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  1. It was around 4 months from initial consultation to surgery for me. Insurance only required proof from PCP that I attempted weightloss prior not a designated period. The surgeon required a minimum of 2 pre surgery educational courses at their practice.
    The preop specialist clearances I needed were cardiology, pulmonology/sleep study, psychological assessment, gastroenterology/endoscopy and labs.

  2. 23 hours ago, Ana-Maria said:

    Hi everyone,

    New here.I had my sleeve on 10/5/21. I am just starting on mushy foods. I have a big concern with what I can eat after 4 months. I am going to Italy in may and I already pushed this vacation back. It was originally in January. My question is at what month did everyone start eating, Pasta, bread, pizza, steak, sweet stuff and did you have to wait to get approval from your doctor for it? I am a little worried about what I can and can’t eat on this trip. Also has anyone traveled by cruise lately, Do they allow you to take powder for your shakes?

    Thank you :)

    I went to Italy 4 months post op too, twins! I had a lot of coffee, salads, nuts, cheese, yogurt, fruit with some pizza, gelato and pastries thrown in (surgeon said I could although I assumed I couldn’t) because… it was Italy.

    Pharmacies did have ready made and powder Protein for shakes. I shopped at local markets a few times and made a meal of my own at a cooking class.

    I was limited by capacity so that was nice. I did try to be balanced but still have fun. Surprisingly food was not the fun I ultimately had.

    Good Luck and have fun ❤️

  3. 10 hours ago, Arabesque said:

    That’s sounds a perfect job for you @Dtrain84 as it ties into your previous career as a police officer.

    What a lovely photo of you & your daughter @kristieshannon. Her lace dress is so pretty. And I agree - you do look alike.

    Had another visit with the hand therapy place today & decided to wear this slim fit panelled dress with cowl neckline & pouch at the hem. Skirt is very fitted though the hem restricting my stride so I had a real wriggle walk happening as I strutted down the street 😆 It was 5 weeks yesterday since I decided to add extra Protein to my quiche busy slicing a chunk off my thumb & it’s just about fully healed now (was still oozing a little from one spot until yesterday). Just dealing with some hypersensitivity & dry peeling skin. You can just see a faint line from the skin graft. I was so excited last week as I was finally able to put on a real bra for the first time - I just couldn’t do the hooks up before then without causing my thumb pain & discomfort. Such a silly little thing but boy you need your thumb for soooo much.



    Nice dress ! Great progress on your thumb too

  4. 7 hours ago, kristieshannon said:

    Wedding pics finally back. Here’s my favorite of my daughter & I.


    Absolutely gorgeous! I love the dress, it is so classic and detailed perfectly and the color is just right. I also love the color mirroring in the landscape and your dress landscape. Your daughter looks just like you right down to the cupid’s bow 😍

  5. 7 hours ago, ms.sss said:


    Yeah I don't think I'm ever going to actually wear them outside the house....unless I'm carried out of here a la Cleopatra and sit on my a$$ the entire nite.

    Though I did order a skanky french maid Halloween costume last month that I now plan to wear with the shoes in the privacy of my our own home for sh*ts and giggles with Mr.

    But based on his response to the shoes, I think he would probably prefer librarian....

    Well now we have to see the finished product!

  6. On 10/15/2021 at 7:53 PM, kristieshannon said:

    I have a date tonight. I bought this dress at Nordstrom Rack today-was stunned to be in a size 4! Last dress I bought was a 6, but tried on several today and they were baggy in the waist. Here’s hoping this guy is worth the effort! 🤞


    Nice ! How did the date go?

  7. On 10/15/2021 at 10:18 AM, Sophie7713 said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! OMG!!! This outfit is GORGEOUS on you. You made the dress!? Wow. Will you make me one - only a midi length... I don't have pretty legs like you. Seriously... this is a stunning look on you - I hope you'll find a place to wear it soon. Great Fall sensibility, too. It totally envelopes your to die for figure GT! The constructed jacket adds a nice contrast to the free flow. Thanks for sharing. Wow.

    On 10/15/2021 at 8:13 PM, Kris77 said:

    Did you saw you made this?!! Wow!! First of all it’s beautiful and flowy. I love it. Secondly I wish I could design and make a dress like that!! That is awesome

    22 hours ago, Arabesque said:

    And your moto jacket looks great with your animal print dress @GreenTealael & so talented to have made your dress too.

