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  1. HI everyone

    there has been some talk about "falling of the wagon" I get that... we are all human. Having said that...I don't know all the different programs all of you went through for pre and post surgeries but mine was a year long and then some with a psychologist and nutritionists and doctors/surgeons  and the same post... a five year program.

    One thing all of them mentioned is that "this is not magic surgery" you are not going to be able to eat everything and anything you want post surgery. This must be understood!!!!

    There will be some foods you ate before you will never eat again. You must understand this !!!!! This is not "get out of jail" for free card.!!!!  You will and always have to watch what you eat. Therefore you and only you are responsible for the results of your surgery. 

    This message was pressed into our heads  again and again.   

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    2. Jeffrey Stern

      Jeffrey Stern

      I know it is very difficult for some people and easy to fall of the wagon. I've said it before... food is like an addiction. Some people turn to drugs, alcohol and some to food. I myself was one. This seems to be an on going theme with some people. However like drugs and alcohol they say you must admit to yourself you have a problem and hit bottom before you can get help. My bottom was being 325 lbs and gaining with health issues (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, back pain) find clothes to wear.

      My surgery was covered by the government ( you had to have three medical issues to qualify for the surgery.. high blood pressure, high cholesterol and of course the queen of all ...type 2 diabetes... so yes I'm lucky in that ...I could never be able to afford the surgery on my own ). Now my blood pressure is better and my cholesterol is better and of course my diabetes is better I was taking upwards of 60 units of insulin a day ( my sugar levels were in the high teens and low twenties now they are in the single digits between 5.7 and 7 ) plus metformin. Now I have no longer to take insulin.

      I'm not saying it's easy.. however I made a conscious decision and speaking with my doctor to have the surgery after a significant weight gain ( turning to food for depression).

      I did say one thing before the surgery... I'm not going to fail this... I've hit my rock bottom. (like so many other things in my life) I'm not going to go through all this and not succeed. I needed a good kick in the butt.

      I guess what I'm saying after all this, It is a life altering change and being mentally prepared is just as important as the surgery.

      Good health and prosper ;)

    3. PAstudent


      I'm really happy for you! Putting your diabetes in remission is huge! Good luck to you man.

    4. Greensleevie


      Once again, the guy who is 3 months post op thinks he has all the answers.


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