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  1. Anyone have experience with Dr Ponce De Leon ?
  2. JTHmom

    Eating & Drinking Schedule?

    Thank you for posting this meal plan
  3. I paid my deposit with Dr Illian for November and Ive had a few links sent to me by concerned family etc... that there advising no travel to areas in Mexico and Tijuana is on the list due to an to uprise in Violence w gangs shooting in the streets . How was your experience? I'm getting stressed out
  4. Bariatric pal is working with a plastic surgeon now Dr Alejandro Galvez you can email Michelle@bariatricpal.com to get a quote and see his work
  5. JTHmom

    Band to sleeve success stories, please.

    How soon after surgery were you able to get all your protein in? And how do you get in all in in a day your water and protein if we can only eat a Small amount ?im scheduled for sleeve in November trying to get in all this info
  6. JTHmom

    Anyone still here?

    This last year i ended up with acid reflux and meds were not controlling it . I ended up w ulcers in my stomach and throat from the reflux so we emptied my band and still had reflux so the only thing to do was remove it . I dont qualify for another WLS as my BMI is to low so im going to Mexico for the sleeve in November . I know i need a tool or i will gain all my weight back and i worked to hard to get it off
  7. JTHmom

    Anyone still here?

    I did well for 10 years but just had band removed 6 weeks ago trying to decide what to do next surgery with sleeve or try it on my own
  8. thank you For the info I really appreciate it
  9. Took my daughter 20 minutes you get to use the medical lanes My friend said it took her close to 1.5 hours to get across
  10. Has any body used Dr Francisco Zavlza with Go Light bariatrics? also has anyone with the sleeve had to have their gallbladder removed?
  11. JTHmom

    Eating & Drinking Schedule?

    Thank you for posting this meal plan it is very helpful
  12. You look amazing !!!!! I think at some point we all go through this fear I know I did when I had lap band 10 years ago! i just had to have the band removed last month and I wake up in the middle of the night in tears that I will gain my weight back . you have a lot of support on her with people going through the same feelings as you are
  13. I know exactly how you feel we have come to far to go backwards
  14. JTHmom

    "Worst slip I've ever seen" - Dr.

    I was banded in 2006 had my band removed last month due to the last year having horrible acid reflux that caused ulcers in my throat and stomach i went for my check up and have gained 2 pounds which isn't to bad so I'm looking into weight watchers to see how I do as I know I need a tool so if I can't keep weight off ill look at getting sleeved . I was devastated losing my band. I also have a few friends who have had their bands slip its not uncommon
  15. I had my band removed last month having been banded 10 years losing 120 lbs and I feel the same as you I research the sleeve then think I can do this then I'm back to sleeve right now I'm looking at weight watchers as i need to wait 3 months after band removal before sleeve and ill see how i do if i need a tool i will get the sleeve:) but i am scared to death
  16. JTHmom

    Go Light Bariatrics

    I had my lap band removed last month exploring doctors to do possible sleeve . A nurse @ my doctors office today for my band removal check up had told me you should have your gallbladder removed during your sleeve or you will end up with problems so I'm curious as this is the first I've ever heard of it
  17. How much does he charge for a arm lift? I have a lot of work that needs to be done Im curious what i need to put away to have it done
  18. I didn't see any packages on her on her web page . Does she discuss them when you discuss what you want
  19. How much does something like this cost ? It sounds like everything I need
  20. JTHmom

    Mexico Location's - Please Help

    Im glad you are doing so well
  21. JTHmom

    Mexico Location's - Please Help

    How are you doing with your surgery?
  22. JTHmom

    How much was you self-pay ?

    Do you Have the contact info or web page I can look at. Still trying to figure out what I'm Going to do I just had my band removed 5 days ago
  23. Had my band removed yesterday because of some issues I was banded 10 years . I'm considering the sleeve my doctor wants me to heal 3 months before i do that and ill have to self pay in Mexico as my insurance won't cover it my BMI is to low and I'm not considered obese anymore. stressed and trying to figure out whats best for me some of my family keeps telling me you can do it on your own without surgery so frustrated and sad right now
  24. My daughter had the sleeve done in Mexico and her doctor told her she should get the cocktail and he does them for himself quite often.