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    I'm a very nice person from Michigan.
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  1. bigjoe1234


    How is it going
  2. Need pictures of a person who went from sleeve to gastric revision. I understand what caused me to gain the weigh
  3. bigjoe1234

    Air Fryers----

    I actually have one called the big boss it's excellent I have cooked fish, chicken, turkey, chops, fries, and. Other things. No oil you just spray olive oil spray it's excellent
  4. bigjoe1234

    Air Fryers----

    Yes they are look at some videos on YouTube
  5. I started at 326 on May 30, 2017. Day of surgery current weight is 277. Weight been stalled any advice how to fix this I just recently started using my treadmill. I don't use any protein shake I eat mostly meat chicken and fish. Is there anyone else having trouble with this issue
  6. bigjoe1234

    Hit a milestone today!

    Amazing congrats
  7. bigjoe1234

    Michigan Sleevers

    I had to have a blood transfusions
  8. bigjoe1234

    Knowing when full

    You will get that full feeling but I wouldn't push it that far.
  9. bigjoe1234

    Going back to school

    Go for it
  10. bigjoe1234

    2 months out update

    Doing great