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  1. IveGotThePower

    Vets- at 2+ years post op HOW do you eat?

    I am 2.5 years post sleeve. I did the high protein recommended diet for 2 years. My weight crept up 14 lbs around year 1.5 to year 2 from my lowest. And I am not convinced that a diet high in animal protein is healthy long term. So, I experimented and am currently doing a whole foods plant based diet. My weight has stabilized, but still trying to get it to go back down. Greens are helpful for me and too many nuts have been an issue that I have had to address. Using Forks Over Knives, Chef AJ, Engine 2 recipes and watching lots of videos on wfpb. Dr. Michael Gregor is a favorite of mine. I also have been reading about studies done by Dr. Ornish, Dr. McDoughall, Dr. Colin Campbell, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Garth Davis (Proteinaholic) is a good read also. Still learning, but I think I'm at a good point now.
  2. IveGotThePower

    Intermittent Fasting

    My understanding is that you can have water, coffee, tea (no sweeteners) and bone broth on a fast. Not even Stevia or no calorie sweeteners because even though they have 0 calories, they still raise insulin levels and we want to keep the insulin levels low and in fat burning mode. Our body can't burn and store fat at the same time, so it's either or.
  3. IveGotThePower

    Overheard Staff Joking About My Body

    Glad you reported it. Consider this a thoughtful gesture on your part in that you are facilitating an excellent learning opportunity for the idiots. You are doing a kindness to others who come after you who also do not have stripper boobs.
  4. IveGotThePower

    Mouth Sores and Raw Tongue!

    Could also be a b vitamin deficiency. Look up folate deficiency. Let us know what your result is. The best to you. Don't ignore it.
  5. For me, it doesn't matter if it's head hunger, toe hunger, eyeball hunger or any other type of hunger. If I'm getting the hunger signal I have to manage it somehow. My method of managing it is portion control of low carb nutrient rich foods. By analyzing it and choosing not to eat, I make it worse and then my choices later are not as good.
  6. I drink carbonated beverages (Zevia and LaCroix) sometimes 2 or 3 times a week and sometimes every few weeks. I have now for over a year after my Registered Dietition from my bariatric program suggested it. I also do Kombucha which she suggested and I drink from straws! Yes, call me a rebel! I just sip and don't chug. I do burp a lot, but that's it. After you're healed you can try it and see. But I definitely wouldn't chug it. You're pouch would definitely explode! Totally! And that would be unpleasant.
  7. IveGotThePower

    Smoothie size

    Well, I love smoothies and my kitchen looks like a science lab because of all of the extras I add like chia seeds, ground up oatmeal, liquid stevia, supplements, etc. I buy these 16 oz clear plastic cups with lids and get large smoothie straws from Amazon. You can actually make smoothies ahead of time, freeze them and pull them out of the fridge an hour before you want to drink them. However, they aren't quite as good to some people, so you might try it and see if it works for you. I also use insulated bubba cup and yetti cups with plastic lids (hubby drilled large holes for the smoothie straws). They are different sizes. I think 20 oz and 32 oz. I use berries and almond milk as my base, then add protein powder and more stuff depending on what I'm in the mood for. And I sip on them for a few hours in the morning then convert to water or water with a tea bag. Yes, cold brewing is a thing. You can add stevia if you want also.
  8. IveGotThePower

    How long did you take off of work?

    I was back to work on day 6 but I have a desk job.
  9. IveGotThePower

    People Don't Get It

    I am 27 months out and am still surprised at how people don't get it. Some people have asked me what I do and how I eat because they want to loose weight also. Well of course I can relate and I want to help. But I know that sharing what and how I eat is probably not going to help them, because they are missing the SURGERY part of it along with 2.5 years of vigorous research and help from a Bariatric Registered Dietitian who I still see. I preface everything by telling them that the surgery was a game changer and I could not have done it without surgery and that I still see my Dietitian. But they go right past that part. Like it is inconsequential while the truth is the opposite. Anyone else have this reaction?
  10. IveGotThePower

    Snacking at the Movies

    One of my bigger challenges is eating healthy when I go to the movies. I do like to snack while watching a movie, so I'll usually bring a bag of nuts, roasted edamame and maybe a few pieces of dark chocolate in a zip top baggie to munch on. Another snack I take is berries. It annoys me that the snack choices at the movie theater are so poor. Would love to hear thoughts on what you do when going to the movie theater to stay on track.
  11. Hire a HUNKY nurse who dotes on you and enjoy being treated as you should. You may fail. It does happen. But you have a much much better chance of improving so many aspects of your life if you set yourself up for success. Make it your priority. The surgery will help you for about a year, give or take. Then your new habits and what you have learned are what will keep you from gaining. You have to work. But this will be one powerful tool in your toolbox to help you. You probably shouldn't attempt to do things like make dinner for your Husband, clean the house, bring home a paycheck, do laundry .... because you might fail at those too. Maybe he should do those things since I'm sure he would do a much better job...sorry....not sorry..
  12. IveGotThePower

    Does anyone regret getting the sleeve?

