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  1. Hello all...

    On May 1st. 2018 it will be one year since my Roux-en-Y...gastric bypass..surgery. I had met my goal weight by the end of 2017...I have been able to maintain it since. It was the best thing I have done in my life. I had an easy recovery...(that's me..not everyone does). I did have some issues with "dumping" on occasion, that was the worst of it... ( but not many times)..but have done away with that issue..learning how to eat again..helps the situation.

    I started my surgery with a 50 inch waist..and am now at a 34-36 inches (depending on the pants)..LOL. I started my surgery wearing a 4XL shirt and now wearing.. L-XL (depending on the shirt). It is so nice to walk into any men's fashion/clothing store and be able to pick something off the rack and buy it. NO MORE !!!!! big and fat stores for me !!!!!!  LOL People don't recognize me and tell me how great I look. WOW !!!...great for my ego !!!...LOL LOL LOL. I do have some flabby skin issues..and hope by weight lifting or have some surgery to deal with that..but my doctor says I should wait at least another year..in case I lose more weight.  

    I feel fantastic !!! I am turning 58 yrs old on July 26 th and feel and act 25 yrs.... well maybe 35 yrs. lol lol lol. I wanted to see my 60th B-Day. I have lot's of energy..and have a whole new life. I started my surgery with type 2 diabetes... that was out of control and living on Insulin...I had high Cholesterol and high Blood Pressure..both for which I took medication to control. I no longer take Insulin nor medication for High Blood/Cholesterol. Medication free...yippy !!!! I suffered from Arthritis in my knees and ankles and was popping Type 3 Tylenol like it was candy. It did nothing. No more of that **** !!! LOL. My Doctor is doing cartwheels he's so happy for me !

    I am eating healthier than I have in my whole life...I personally have made some serious food eating decisions. I "DON'T" eat white bread, pasta, rice. I eat alternatives. I eat "Gluten free" foods...mostly, well I try !!! lol lol lol . I don't eat enough to worry about calorie counting..I eat by portions...so that's not an issue. I eat a variety of legumes (beans). I eat lot's and lot's and lot's of fruits and vegetables. I am trying to..slowly (yeah not easy) to become a vegetarian. There is so much healthy, good and nutritious food to eat. Without feeling you are depriving yourself. I read labels and mostly buy low fat and fat free items. BUT YOU MUST WATCH FOR SUGAR AND SODIUM CONTENT OR IT'S FUTILE...I have even splurged and had some small nibbles of "junk food" ..chocolate, ice cream, cake, on a special occasion..but look you only live once and once it's out of your system, you get back on track.  I stay away from..and never will go back to fast food or anything battered and deep fried !!!!!!! No burgers, fries, pizza !!! there are alternatives for that. I do admit; I miss "Fish and Chips"..wwwaaaa!!!!!. Look there are websites and blogs out there to guide and help you with all kinds of recipes. 

    The only thing  I can say is this (I'm not preaching) ...everyone is different. What's good for me may not be good for someone else. You must really want ..want ...want.. to be a better you !!!! It's will power.!!! 

    I am happier than I have been in a very long time...I was an emotional eater ..like many of you. Like they say food can't give you happiness...only you have the power to be happy and healthy.

    I hope this maybe inspiring for someone...I can only "wish you the best" on your adventure and eat healthy and be strong the outcome is near and it will reward you in so many ways.

    ALL THE BEST !!!!22528257_1313341592127518_8132736741614246919_n.thumb.jpg.54e66b1af55ca9139db3e373b1dac482.jpg



    1. jules1


      Hi Jeffrey, reading about you made me feel much more positive. I am on my preop diet and I think it does make you dread about not being able to enjoy food again. You sound so positive and excited about good wholesome and healthy food that it reminded me not to feel down as I love all that food also and avoiding fish and chips etc shouldn't be a big deal.

