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  1. I'm open for the 6th or 7th. Guess when I mentioned meeting during lunch I forgot to mention my lunch is at 7pm :-P just let me know what works best for everyone. I'm flexible
  2. I'm open for the 6th or 7th. Guess when I mentioned meeting during lunch I forgot to mention my lunch is at 7pm :-P just let me know what works best for everyone. I'm flexible
  3. Or any day during the week. I work fairly close to RR and could probably swing some extra time off with my lunch to meet everyone
  4. Are you guys available next Sunday (the 17th)? Or maybe April 7th??
  5. I've heard the roads are pretty good.... so far. Hopefully things will have settled down by tomorrow. If you guys decide to cancel, please send me a text if you can (I will be at work.... took time off to meet up) at 734-395-0548. If we have to cancel maybe we can set up something again in the next month or so?? Would love to get together before my surgery (April 10). Either way, hope everyone stays safe and warm
  6. Hey, Anyone out there still reading this thread? Stephanie, Dan, Theresa, Nora? Anyone???
  7. A few months ago I went to preop classes w my friend who is having bypass next week. They said one of the good things durng mushies is well blended Wendys chili. Has anyone heard/tried this??? I am sooo excited about going to mushies tomorrow..I can barely stand myself
  8. KayleighsMommy

    Time In Hospital?

    I was pretty much the same as everyone else.. 2 days. In on Tuesday, out on Thursday. As long as there are no complications (and I'm sure we are all hoping that is the case) you should plan on 2 days.... 4 if you have to arrange care for your kids. Oh Yeah, and congrats on your decision on surgery and good luck!!!!!
  9. ..... but I think I my body might have finally "got it". I am nearly 5 months post op and up until tthe last month or so I have been so frustrated and discouraged. My weight loss is still lower where I want it to be, I am 21 weeks out (147 days) and down 34.3 pounds since my day of surgery. 14 pounds of that on the last 40 days or so. I actually lost 3.2 in the last 8 days!!! I still have a long way to go, and I know that weight loss starts slowing down a bit at around 6 months (Yikes). Since I started out so slow (20 pounds in the first nearly 4 months). I am hoping that will not be the case for me. I am just happy to see the scale, or, in my case, Wii go down. (I had my hubby hide the scale, and have felt much better since then. Even though I weigh myself every day or 3 I am no longer obsessesd with the number any more.) What a relief!!!
  10. KayleighsMommy

    Gallbladder Problems After Gbp

    I haven't had this problem (had my gb out long before my weight loss surgery) However, I know it is quite common to lose your gb after losing weight (not just surgically, any weight loss can cause it) I'm sorry you are having food issues with this. Hoping you feel better soon.
  11. KayleighsMommy


    Welcome to rnytalk!!! Also, congrats on your decision to make a change to your life. I know it's scary, but I know you will do well Any questions or concerns please feel free to ask.
  12. KayleighsMommy

    Toooooo Tensed

    Best of luck!!
  13. KayleighsMommy

    Back In The Hospital

    So sorry you are having problems now. Hoping everything is fine on the endoscopy tomorrow and you are home soon. Please let us know how you are doing/
  14. KayleighsMommy

    Little Lost

    There is no list of tests needed. Every surgeon has different rules, ideas and tests he wants done. Some need X-rays, an EGD, chest X-ray, psychologist visits, etc. Some do not. I guess that is what drives me the most crazy. No continuity. You can talk to 10 different surgeons and get 10 different opinions on everything from pre-op testing, to pre-op diets to post op diets. Sadly, the only one who will be able to tell you what tests you need beforehand is your surgeon.
  15. KayleighsMommy

    Little Lost

    Guess I never thought of it that way, but you are absolutely correct Panda. No offense taken here....
  16. KayleighsMommy

    Weightloss Plateau...

    I hear ya. I asked my husband to hide the scale 3 nights in a row. 3 mornings in a row it was still there. Finally I told him "I'm gonna throw that lying piece of electronic crap off the deck" His reply??? "Just don't step on it" Really????????? If I could have stopped on my own I would have. Now it's hidden. And I feel better.
  17. KayleighsMommy

    Complications 10 Days Out

    I'm so sorry you are miserable right now. But no PE is a good thing!! Hoping you are better soon.
  18. KayleighsMommy

    Weightloss Plateau...

    Yes, you should!!!! I was driving myself crazy about my weight. I actually left a support group in tears because I was not losing and I was getting so depressed sitting and listening to people happy about how well they were doing. I had my husband hide the scale, and I can't begin to tell you how much better I feel. What a relief!!!! I still am not losing any better, but at least the mental anguish and feelings of failure are gone.
  19. KayleighsMommy

    Complications 10 Days Out

    Going by my own experience it does sound like a P.E. (though I am hoping not). If it is, you are the best place you can be and I'm sure will be fine. Please post when you find out.
  20. KayleighsMommy


    Thinking of Christina, and sending my prayers
  21. KayleighsMommy

    Made It!

    Good for you!! I know it is hard, but just keep your eye on the prize
  22. KayleighsMommy


    CONGRATS AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!!! I'm sure you will all do fine.
  23. KayleighsMommy

    Weightloss Plateau...

    I know it is frustrating, but plateaus do and will happen. You have averaged nearly 6 pounds a week so far. Your body is just saying "Hey... let me catch up" How many calories are you eating a day? Are you getting your protein and water?
  24. KayleighsMommy

    Little Lost

    feel free to email me too at kayleigh.n.me@gmail.com I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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