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  1. 1 hour ago, ms.sss said:

    I also can’t stop baking brownies!! This is the 4th batch I’ve made in the past week and a half (btw, batch #3 was a bit of a fail...accidentally put in crispy fried onions...but that’s another story, lol)

    Anyhoo, here is a pic of today’s batch: Roasted Cashew and Skor bits Fudge Brownies. I made it with real sugar and everything.

    I ate one 1x1inch square piece: 159 calories


    Looks beautiful! I now know where all of my cooking desire/ambition went! What I have lost, you found 😃

  2. 1 hour ago, Sarah1969€ said:

    Hi All,

    Im new to the group, I have my surgery planned for the 12th jan 2021. So excited but nervous! Anyone who has had the op have you all given up alcohol?

    I gave up drinking about 1 yr before I decide to have surgery. I still don't drink (except once in 2018 I was served 30ml of wine instead of grape juice during Kiddush 😩) but I don't miss drinking.

  3. 12 hours ago, Sophie7713 said:

    Hmmmm, the changes we don't talk about.

    I also lived in a fools paradise unaware of how very large I really was. And, so disrespectful of my tiny frame - the fat literally had no where else to store. Because I exercised regularly, and ate healthier BUT in huge portions plus, too many sweet treats on the weekends - I'd tell myself and others... I'm a fit overweight!

    I find layers of myself becoming more honest. The rose colored glasses have been taken off now, and I really like that. Things I tolerated before like a lack of opportunity or a reciprocal community no longer appeal to me. I do find myself especially at this stage in life, wanting a brand new life. A fresh start in a totally new place, new environment and new lifestyle where no one knew me as morbidly obese. My massive weight loss in many ways has put closure to my old life here. We are taking investigative steps to research and explore new states and communities. A possible closure here with adventures elsewhere have rendered a hope and sparkle within me. Becoming slim after 22+ years has meant everything. I do not wish to squandered any more time.

    I am truly humbled and touched by everyone's transparency shown here. We each will gain victory over those things that hold us back from becoming our best selves. Here's to positive change wherever it's needed. Even if our road is a little bumpy, becomes complicated or uncomfortable getting there. I Celebrate all our achievements and aspirations! Personally, I think pulling out a few of our before pictures maybe the most empowering gestures of all, despite our current challenges. It puts things back into complete perspective for me.



    You absolutely look like a new person but I especially the happiness seen in both pics 😍

  4. Since you're diabetic definitely consult your Dr

    55 minutes ago, Digidoll said:

    That's good. I've seen alot of people do it. Thank goodness it's not one of those 2 or 3 day fasts lol although i tried the intermentent fasting last night and tried making it til noon today but my diabetes made me light headed so i had to eat a little halo cutie orange at about 11.. so hopefully that's ok lol

  5. 7 hours ago, Jokersgirl said:

    So I had my surgery on Tuesday. After vomiting blood the whole night, I was discharged the next day. I was given the same pain reliever I already take daily for my back but in liquid form (Vicodin). The pain for the next few days was pretty bad, but manageable. I also started having serious vaginal blood loss even though I had a monthly cycle before surgery. The pain has just gotten worse and I can hardly move now. My doctor have me a generic response of: “go to the emergency room for pain” (I guess I must have been blessed with really good doctors previously because they would address the problems over the phone) but I’m wondering, did anyone go through severe pain that you couldn’t walk and it hurt to move your abdomen the first week?

    Pain should decrease not increases over time. If the Dr says go to the ER, it's probably best to go to the ER. Perhaps there isn't much they can do over the phone because of the state of things but the ER can perform diagnostic testing quicker than if you wait for a regular appointment

    Get well soon ♥️

  6. 10 minutes ago, Digidoll said:

    That's true, makes it way less daunting! I've actually started counting my calories and I'm actually staying at 1049 calories a day. And I'm starting the whole intermittent fasting thing from 8pm until noon the next day. I will definitely keep you posted! This app is so wonderful, I'm making so many new friends here😁

    I can attest that intermittent fasting really WORKS. Whenever I need to shed Water weight it's what I do

  7. So true...

    Body Dysmorphia is a terrible thing. I certainly have a very dysmorphic view of myself despite all the changes (and there have been many especially ones I paid for) and it feels like nothing changes it I have no idea what to do.

    Imposter syndrome is one I don't hear a lot of people admitting. Feeling that you've accomplished something, but you really didn't do much at all or it wasn't such a big accomplishment because it came a little too easily or the accomplishment isn't worthy of praise.

    Stay strong everyone.

  8. I also did not experience those symptoms when I had heartburn/GERD.

    It was more choking on stomach content/acids, coughing with tightening of the throat and stomach, burning throat, constant stomach churning.

    I hope your PCP can find the problem and it's an easy solution

    Good Luck ♥️

  9. Echoing other posters, I have all of the "healthy/protein junk food" in moderation (right along with occasional regular junk foods if we're being honest but I'm 3 yrs out of my original WLS 💁🏾‍♀️)

    They're easy for times when I'm not home and still want to control my food narrative instead of eating whatever I can find. They also tend to be sliders so there is that element to factor in but work the plan that will get you to your goals.

  10. 2 hours ago, Sophie7713 said:

    Happiest Thanksgiving to you and yours! This was our late afternoon feast with lemon thyme cranberry roasted turkey thighs; cauliflower rice stuffing; maple sage butter drizzled butternut squash medallions; traditional green beans; cranberry scones for hub's dessert. Ate about 2 ½ oz. of thigh without skin with ⅓ cup serving spoon size of each side dish + squash slice.








    Are those scones?

  11. 8 hours ago, abiebaby said:

    I'm only only 5 months post op (sleeve), but I had to post this! HW 308, SW 288, and current weight 198! Yes!!! I've made it to onederland!

    I know I haven't had as much to lose as some others might have, but this is really exciting! Haven't been this weight since I was 14! It's been a hard road, and it ain't over yet (well, it never will be, really), but it's great to finally be here!

    Plenty of NSVs along the way! No more meds for blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides. No more snoring at night. Went from a tight size 44 waist to a loose 34.

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  12. 3 hours ago, Starwarsandcupcakes said:

    In my defense I was a stay at home mom and I’ve spent a lot of time in kitchens (both professional and home) so it looks super complex but usually only took about 5 minutes most days while yelling to brush teeth or put shoes on. 😂

    No need to defend but now you'll have to be my mommy because I want bento box love 😂

  13. On 11/24/2020 at 1:58 AM, Bobbifaces said:

    I am having the biggest problem getting the motivation to exercise. I have no energy to do so. I am 3 weeks post op and have only lost 12 lbs. I feel defective and like the surgery may not work as well on me. I also get cravings like crazy on some days. Idk, I really hope I turn things around.

    Rest up, you've earned it!

    Your energy will return in time ♥️