      It was good to hear about your diabetes as I had gestational twice and was having 3 injections a day, hypo's + worrying about eating all the time etc.

      i also have hip dysplagia so I am hoping losing weight takes a lot of my pain away again and I'm able to be more active with my kids.

      anyway seeing your lovely photo has made me want to get out in the fresh air and sunshine with kids(I'm in Australia so it's morning here🙂) thanks for the motivation and enthusiasm.

    2. Jeffrey Stern

      Jeffrey Stern

      Hi Jules

      I joined this forum a few weeks after my surgery last year. I had a very bad experience with some folks on the site telling me because I was a so called newbie at this Bariatric program. I knew nothing of what I spoke. I would be tempted again, by all the bad foods and that I would fall of the so called "wagon". I would start to regain my weight after a year. Well if that didn't give me more incentive to prove them wrong ..nothing would. I didn't have this invasive surgery for anyone but myself. I really needed to take control of my life again. The health issues I was having were more con than pro. I can only speak for myself, and I'm not preaching. However the best decision I ever made in my life...and I've made some pretty dumb stupid decisions in the past. wwwaaaa!!! LOL

      I have become a new person and feel terrific. I wanted to see my 60th B-Day and the way my health was going..that wasn't going to happen especially with the type 2 diabetesarrow-10x10.png. I was afraid of losing a limb due to it. Living on a daily bases with the pain agony was getting unbearable.

      I guess what I'm trying to say..is that you must take control, mind over matter and will power is all important. I eat better than ever. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. I have treats once in a while..I have learnt all kinds of tricks and food hacks to take care of those little cravings from time to time...don't need to feel discouraged ever.

      I love going for walks and am very envious that you live in such a climate like Australia...try the cold and snow and ice of the frozen north in Canada...lol. It means a lot of snowbound days during the winter months and feeling like yeah a nice bag of potato chips and some sweet dessert would be great right now just to get through this horrid weather. LOL LOL LOL

      I know you will do great. As well you have little ones who need a mommy to run and play with for a very long time. Like I mentioned there are so many alternatives nowadays to healthy eating... not just eating carrot sticks and celery...like a rabbit...lol

      good luck and good health..


  2. I just want to give a New Year update...

    I  don't deal with this site any longer..'cause of all the drama from a few people on it...however I have reached my goal weight 185 lbs..from my surgery in May 1st.

    I am holding well had my six month follow ups with the dietitians...surgeons... nurse practitioner..it's all good... ......even after the holidays...and yes I even indulged a little...A LITTLE !!!...the secret. I enjoyed "SOME" pasta (1/2 A CUP)...chocolate, cookies and even a small piece of cake or two..you only live once..it's called self control....right !?

    I am eating healthier than when I was in my twenties..and am enjoying it...NO ****.!!!!

    I have whole new wardrobe..from a 50 inch waist now at a 36 inch waist and I'm wearing "skinny jeans"....from 4 XXL shirts to XL-L size shirts..

    it's all good..

    1. MowryRocks


      I'm happy to read of your success!

  3. I really don't know why I'm here...I don't like this forum ( and some of the people). However I will update after being gone for some time.

    I hope this will encourage some one who is feeling down. I am at a 100lbs loss since May 1st. I am eating well and feeling great. My sugar levels from diabetes 2 is at perfect level. My doctor has taken me off insulin ( I use to take 60 plus units a day) and I only take metformin twice daily. My doctor has also taken me off ramipril (for high blood pressure). My arthritic pain in my joints is non existent. I have gone from a 50 inch pant size to a 40 almost 38 inch pant waist. I was wearing a 4xL shirt size and now XL.

    I am eating healthy foods...veggies, fruit, legumes, protein and have stayed away from processed carbs and gluten such as bread, pasta, rice.  All this is because I have the WILL TO WIN  !!!!! (hear that people that's the ticket !!!! MIND OVER MATTER !!!) Of course NO sugar. except the odd DQ ice cream cone ( I don't eat the cone and maybe half the ice cream)...(you only live once LOL). All my vitamin and mineral levels are good (my B12 was a little high so I cut back on that vitamin.) have had numerous blood work done.  I have had two visits with a Nutritionist and Nurse practitioner as a three month follow up since surgery both are pleased with my outcome. Next month I will see the surgeon as a follow up.   

