. Wish you the best.
  8. PrayingForWeightLoss

    July 2017 Sleevers

    How are you doing 2017 sleevers? I was sleeved July 28, 2017. Weighed 233 lbs preop. Now weighing 158. My life has been totally transformed. I am now a workout junkie, eat so well and have reversed insulin resistance completely. I am in a happy place.
  9. PrayingForWeightLoss

    Can I have a half glass of Wine with a steak

    I would agree that you might want to try this at home first, if you must, to see how your body handles this. I am almost one year post op and I found steaks and meats like chicken breast hard to digest the first 4-6 months or so. One bite and the meat would feel stuck in my throat/chest ish area.
  10. PrayingForWeightLoss

    Needing to Vent

    I had the sleeve and large hernia repair in July last year. Had no complications and have lost lost 74lbs to date. I hope you get the help and support you need (and deserve ) to overcome your fears. They are real to you and should not be taken lightly. All the best on your journey to better health.
  11. PrayingForWeightLoss

    How long did it take for your incision pain to stop?

    The big incision where they took out the cut stomach through took a few weeks to heal. It was more of a "pulling" sensation if I moved abruptly in certain positions. It eventually just faded away. My surgery was July last year.
  12. PrayingForWeightLoss

    Time off work

    It was not so much of the surgery that had me wishing I had taken more time off but the weakness from a very low calorie diet post op. I had shakes and full liquids but couldn't get much in. I could barely finish the 3 shakes, water plus soup and felt very fatigued for the first 2 weeks.
  13. PrayingForWeightLoss

    Weirdest coments you've gotten since WLS

    That was so mean of her. I would have told her that I am happy that I have a big nose because I can't hurt anybody with it. Someone like this person has an ugly heart and that makes her hurt others with mean comments like that. I hope you lose the weight that you set to lose. It is your body and your choice. Congratulations that you chose to love yourself and have WLS.
  14. I have a confession. I went to a clinic where were given appetite suppressants and some injection that we were supposed to inject ourselves every week. Supposedly it contained some hormone that was supposed to aid in boosting metabolism. The appetite suppressants worked for a while but I stayed awake all night, every night. The injection was useless and I kept gaining weight.
  15. Hahahahahaha. That Ayds commercial had me laughing so hard. I was okay until she brought the yoyo out! I am dead [emoji23]
  16. PrayingForWeightLoss

    Sagging skin concerns and looking old.

    I has VSG in July last year and I have lost 70 pounds from 233lbs. I don't have much of saggy skin but I sometimes almost trip on my boobs when I am walking. I can't afford plastics so that's how I will live from now on. Like what most people are saying here, the health trade off is huge. I am almost to the point of losing 100% of my excess weight. I still would not trade that with firmer non-droopy boobs any day! I now eat healthy, exercise everyday and just feel so much happier with my life and my health.
  17. PrayingForWeightLoss

    To tell or not to tell

    Only my husband knows. I don't share my medical issues with people anyway whether it is dental surgery , tubal ligation or weight loss surgery.
  18. PrayingForWeightLoss

    Back at the Gym!

    7 moths out and I am loving the gym!
  19. PrayingForWeightLoss

    Any Relationship Problems?

    Well done for choosing surgery to improve your health!!! So sorry StanCounty29 that you are going through this. I am not sure what I would do if my husband was not supportive. It must be upsetting having him use your wellness journey to hurt you. For me, it is a different story. My husband is happy that I am getting the results I wanted. He is very encouraging that I have stayed the course after seeing me try hundreds of diets over the years and the disappointment in myself when I gave up and gained the weight back. I hope you make the right decisions for you and your kids. Seems like he is displaying middle school like behaviors by picking on a scab constantly just to hurt you. Very sad for a grown up to do that.
  20. PrayingForWeightLoss

    Food Restrictions

    I had the sleeve and have eaten 1 slice of bread once since July 2017. My stomach hurt so bad I cried. I have never touched bread since then. I occasionally eat a tablespoon or 2 of brown rice but haven't eaten pasta since the op. I did have the raw veges and fruit restriction for about 3 months I think.
  21. PrayingForWeightLoss

    Do you miss being overweight?

    No I don't miss being afraid of sitting on a plastic or fold up chair and being scared it will break. I don't miss the fear of trying the biggest size in the store and afraid that will not fit me. I don't miss waking 500 meters and fee like I am about to pass out.
  22. I had 5 small incisions. The one next to the belly button is now invisible. The other 2 look like skin discoloration now more than scars. For me the single vs multiple incisions was not a decider for my choice of surgeon.
  23. PrayingForWeightLoss

    Wondering when I can drink alcohol

  24. PrayingForWeightLoss

    Do you chew and spit?

    I can honestly say I have never done this before and don't intend to.
  25. PrayingForWeightLoss

    Low Key about Surgery

    Your body , your choice. Do you first!

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