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  1. Has anybody heard about The Weight Loss clinic in PA
  2. ISmith

    Lexapro 10 mg?in band

    10MG and doing great also, I havent had any problems with weight.
  3. Okay I'm somewhat happy to have a PB, I just had my 3rd fill 5.5ccs in a 10 band. Before these fill I could eat what I wanted and it didn't matter how fast I ate. Well I can't do that any more!!!! HOLY S---!! having a PB hurts and its not cute with the spitting YUCK!!!!. But I'm happy to have found my sweet spot, and really put my band to work. I'm not eating alot of food, I guess I'm getting a half a cup of food in one sitting, maybe even less, just not that hungry, plus my nerves are on wire, don't like PBing at all. I'm trying to chew my food very well, not a easy task, I have to train myself to do these. I also learned with this new fill I can't eat bread of annie kind it really got suck!!! Wish me luck on getting a handle on this new fill:scared2:
  4. ISmith

    Losing so slow

    I had my surgey on June 24th I have only lost 14lbs I have had 2 fill so far ( 4cc). My Dr. says that we are to lose 1 to 2 lbs a week.
  5. I'm a little over 6 weeks post -op :wink_smile: Everything has been Great!!! the only big problem was that I was Hurgrey ALL THE TIME:embaressed_smile:. Today I had my first fill It wasn't to bad, my Dr. couldn't find the port area to put the salt water in, so I got stuck about 6 times. He had to bring in other Dr. to try to find the right area. I'm alittle sore around my port. today I got 3ccs put in, I will go back in 4 weeks for other fill
  6. I had my first fill today:thumbup: My Dr. told me 24 to 48 hours of liquids then regular foods
  7. ISmith

    anyone have highmark bcbs

    Things are great, I just started regular foods
  8. ISmith

    anyone have highmark bcbs

    Are you with the Weight Loss Clinc in Harrisburg PA
  9. ISmith

    anyone have highmark bcbs

    I have the same INS, and there great!!!!! you should have no PROBLEMS
  10. ISmith

    Harrisburg Pa

    It will be over sooner then you think!!!!,
  11. ISmith

    just got home

    Hey, the pain will go away in a few days, WALKING and GAS- X will help with the pain alot. Make her walk alittle around the house it HELPS, I was Banded on June 24th. It gets better I promise
  12. ISmith

    Harrisburg Pa

    I had Dr. Davidson, he was GREAT!!!! plus he's SUPER SEXY!!!!!, I had my lapband put in on June 24th may sure you WALK WALK WALK
  13. hey Banders, I just had my first post Op Dr. appt:smile2:. I had my surgey on June 24th, Everything seems to be going well, I lost 6 pounds, I'm so very happy:thumbup: I'm still on liquid diet until Sunday I can't wait to chew food
  14. I was banded on June 24th I feeling a little pain but I know these is normal, I have been WALKING and getting Happy when GAS comes out:biggrin:. I have ten days of Full Liquids until I'm on soft foods. I don't think I can make it though these phase of the diet, I eating every two hours, I hate Powder protien, Fokes I"M HUNGRY:drool: I can almost feel depression kicking in. I know this will past when I can begin eating normal foods, Today is just a BAD DAY.
  15. :angry_smile:Today was a pretty crappy day for me, I'm exicted that I have justed finshed my 6 months of diet councling, and I telling my family and friends about these, no one seems happy about me getting the Lapband at all, people think that I'm being lazy, and all I have to do is work out, some even say your not that big, why would you do these to yourself. Nodody seems to understand about how I feel about getting these BAND put in my body. I feel stupied for telling people that I getting it done now, I wish that I would have just keep my BIG month shut. They now got me thinking a bunch of what if's:confused2: . Man I mad at myself for say anything about my surgay to people. if something goes wrong all I'm going to hear is I told you not to do it. Sorry not a postive thread, I'm feeling bad about myself today, and I have learn from reading other people thread these is the place to get a lot of love:tt1:
  16. ISmith

    I'm P'ed OFF

    Thank you!!!! to everyone that reply these these thread, The words that was giving to me were WONFERFUL, I having my Band put in on JUNE24th with the support of a handful of family and friends. I'm thankful for my family here at Lapband talk, because of the wonderful support that we give each other,I know I will be ok after june 24th. SO many thanks to everyone Ishia:smile2:
  17. I will be banded on June 24th :thumbup: I have been eating everything:tt1: Anything that I have a craving for I eat it. I have been enjoying Buffets all week. Just trying to get my last enjoyment of food it
  18. Can we just suck on Ice Cubes, with meals? I don't think that should hurt the band.
  19. I got my surgery date!!!!!! JUNE 24th I'm so happy,:thumbup: I'm so ready for a new life
  20. :cool2: I recived my Insurance approve on Monday, today I went to my PCP to get blood work and a chest -X Ray, and EKG, These is it, Hopefully I get my date for surgay soon.:biggrin2: WISH ME LUCK!!!!
  21. ISmith

    I'm frustrated

    Your 6months will go by so fast, take that time to learn as much as you can about yourself and the lapband!! I just finished my six months and it flew by so fast. Now I'm waiting to hear from my Ins. Company, YOU CAN DO IT
  22. I have just completed my 6 months of nutritional classes my Dr. said it takes about two weeks until I hear from the Ins.Company (BS PPO). If everything goes well I will have my surgey in July at the Weight Loss Clinc in Harrisburg Pa. These site is so helpful, for people like me, It keep me going for the six months. Thanks to all of you that Post threads
  23. ISmith

    6months down

    Thanks!!!!! quick Question How did you put your weight loss ticker on you LBT page
  24. ISmith

    I have my Surgery Date!

    I'm so happy that I have to spread the news!!!! I have finshed my 6 months of nutritional class, It seem to take forever. Now I have to wait to see if my INS. Co BS PPO has approved me, My Dr. told me it could take up to two weeks, If things go will I will be with the July banster:thumbup:
  25. ISmith

    Dr DiMarco Harrisburg PA

    That were I'm getting Banded he's my DR. I will get my band in july. I CANT WAIT

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