    For exercise : I walk as much as I can EVERYWHERE !!!! ride my bike occasionally. I also do some muscle training (at home) to firm up.

    Listen people I don't pretend to have all the answers...(like some people) I know whats good for ME and with the help from the medical staff. Everyone is different !!! Don't get discouraged and hating. I can only say ...you must know yourself and your body and limitations. again MIND OVER MATTER !!!

    DO NOT ..I repeat..DO NOT  respond to my status update submission as I don't want to hear from anyone...positive or NEGATIVE !? (I don't efing care ...got it!!! ) I only hope to help or encourage someone having a difficult time. After all isn't it why we are here to be supportive....and NOT HATING !!!   

  4. I've been silent for a few days...I really don't want this to go any further than it has (this is far too stressful and not good for my HEALING AND HEALTH) ... however...This is a reminder of (below) the very first message Greensleevie sent me. I had never spoken to her before this... the tone in this message is angry...and calling someone IMMATURE is not an insult ? and name calling ??? (BULLY) . I never said I had anything figured out...but I do have a mind and I have done the research to make my own (with the help of the medical staff at the hospital) to make my own decisions. Just because she has crowned herself the queen of bariatric surgery..all hail the queen. No one else is allowed an opinion especially on there own recovery and outlook on health....very sad. Everyone is different and everyone recovers differently. Not to mention I had the bypass not the sleeve that alone will tell you the difference in outcomes.

    I have actually been scolded by Alex Brecher ( founder ???)  not to mention someone called Outsidematchinside ( another someone of royalty) ??? 

    I thank all those who have supported and been kind to me ...however I am going to delete my account here with Bariatric Pal (the monarchy has put a bad taste in my mouth) :75_skull::75_skull::75_skull:

    Oh does anyone know how to delete this account  (I'm not very tech savvy) ...maybe Mr. Brecher can help me...??? 


    DIRECT QUOTE :::****Yup. I remember thinking I had it all together, too. It's easy when you're not hungry and the weight is falling off effortlessly.


    Glad you have this ALL figured out at a whole 2 months post op.

    I never understood how people presume to know what the future holds when they have no idea what challenges lie ahead? How immature.

    Are we saying you're absolutely going to be one of the almost 50% of people who are going to gain some or all of their weight back? No. We are saying to KEEP that from happening, you need to be aware of the pitfalls to PREVENT it from happening.

    You no more know what's going happen 3 years down the road at 3 months post op as I do 6 years down the road at 3.5 years post op. You can at least admit that, right?*****END QUOTE:::




    1. PAstudent


      Unfortunately, it doesn't look like you can:

      Also, I know advice coming from a 21 year old probably won't be given any credence, but perhaps assuming the best in others and having a positive and humble outlook would help with your healing process. It would definitely help with stress levels, reducing cortisol levels in your system. If you decide to continue to participate in this forum, a humble and positive attitude and a thicker skin would also really help in terms of interacting with others. We're all here to learn and lean on each other when things get tough, it'd be nice to think of the members of this site as a family. Please don't assume every comment that doesn't praise you is malicious. Some people might just use a different tone when writing.

      I legitimately think Greensleevie was coming from a place of good and trying to help you in the comment quoted. Perhaps the tone wasn't particularly pleasant, but let's look at what she's actually saying: we should be humble (weight loss is relatively easy right now because we're so fresh out of surgery, we also don't know what struggles lie ahead), she's asking you to be cognizant of the fact that a large number of people do gain some weight back and she doesn't want you to be one of them, finally, she admits that she also doesn't know what happens down the road for her just like you don't know what happens in your future. The vets on here have experienced everything we're going through. It would be wise to learn from their mistakes and successes.

