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  1. I will start purées July 20. On the 27, I will be taking a quick 3 day family trip about 5.5 hours from home. I will be able to pack a cooler but no freezer and no way to warm cold/frozen pre-prepped things. I'm going to be sick of shakes and yogurts (probably). Any suggestions for these days? I've read people getting soup at Panera. Any other "to-go" options? Thanks in advance!!
  2. I had surgery on the 5th. Came home yesterday. Minimal pain from the actual surgery. Went to bed and woke up around 2am with horrible pain in both of my forearms. I had elevated the head of my bed so I'm not sure if it was due to that or not. Anyway, I had to get up and I walked while bending arms up and down hoping to get some blood flow going. Both arms feel warm especially close to my wrist. I had my hubby massage them before I got any relief. Had to take pain meds to be able to go back to sleep. Woke up this morning and they are better but still hurt. Put a call in to the nurse so just waiting on a call back. Anyone else experience this??
  3. As I sit here in my car, waiting to have my meds filled that I forgot about, I'm filled with so many emotions. I'm scared, nervous, excited, happy, tired, worried, thankful......

    ** note to others that has to do clear liquids the day before --- get house chores done BEFORE this day!! 😳 I'm washing everyone's sheets and just getting caught up on laundry period and I'm exhausted!! I've had broth for breakfast YUMMY, sugar free popsicle that I almost had to fight my son for, and now I'm drinking a G2 hoping to get a little energy **

    I have been on this journey since December and it's almost here. I cannot believe it. I have to be at the hospital in 19 hours. I'm guessing they will start surgery 2 hours later. So in 21 hours, I begin my new life. A life I've wondered if I'd ever have again.

    Loving food has made me hate my body both physically and mentally. I cannot stand to look in a mirror. I hate to have my pic taken. I've missed out of being in pics with my kids as they've grown up and it stinks!!! I hurt constantly. I'm looking forward to no pain and being able to buy clothes that are cute and not that "just fit". But most of all I'm looking forward to loving my life again!! 


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      Omg this sounds like my life! I am two weeks post op and have 5 older kids 17,18,20,21,and 27 who are meant to be helping me and they are just l lazy so I feel your pain! On the other hand you are about to start your new life and although I'm sick of fluids I have lost nearly 10 kg in 3 weeks so already feel better and am looking forward to the future! Good luck with your op xx

    4. Sweet as peaches

      Sweet as peaches

      Don't worry ladies. Once you are able to do things for yourself watch how everyone around you change. My eldest daughter is like that and once you start gaining strength and momentum it will all be a distant memory. Here is to new adventures and passions.

  4. A.Better.Me

    Anger and agitation

    I've had 3 of 4 friends that's had the VSG tell me they drink coffee everyday. I think they all put some kind of protein powder in them too. I don't like coffee so I didnt ask many questions regarding it. I would think it would be fine to drink a cup in the morning since it's not your main source of liquid intake.
  5. A.Better.Me

    What should be my goal weight?

    I've been wondering this too for myself. I'm 5'5.5". My first goal is 160. I haven't been that since 1999. I thought I was "fat" then. Looking at pics, I'd be super happy just to be 180. But according to BMIs, I need to be under 150. I don't want to hear people saying "you do t need to loose anymore weight" "you're so skinny" I dont tell people that who have been that since their whole lives. I wonder if people look at those that have been overweight when they loose down to a low number, that's it's hard for them to actually see that person that size?? Does that make sense? We are so use to being seen as big. So when the weight does come off, people don't associate us with being small. Anyway, 160 is my goal. We shall see....
  6. My surgery date is July 5. I need to go ahead and buy my daily vitamin, calcium vitamin, and some protein powder. What brands/flavors do most of y'all prefer? My NUT has recommended powder brands Unjury, Isopure, Inspire, or Nectar. And where do y'all order it from? Thanks in advance and sorry if there's already a post about this. I may not have scrolled far enough to find one.
  7. A.Better.Me


    Oh noooooo!! I didn't have proof of my BMI for the required 2 years since I didnt have a PCP. My Surgeons office knew that up front and told me that my insurance co would accept pics from 2014-2015. Just had to have my new PCP write a letter on her letterhead that identified me in the pics and saying that I looked to be the same weight during the pics as I currently weigh. I started in Dec also. After my last visit the beginning of June, it was initially denied but they told me it would be. They just got online and submitted the pics and letter and I was approved within a week. I would probably call either the surgeons office and talk to their part of the office that files all the paperwork for insurance or just call your insurance company directly and see what another option is since you don't have proof for 2015. They may accept a pic as well. I have BCBS Alabama PEEHIP. Good luck!!
  8. A.Better.Me


    💁🏻 I'm pretty sure I've gained a few. I'm just eating knowing that I'll never be able to eat like this again UGH!!! It's made me feel bad so I've stared back with a breakfast protein shake and trying to lighten up lunch and dinner. But I'm already trying to plan a big lunch with friends for the day before I go on liquids and planning a huge cookout that night as my "last meal" 😔
  9. A.Better.Me


    We are almost twins!!! Hope you have an awesome birthday!!! Let's keep in touch!
  10. A.Better.Me


    July 5. No preop other than the day before which means no July 4th cookout 😩 My bday is the 8th so I guess I will just have to celebrate early. Best birthday present I could ever have!!!!
  11. A.Better.Me

    Bmi of 34 how to proceed?

    My insurance required 2 years of weight history from my PCP. I'm fairly healthy and have not had a PCP for a lot longer than that. So their next option was for me to submit 2 years of pictures and have my current PCP identify me in the pics and have her write a letter stating I look to be the same weight that I currently am now. I started my required 6 months in Dec. I finished my last appt on June 1. They submitted to insurance on june 5. It was denied automatically due to no PCP weight history. Dr office resubmitted with pics and I was approved in 1 week. I also had to maintain a BMI of 40. That was the lowest I could go. If I would have had OSA, I think my BMI could have been lower for approval. Best of luck!!
  12. A.Better.Me

    July 2017 Surgery Group

    Well...I have a BMI of 40. That's my DRs threshold for surgery. So he said I only have to be on liquids for 24 hours prior to surgery. But I started yesterday trying to cut back. I don't feel like I'm as prepared as I should be. Because of my BMI, I could not fall under 244# or my insurance would deny me and I would have had to start the entire process over again that I started in Dec. so I've had to continue with my bad eating just to maintain. Now I feel unprepared. I have 4 kids and I haven't practiced cooking the good stuff much so my whole house is diving head first into this process. I've failed for the last 15 years trying to loose so I'm just freaking out that I won't do good with this. How's your preop??
  13. A.Better.Me

    July 2017 Surgery Group

    8 more days!! 🎉
  14. A.Better.Me

    July Sleevers!!!

    I'm new here. 💁🏻 July 5th is my date too. It's been a LONG process. I'm so so so excited and nervous at the same time. Good luck to you!!

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