    Thanks for the ❤️ and Yes I made it


  8. 14 minutes ago, kgsos said:

    Hey y’all! I need some advice. I am getting the sleeve on December 6. December 30 I will fly to another state for my first semester of grad school. It’s a hybrid program, so I’ll be on campus for 9 days from 12/30-1/8 and then home again until June. I am SCARED to have surgery and then go to class so soon after. It’ll be sitting mostly and I get my own hotel room, but I don’t know what to expect. Am I crazy to try this? Any tips? For reference, I am 30 and have recovered well from surgery before. I was back at work a week after sinus surgery and able to move normally less than a week after my c-section in January. Thank you!!

    The only things you may have to consider are energy levels post op, building in bathroom breaks and requesting if you can drink/eat during the classes.
    It seems people bounce back a lot quicker with laparoscopic vs open surgery,

  9. 12 hours ago, Sophie7713 said:

    Let's all go on the wild side AND show our inner animal instincts!

    I only have one item in animal print: A sheer convertible high low dress I made for vacation and never wore 😭

    1CFAE85C-04DD-47D2-9449-E4E057A772DA.thumb.jpeg.bde8281951fd759615b3750dbe8f459c.jpeg 00C07981-0F99-441A-A4F7-A6A2DF457F53.thumb.jpeg.b07d42e98772cdbd7a5b7b64819211e0.jpeg

    Also here’s the light blush moto jacket. In just noticed that in some lighting situations it only looks cream colored


  10. 13 hours ago, Dtrain84 said:

    After 5 years of retirement, I've decided I'm going back to work. I took a couple of before interview selfies.



    Looking fit! Good Luck

  11. 11 hours ago, Sophie7713 said:

    Sorry for the multiple posts by accident!


    Love this belt and the waist it’s on 😍

  12. 15 hours ago, Arabesque said:

    As a joke I tried on a pair of shorts my mum bought for my 11 almost 12yr old niece - children’s size 14. Think I just found a new place to shop - the children’s department. Though don’t think I’d get away with a daddy’s little princess t shirt. 😂😂😂

    Have a few ribbed dresses ready to pack @Sophie7713. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to travel safely soon. Third time’s the charm.

    That linen suit is gorgeous @ms.sss. Another piece fir my wardrobe, thanks. 😁


    Sometimes I stare longingly at the children’s section honestly believing I could fit the 14-16 sizes (especially tank tops and T-shirts) I am only brought to my senses when I too realize “princess” and “super cool!” aren’t really my mantras 😂

  13. 11 hours ago, Sophie7713 said:

    . I'll still wear my mask

    I still wear a mask EVERYWHERE. Wearing a mask with sunglasses - I never have to wear makeup again 😂

  14. 3 minutes ago, Tinyhounds said:

    I’m ready to contribute! Almost. I’m in the soft food stage (surgery September 17th). I was going to take a b/a pic of my tuna fish, but then I found a bone in it, so obviously I can’t eat that now. (I feel bad about not being able to eat it, I really do).

    Thanks for the thread! Looking at all the lovely meals has really helped me during this early stage!

    Oh no! Next time ❤️

  15. 2 hours ago, HajEddie said:

    I am 1 week today post sleeve and hernia repair. Everything was great until Sunday. I had a few sips of a chocolate Protein Shake and OMG the stomach noise could be heard 3,000 miles away!! And 10 mins later running to the bathroom. So ok I had a dumping episode no biggie. But it has been going on for 4 days! I have literally had 2 Jello cups since Sunday and a lot of Water and propel. I know TMI but this is so bad I have to sit in the tub for 15 min to be able to walk. My below parts are raw, bleeding, and very angry. I have ruined sheets, bath mats, and 8 pairs of undies. Today I’m loosing my mental ability. I called my doctor and they totally blew me off and said sleeve doesn’t get dumping and you probably have a stomach bug. Ok but could you maybe see me? Nope. I have an appointment at urgent care today but they will probably be like woah this is beyond us! Any suggestions please. Thanks!!!!

    Sorry it’s been a rough week! Any resolution yet?

    Yes sleepers can dump however it may not be dumping because dumping tends to resolve quickly not usually days long (unless you keep eating the offending foods)

    Also Desitin or any diaper rash cream works wonders even for adults.

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