    2. Sherrie Scharbrough

      Sherrie Scharbrough

      Hi YA, I didn't get in on any of this but...I have had the wrath of a few of the other members. It doesn't feel right to me. Yes we learn from each other and should always be kind and offer the upmost support!! But at the same time watch how we word things so noone gets their feelings trumply on!! The time I mentioned things did get a little out of hand. Over something that I will use now and beyond today!! So hold your head up and stay here with us. If things come up again you have every right to post your feelings and not get dragged down the rabbit hole. Sorry this happened to you. Keep on keeping on!!

    3. Greensleevie


      Dude. Really?

      You're going to flounce because someone you don't know on an internet forum told you that you may not have all the answers as a newbie?

      Don't give it a second thought and just move on. Don't be so thin skinned. It's an internet forum, and not everyone is going to agree. And guess what? That's okay! Most of us here are big boys and girls and we can handle it.

  5. It seems I've hit raw nerve with Greensleevie. According to her everyone fails at the bariatric surgery no matter what. And only she knows better because she has experience so all the doctors and nutritionists and all the programs that the hospital has put me through to make sure I do have a successful outcome are full of crap because Greensleevie says so. 

     So what is the point of going through all this if there is no hope for a successful outcome.  According to her I don't have the will to have a good outcome. I MUST FAIL and she says so. Weeee ...here goes a very sad and depressing road to no where. So if she fails or has a hard go of it...than everyone else must follow suit. NO ONE can have a positive experience and have good and healthy life after bariatric surgery. Again what's the point of going through this ??? 

    I am told I'm immature and  I protest too much because I'm a "newbie" I don't get to say how I should live my life... I must be a moron.

    Any one out there looking for positive feedback or a good role-model or some positive reinforcement look some place else... this is sickening

    I have made a conscious decision to be the best and healthiest I can be. Why does that bother people. Too much negative feed back I must say good-bye this is very sad and I won't be a part of it.  

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    2. Greensleevie


      So he can call me out on a status update for all to see, but I'm not allowed to respond?

      I never personally attacked him. I was hypothetically pointing out the pitfalls of regain and bariatric surgery. He instantly personally attacks me and insists I said he and everyone else fails at this surgery. I said no such thing. Then he slams me in a status update, but I'm supposed to just let it go while he can continue to talk ****?

      I see a double standard here.

    3. MowryRocks


      @Greensleevie I think its completely appropriate to respond, but I think your response was borderline cruel. Regardless of your intent, you obviously hurt his feelings. Yes, he called you out publicly, which I don't necessarily agree with either, but publicly defending yourself and throwing it back in his face only proves his point.

      This is really all that was needed...

      "I never personally attacked him. I was hypothetically pointing out the pitfalls of regain and bariatric surgery. He instantly personally attacks me and insists I said he and everyone else fails at this surgery."

    4. Greensleevie


      Fair enough @MowryRocks. I agree.

  6. HI everyone

    there has been some talk about "falling of the wagon" I get that... we are all human. Having said that...I don't know all the different programs all of you went through for pre and post surgeries but mine was a year long and then some with a psychologist and nutritionists and doctors/surgeons  and the same post... a five year program.

    One thing all of them mentioned is that "this is not magic surgery" you are not going to be able to eat everything and anything you want post surgery. This must be understood!!!!

    There will be some foods you ate before you will never eat again. You must understand this !!!!! This is not "get out of jail" for free card.!!!!  You will and always have to watch what you eat. Therefore you and only you are responsible for the results of your surgery. 

    This message was pressed into our heads  again and again.   

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    2. Jeffrey Stern

      Jeffrey Stern

      I know it is very difficult for some people and easy to fall of the wagon. I've said it before... food is like an addiction. Some people turn to drugs, alcohol and some to food. I myself was one. This seems to be an on going theme with some people. However like drugs and alcohol they say you must admit to yourself you have a problem and hit bottom before you can get help. My bottom was being 325 lbs and gaining with health issues (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, back pain) find clothes to wear.

