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  1. it could be my sugar intake and I have to exercise more even though its a tool you have to stay on top of it and watch everything that goes in your mouth I will go back to the basic and see what happens
  2. I am 80 pounds down my surgery date was 8/24 but I just cant get the last 20 pounds off is there something more I should be doing getting kind of annoyed I want to shed these last 20 pounds any ideas or suggestions?
  3. Anyone else sleeved 8/24 and whats your pounds lost?
  4. you all are doing such n amazing job WTG!!!!
  5. Great you are on your way good job!!!!
  6. oh ok REset!!!! that always work
  7. krandall

    Any Jersey sleevers??

    GM the surgery went well I have lost 41 pounds thus far its been five weeks yes its has been a lot to get use to but im making it lol
  8. krandall

    Any Jersey sleevers??

  9. krandall

    Any Jersey sleevers??

    that's cool im 5 weeks post op and everything is going well good luck and we could share ideas and stories :}
  10. krandall

    Any Jersey sleevers??

    im in Bergen County
  11. Sleeved 8/24 got a iud put in and I'm starving but can't anything is anyone else going threw this?
  12. Has anyone started exercising? Besides walking
  13. Hello I just got sleeved 8/24 and I am also an emotional eater I am still on liquids and find myself wanting and craving food at that point I get an ice pop(sugar free) and just eat it if that doesn't work I go for a walk drink water and it really helps please continue to see the therapist because the surgeon only fixes your stomach not your addiction the struggle can be real
  14. I'm post op day 12 should I be taking vitamins
  15. krandall

    So excited

    You. Look awesome [emoji1437][emoji1437][emoji1437]
  16. Hello all had mine surgery 24th still on protein can't wait to try something new lost 21 pounds thus far I'm keeping on keeping got a little discourage but I'm focused
  17. Lucky you keep up the good work#imstruggling
  18. Wow 8/24 and I could only do 2 sips at a time and sometimes it feels as it's too much
  19. krandall

    Nj sleevers

    Thanks I hope it gets better for you
  20. krandall

    Nj sleevers

    Hello maybe your taking a gulp and not a sip that was happening to me I starting taking little sips and it worked I'm on day 4 post op
  21. krandall

    Any August 2017 Sleevers?

    Thank you cause I was getting discouraged I'm on a clear liquid stage one I shouldn't be craving but I know everyone is different I will push forward Thanks
  22. krandall

    Nerve pain

    Hello I was sleeved on the 24th wat are your experiences now post op?
  23. krandall

    Any August 2017 Sleevers?

    Hello I got sleeved on the 24th and just today started having cravings I really had to go for a walk when I started feeling like this it's been a journey for me How could this be is this normal?
  24. krandall

    Aug 25 Post Op Update

    I have been sipping all day I also had a sugar free ice pop half. That really helps haven't started my protein till I go for my one week post op

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