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  1. This room is quiet. Surely there are other gay men who are considering gastric sleeve.
  2. Hello I'm new to this and have some concerned. My initial appointment with the doctor - he sort of hesitated a bit when he read I had pyloric stenosis and then continued on with the rest of his lecture. I never questioned him on that hesitation but I am curious if anyone else has had a Gastric Sleeve and had pyloric stenosis/Pyloromyotomy as an infant?
  3. Had Gastric Sleeve on 8/23. Started out at 287, now 224. So things are moving along great. I use BariatricPAL Vitamin Patch. I did stop take the Ferrcon (Iron Supplement) due to constipation. For the past two days - I've woken up with what I thought was simple congestion - but when I blew my nose - it was ALL blood. (no - I did not pick my nose ;)). Bright Pink mixed with Dark Red. The odd part, its only one nostril. Is it possible that this is just a cut or tear or something related to an iron deficiency or what have you?
  4. I'm sorry - I need to vent. I've enlisted NJ Bariatric Center (NJbariatriccenter.com) for treatment because it was recommended to me. I feel like I am being given the run around. This place is an hour away from me and every step along the way has been exhausting and stressful. My BMI is 40. Which qualifies me for insurance coverage without any additional issues. Because I answered apparently incorrectly on a stupid online questionnaire, they wanted me to take a sleep apnea test....over an hour away. Thankfully, I convinced the sleep doctor to send me the at home test. Took the test, apparently failed - and now NJBariatric Center (only after me reaching out to them to follow up with them) am being told I have to get a CPAP machine and visit now with the sleep doctor (UP BY THEM - 1 hour away). I mean, is the expectation to have this surgery to be completely 100% health? Everything they've asked for I provided in a timely manner and have had to take time off of work. I expected to have to take time off of work for surgery - I did not expect to need two months off of work JUST TO SATISFY THIER OWN REQUIREMENTS.
  5. I just took a urine ketone test and its in the moderate-high range. I know the urine tests are the best way, but at least it gives me a general idea. Certainly explains the bad breath and makes me feel a little better about it.
  6. Sleeved on 8/23; lost about 40 lbs in 3 weeks. Now that I'm in my 4th-5th week, my weight loss has stalled. I hope it picks back up again. Anywhere ever had an issue with bad breath after the surgery? I can't seem to make it better.
  7. Sleeved on 8/23; lost about 40 lbs in 3 weeks. Now that I'm in my 4th-5th week, my weight loss has stalled. I hope it picks back up again. Anywhere ever had an issue with bad breath after the surgery? I can't seem to make it better.
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  9. Thank you so much for your concern and input. Really makes me feel better. As I said, other than a little gurgling and an absolute fear of eating again - I'm doing much better.
  10. I'm on my 3rd week post op and I had like 2-3 small spoonfuls of congee. I am in so much pain I feel like I'm going to explode. did i ruin everything?
  11. I'm alive. Thought I was done for. After a few trips to the bathroom; I'm better. I'm just scared I blew the whole thing open. I generally feel fine today. A little gurgling in my stomach - but that could be left over from taking milk of magnesia last night (I thought it would help). I don't feel feverish or ill in anyway. I just hope I didn't ruin the whole thing.
  12. will this pain subside? This is the worst pain i felt since surgery.
  13. All of the paperwork provided to me from my provider says no coffee or caffeine. Not just at one stage, but all stages. I understand that during the initial weeks of healing (maybe) coffee might cause a problem. But it is expected that I an never have coffee again? I drink my coffee Black - no cream, no sugar. Granted, I used to drink a lot of it - but I've been sleeved on 8/23 and am craving for just a few sips of my delicious beverage. I'm curious as to the roles coffee and caffeine can play on the success of this surgery. So few questions: 1. Why no coffee? 2. Why no caffeine? 3. If allowed, when can I start having it again? *Again, all on the basis of black coffee - no cream, no sugar (additives that would result in weight gain)
  14. Had my gastric sleeve done on 8/23. First 7 days after op all clear liquid diet. My diet consists of water and IsoPure Protein drink (clear) and 42g. I am using the multivitamin patch from the BariatricPal Store (which has Niacin). I've been experiencing random hot flashes, sweating, and have diarrhea frequently. It comes and goes. I can't imagine this is dumping syndrome since I haven't even moved on to any remotely solid? Is this just my body adjusting? Do I have an infection somewhere?
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    For obvious reasons - this is my favorite answer. I am struggling with water, but not because of pain or discomfort - just not used to drinking this much of it.
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    Not sure. Lot of the paper work I got suggests that decaf Tea is ok. I've read online in some instances that small amounts of decaf coffee okay too - but nothing concrete.
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    Is this risk elevated because of the sleeve or just a natural known risk coffee has always had?
  18. Yikes. Thank god I didn't have that.
  19. Wow. Either I tolerate pain/discomfort much better or something. I work in a small office, extremely casual. Had my Surgery on 8/23, discharged the following day. Took Friday off and already have the weekends off. Back at work 8/28. I have my water bottle on my desk that I continuously refill. I'm not in any serious pain (so far).
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    Hot Flashes and diarrhea

    Thank you for your response. That wasn't sitting well with me each time I take a sip. I'm also using a vitamin Patch - so I thought the heat flashes might be related to the Niacin.
  21. Had surgery on 8/23.... Today awful headache..... Is that normal?
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    Hello Gay Sleevers

    I don't mean to be intrusive - but are you experiencing issues with a lot of loose or excess skin? I haven't had the surgery yet - but that's one of the things that is scares me.
  23. Changed my profile pic to match what I used to look like 10 years ago.  Would love to go back to this.

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      I did the same thing as a way to inspire myself.

      great photo!

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      And you will. :) I think I should follow suit....now, I'll have to go find one. LOL

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    From the album: Before