      My surgery was covered by the government ( you had to have three medical issues to qualify for the surgery.. high blood pressure, high cholesterol and of course the queen of all ...type 2 diabetes... so yes I'm lucky in that ...I could never be able to afford the surgery on my own ). Now my blood pressure is better and my cholesterol is better and of course my diabetes is better I was taking upwards of 60 units of insulin a day ( my sugar levels were in the high teens and low twenties now they are in the single digits between 5.7 and 7 ) plus metformin. Now I have no longer to take insulin.

      I'm not saying it's easy.. however I made a conscious decision and speaking with my doctor to have the surgery after a significant weight gain ( turning to food for depression).

      I did say one thing before the surgery... I'm not going to fail this... I've hit my rock bottom. (like so many other things in my life) I'm not going to go through all this and not succeed. I needed a good kick in the butt.

      I guess what I'm saying after all this, It is a life altering change and being mentally prepared is just as important as the surgery.

      Good health and prosper ;)

    3. PAstudent


      I'm really happy for you! Putting your diabetes in remission is huge! Good luck to you man.

    4. Greensleevie


      Once again, the guy who is 3 months post op thinks he has all the answers.


  7. Okay I need some tough love...I have lost a considerable amount of weight in 2 and a half months. I need to start firming up. I walk a lot however I really need motivation for excercising. I have a Pilates ball and skipping rope and even a rubber tension rope (you know for muscle and pec building) but can't get myself going. I HATE TO EXCERCISE !!!

    HELP !!!!!!:57_cry:

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    2. Meryline


      Take a look at youtube, there are so many great videos there to help you get motivated. Look for exercises that includes the items that you have. You can do this!

    3. Apple1


      I think you need to find the activity that you really enjoy doing that way you will be more likely to continue. I will list a few, swimming, running, bicycle, sports games, dancing, lifting weights, zumba, yoga,

      the list is endless.

      Give yourself a chance to like an activity. You will be a little sore when you first start so go slow. You may find after a couple of weeks you start to look forward to doing it.

    4. Jeffrey Stern

      Jeffrey Stern

      Thanks ya'll I did start to ride my bike... and was I sore the next day. I just needed a kick in the butt. I am just going to have to start excercising whether I like it or not.

  8. I am back on track after a few stale mates. I am having trouble finding clothes to wear at the rate I am losing. I don't want to keep going out to buy new stuff only for a month or less. :57_cry: such a problem I know. I do frequent second hand stores and the like.  I saw a couple of submissions about people falling off the wagon...stay strong and get back on. We're all human I have had a couple of falls for ice cream ( and I'm not such an ice cream lover ...go figure) .  But the devil made me do it  :72_imp: LOL !!

    1. Newme17


      I've decided to just wear what I've got for as long as I can. But I'm fortunate to wear exercise clothes (stretchy) to work if I want. I wear the same thing around the house and to church. But it is a little frustrating knowing I will need to get more later. I try to keep to inexpensive walmart/clearanced items for new things.

      Still have ice cream in the freezer...untouched. 😊

    2. ProudGrammy


      glad you are back on the right path. i went to thrift shops too. didn't want to spend a lot of money on something i would "out grow" keep your head and pants up. congrats on your 75 lb weight loss. good luck - kathy

  9. Well my weight loss is on vacation...lost 3lbs in the last couple weeks slow as molasses...and since I'm not eating anything (no appetite) it's really annoying.:angry: 

    1. Apple1


      It will pick up again just have patience. I know it is hard, but if you are on point with your eating and exercise it is just a normal stall. I have had a couple myself.

  10. Well I'm happy to report ,,,down to 255.. yippy ! 70 lbs to date.  I admittedly am not eating a whole lot. I have my few favourites and everytime I try something new I turn my nose. up at it. I am still avoiding anything carb/gluten related...My Nut. isn't to thrilled about that she says a little bit of carbs are good for you ...sorry as soon as I eat anything carb ie. bread... my blood sugar goes up. I have found some gluten free alternatives. As well if I feel like pasta I use a spaghetti squash just as good with sauce and cheese.

    when I started this journey I had a 48-50 inch pants waist now down to 42 inch and my shirts were a 4XXL now XXL is my new size.  

    I do get to buy some new clothes ( yippy I  finally get to shop at Old Navy ...love that store... cheap and cheerful) and donated a lot of my bigger stuff to a local used charity clothing/ and other stuff store. They also give you 30 % off if you buy something .

    1. Apple1


      That is awesome Jeffrey!!! I am like you, I stay away from a lot of carbs. My bs have never been better!!

    2. Newme17


      Nice work! I don't stay away from complex carbs. I purposely eat them. LOL and still doing well. :)

  11. So a while back I was asking about eating nuts for snack and got a good response . Then I came upon an article (now anything I read on line I take with a grain of salt) that does say eating certain nuts is good for the waist line. eg. Almonds,cashews and walnuts. This article also lists other foods that will help in that field such as tomatoes,oatmeal,meat/fish,eggs,olive oil,broccoli,avocado,berries,hot peppers, spinach and lastly green tea. I can honestly say I eat all these items and are mainly my daily diet...but the hot peppers. I would direct you to the site but can't find it. sorry

    any feed back ??

    1. Newme17


      Did you know a jalapeño has more vitamin c than 18 oranges??? A bunch of the older generation of a certain culture here eat jalapeños with their food, on the side! I love them too, but sometimes they can be bad for those who have acid reflux too/heartburn. Overall, they can be good for you.

      Those are all great foods to incorporate in a healthy diet. Berries for the antioxidants. Oatmeal for fiber. Olive oil and avocado for fats. Spinach and broccoli for iron and fiber. I've got to get in the habit of green tea though.....

    2. Jeffrey Stern

      Jeffrey Stern

      jalapeno are just far too hot for me...I use a Louisiana hot sauce or a few chili flakes for a little kick in my food.

      try to get into the green tea it's great (I think) I used to drink coffee now just the tea.

  12. Well it's about bloody time. I'm down a couple of pounds...257 lbs from 260 lbs after almost a month. 

    By the way does anyone snack on nuts like almonds or peanuts or cashews or sunflower seeds...I know there fattening but aren't they healthy fat ?

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    2. Navigating the Wilderness

      Navigating the Wilderness


      .....and noooo, the chia seeds aren't from those pet toys! HAHA!

      Actually that is exactly what they are. They used moistened seeds of chia (Salvia hispanica). Funny fact. Who would have thought you were feeding terra cotta figurines such healthy material.

    3. Newme17


      @Navigating the Wilderness Say what!? Seriously! Lol 😆 😂

    4. Jeffrey Stern

      Jeffrey Stern

      I thought so ...there couldn't be more than one kind of chia seeds in the world.

      Great now I'm a chia pet...LOL! LOL! somebody water me please !:P

  13. I want to scream...I am stuck at 260 lbs now for over a week almost two. I'd pull my hair out if I had any...LOL

    1. Apple1


      It is a stall... they suck I know. I have been bouncing back and forth between 189.5 and 190. whatever...lol... Change something up a little. More or less exercise, more or less calories.. and just wait it out. Don't step on the scale for a week. These are all tactics I plan on using.

    2. Jeffrey Stern

      Jeffrey Stern

      Thanks Apple1

      I think I need to step up the exercise. It can't be the food intake I'm barely eating as is.

  14. Kinda in a sluggish mode not eating a whole lot but not losing either ...a couple pounds in a week (sad):57_cry: 

  15. Okay I've been a bad bad boy....was in Niagara Falls today very hot and everyone was eating ice cream.  I had a small...small DQ vanilla cone (didn't eat the cone) today.It was sooo good and no dumping :P okay shoot me :57_cry:  I feel ssoooo guilty. However I've been such a good boy and worked so hard.  I also went to the outlet mall and bought myself a new denim jacket from Old Navy because I can find one in my size again.. hallelujah !!!

    1. Apple1


      I would say pick yourself up and start again. The problem is many people use a slip as an excuse to just go crazy and go off plan. Be careful because once you start with sugar it can be hard to stop.

    2. Jeffrey Stern

      Jeffrey Stern

      thanks Apple1

      you're right...it's out of my system now

    3. Newme17


      If you can help yourself, moderation is ok. So, if you ate that ice cream and didn't have any for a bit while after that, or even get other junk afterwards, then you've done a good job, in my opinion. It's easy to slip and go off plan like @Apple1 mentioned, but it can be nice to have a full fat ice cream periodically too. Just depends on your discipline.

      Hope you enjoyed it!!! And please no shame in eating it, okay.

  16. Does anyone eat popcorn...any good or bad experiences ?

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    2. Jeffrey Stern

      Jeffrey Stern

      I'm 7 wks (May 1st was my surgery)( How far out are you... is that what it means) ... if that's what you mean.:unsure: It sounds like your asking me if I'm pregnant...LOL LOL LOL !!!:lol:

    3. Jeffrey Stern

      Jeffrey Stern

      Had some popcorn again...oh boy did not go down well...as a matter of fact it came back up. Damn that dumping. I think I ate it too fast.

    4. Newme17


      Pregnant!? Lol. That's pretty funny. I'm in my 5th week post op. 😊 Kind of scared to introduce popcorn now. I think I'll wait it out a bit longer though.

  17. Hey all you Bariatric Beauties out there...just a little "food fact" for you. I have found (someone else may have done so before me) a product of "flaked light tuna" different brands Clover Leaf for one, in little 85 g cans pop lid, and only 90 cals (if you're counting) in assorted flavours (Canadian spelling ) eg. lemon pepper, lemon dill, spicy thai, teriyaki. I take them with me on walks and as well a sm container of sugar free apple sauce and I'm good to go. Hope this isn't old news...I'm a newbie:unsure: 

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    2. Jeffrey Stern

      Jeffrey Stern

      Thanks Sherrie for the support and info I'll try that... going to the casino on Sunday and while all the rest (it's a bus trip) go for the buffet... I'll take my sad little can of tuna and sit on the bench all by myself and chew my food slowly and feel satisfied. LOL !!! just joking it's not that bad...really I think...no really?;)

    3. Berry78


      I like the convenience of tuna pouches, but some have MSG in them ;P

      If money is an issue, I guess I can see sitting there with your tuna.. but it might be worth the money for the socialization at the buffet. Soup should go down real easy (almost normal portion), so have that if you don't want to be embarrassed.

    4. Jeffrey Stern

      Jeffrey Stern

      Thanks for the feedback

      No it's not a money issue it's a temptation issue. All the other stuff and of course the dessert part with all the cakes and puddings and what not screaming "eat me" and as well sitting at the table watching all the others stuffing their faces with all that food. Why bother !

      Funny enough I really haven't had any sweet cravings since the surgery...very interesting? I have suger free choc. pudding sitting in my fridge for weeks now and I don't crave.

  18. Update update...:unsure: I've reached a plateau at 275 lbs (126 kg ) for almost a week...Doc says that's okay at least I didn't gain.

    Anyone with an opinion...be kind? :57_cry:

    1. Berry78


      It's called the 3 week stall. No biggie. You'll have that happen sometimes.

    2. luckylimey


      Please tell me it's:angry: not really 3 weeks?

    3. Berry78


      Usually not.. it occurs around 3 weeks post op.. mostly for a week or maybe two. Those types of stalls will happen regularly for the first year, and as time goes on the stalls can last longer (3 or 4 weeks isn't unheard of, but usually after 6 months postop).

  19. Okay I did something I'm not sure is right...I started my soft food portion (5-9 weeks) of my food transition. I had three brown rice california rolls today for lunch 'cause that's all I can eat.  I just needed to eat something other than pureed this or pureed that. any comments.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jeffrey Stern

      Jeffrey Stern

      You're right...my craving has been taken care of and I don't need sushi again (for now :57_cry: )

      It will be kept as a occasional splurge like you said.

      Thanks Berry78

    3. browngirl89



    4. Jeffrey Stern

      Jeffrey Stern

      Hey browngirl 89

      Berry78 says it has an allure for people just after liquids for weeks... although you're a bit farther along than me 1mnth) But I say life is short and we (bariatric people) are brave and courageous people so we deserve a little reward for our struggles. SO EAT SUSHI !! (occasional splurge):lol:

  20. Well here we go... finished my pureed portion (2 weeks) of the eating plan and moving into more solid foods. According to the plan I can add bread eg. 1/2 English muffin, plain toast , 1/4 bagel and tortilla (to make wraps). However like I mentioned before, after not eating any carbs for almost two mnths  pretty sure I'm not going down that carb road again. I will stick to melba toast or ryvita crackers for some crunch. Both low cal. I have found a recipe for tortilla , gluten free. I'll put below for reference sake. PS. My hunger level is still pretty nil.

    Corn-Free Paleo Tortillas

    2 Eggs 
    1 Cup full-fat, canned coconut milk 
    1 Tablespoon avocado oil (I think you can use olive or canola )
    3/4 Cups arrowroot starch 
    3 Tablespoons coconut flour 
    1/4 Teaspoon salt 

    For the Corn-Free Paleo Tortillas
    Preheat oven to 300 F.(don't understand  this)
    In a mixing bowl, combine the wet ingredients and mix until well-combined.
    Add the dry ingredients to the bowl and mix well.
    Drizzle avocado oil in a small skillet over medium to medium-low heat.
    Pour ? cup of batter ( I would start with 1/4 cup and make them thin like crepes)  into the pan, using a spatula to spread it out.
    Allow tortilla to cook for 2–3 minutes then flip, cooking for another 2–3 minutes.

    It doesn't say how many it makes but I'm sure you can make and freeze.

  21. I don't know if this is ...hate to say "normal" but I just don't have an appetite at all. Hard to eat and force myself just cause I know I have to. Just for reference sake...down 48 lbs since surgery May 1st. (4 wks).

    1. Introversion


      The lack of appetite is normal during the first few months, so it is expected that you aren't that hungry. However, the appetite does eventually return as you get further out. Personally, my appetite was back by 9 months post-op.

    2. Sherrie Scharbrough

      Sherrie Scharbrough

      Totally normal!! You are not alone!! I am almost 4 years out and I am one of the fortunate ones, I still have no hunger (physical hunger) But now head hunger YES I fight it all the time!!

  22. One thing I do as well is drink green tea... it really is a must. It is proven in weight loss and is necessary to stay hydrated. I drink at least 3-4 cups a day ...as well other fluids. Drink, drink, drink... and I don't mean alcohol. LOL  

    1. mikala3672


      its okay to drink green tea? My doctor told me no caffeine so I give up the green tea.

  23. This is all new to me and still learning as I go along. I have been very successful with my surgery and post surgery. Had no complications and eating while sticking to the "diet" has been challenging. I'm on my last few days of the pureed or "baby food" as I like to call it. As for exercise I walk for now and plan to ride my bike and do some workouts with an exercise ball I've had sitting in a box in my closet for 15 yrs. LOL. One thing is that I haven't had any carbs or sugar for over two months my body has gone through a detox if you will. I feel this has given me a lot more energy and plan to stay away from carbs and sugar once I start to eat solid foods. Even though I love chocolate.:P

    1. talkingmountain


      Yay! Definitely stay away from sugar AND artificial sweeteners. Otherwise you will quickly reawaken the sweet tooth monster!

    2. Jeffrey Stern

      Jeffrey Stern

      I know...and what a struggle. However it gets a bit better with time. But I still would love to have a good chocolate bar like a Hershey's. LOL

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