    25 months post op and NO Regrets at all. I work hard with my Registered Dietitian and I still see her every month or two to fine tune my diet. I am constantly reading and learning about nutrition. I love to eat and I spend more $ on food because I can eat more and I buy higher quality foods when I can find them, like pastured organic dairy and meat as well as some specialty items for smoothies, like chia seeds, probiotics, liquid b-complex and organic fruits. I also love fresh seafood. I have learned that a healthy diet is not necessarily the same thing as a weight loss diet. My diet is great, but haven't lost more since 10 months post op. I have gained 5/6 and stay there. My blood work numbers are very good and I consciously try to make my meals very nutrient rich with an emphasis on plant based and healthy fats with a good quality protein. No longer being addicted to sugar is a very freeing experience that makes me happy every time I see processed sugar and don't have the physical reaction I used to have. I can take it or leave it now. So 95% of the time I leave it. I love to cook including experimental dishes. Make no mistake, it takes work. Once the magic wears off, you will have to fall back on what you have learned about nutrition to keep the weight off or loose more, which is extremely difficult. But, better health, better quality of life, more choices in life. So, so, worth it.
  13. I'm almost 2 years out, so not sure if you can have this yet. But, I slice very ripe bananas thin and freeze one per zip top bag, then put them in the food processor and it is delicious, not to mention you can customize in many ways. Other fruit, peanut butter, small amount of nuts, small pieces of very dark chocolate. So much healthier than the store bought stuff. Right now it is so very important to work on your food choices. I highly recommend working with a bariatric nutritionist because there is so much to learn. I am at a place where I am 100% happy with what I eat and I don't count or measure anything. I had to be at a point that was sustainable for me. I do watch portions and I know I will always have to be mindful of my choices, but I have found substitutes and new foods that are absolutely as satisfying as what I ate before. Follow the rules and your tastes will change. I still see my nut almost monthly and have no plans to stop. The very best to you.
  14. IveGotThePower

    Two years two months ago I started my journey

    Thank you for the tip. Took a look at the before and after for these and they look good. I too am considering having some work done after the 20-30 more pounds I hope to loose. Still struggling with that. But good to know our options.
  15. IveGotThePower

    What have you learned on your journey

    Weight loss is a very complicated thing. Scientists are still trying to figure it out. I have read that genetics, environment, gut microbes, bile acids and hormones all play a roll in how we gain/loose weight. And how insulin (even for non diabetics) can be controlled to help with weight loss. How grains, even whole grains can affect our weight and that they are not necessary. I have learned that tastes really can and do change over time and that you can truly enjoy a low carb high nutrient diet. I have learned to read labels and choose foods with fewer, simple ingredients. I have learned that even the most stubborn person can be positively influenced by seeing the results of someone who has lost a lot of weight and enjoys better health. I have learned some of the little tricks the food industry uses to try to make people think their products are healthy when they are not. Prime example is the low fat label that has lots of added sugar. I know how addictive sugar is and am thankful to be off the sugar rollercoaster. The more I learn, the better my choices because I understand the why of it more. What things have you learned that may help someone who is starting this journey. Sent from my SM-N920V using BariatricPal mobile app
  16. I have been wondering about our protein requirements as we loose weight. I understand that as we are loosing weight we need protein to maintain our muscles and cellular repair. But if you are loosing at a much slower rate or at goal, wouldn't our protein requirement be less? Sent from my SM-N920V using BariatricPal mobile app
  17. Take before photos that you can reproduce at your lower weight in the same outfit and poses. Make a video to yourself including all your concerns, goals and expectations. Start a journal and add to it frequently. You can review these whenever you need a pick me up to see how you have come and where you Don't want to ever be again. Also take your measurements and do it every few weeks as you go. You will be surprised to see that while you Don't always loose pounds, you may still lose inches. My body shrank one size while my weight stayed the same over the past few months. Many changes will take place and it is truly a mind game. The very best to you with your journey. Sent from my SM-N920V using BariatricPal mobile app
  18. World's longest zip line over water. Walking tour in Old San Juan. Run/walk 5k. And I finished ahead of over 30 people, where I was dead last 2 years ago. Hearing my Husband tell me that he can absolutely see how much easier it is for me to get around when we are out doing activities. The last 2 vacations we took were the best in a very long time because I was able to be active. I Don't mind pictures any more. I didn't want to look at myself before. Love shopping now. I feel many of the positive effects every single day and I am so thankful. Sent from my SM-N920V using BariatricPal mobile app
  19. IveGotThePower

    Protein Requirements As We Loose

    Thank you for your reply. While I read the same thing you just posted for non bariatric people, this is not the advice I was given by my surgeon/program. I was told to do at least 65 grams of protein daily. But your response ties into a lower amount which was my thought as well. I think the 40 is a better indicator for me at this point since I am not super active at the moment. Sent from my SM-N920V using BariatricPal mobile app
  20. IveGotThePower

    Hormone Levels Checked?

    Don't know if this will help at all, but I do believe hormones play a bigger role than we thought. I am reading the Obesity Cure and it makes so much sense to me. I am giving the 16/8 fast a try. I hope you find the answer. Sent from my SM-N920V using BariatricPal mobile app
  21. IveGotThePower

    Intermittent Fasting

    I like the after dinner idea. That does sound easier. Sent from my SM-N920V using BariatricPal mobile app
  22. IveGotThePower

    Fathead Pizza/Crackers anyone?

    This is one of the posts that I like.
  23. IveGotThePower

    Best protein shakes and why

    I like Syntrax. I did a lot of the fuzzy navel. It tastes like orange juice to me. Also did a lot of chocolate truffle. I still do them here and there, but I add chia seeds, and coffee extract (chameleon) and ice and make a chocolate coffee smoothie. Sometimes I use Fairlife Milk also for the chocolate truffle. The fuzzy navel is nice because sometimes I want more of a fruity protein drink rather than a milky type drink. Amazon sells them. I also use Vega protein mixed w/frozen berries, ice and chia seeds. Sometimes I'll add a banana or touch of honey. I don't know if the Vega protein is acceptable for early on, but I like the berry flavor.
  24. IveGotThePower

    Fathead Pizza/Crackers anyone?

    Yes, just made the skillet pizza for the first time 30 mins ago. I've seen the videos also. It was easy, quick and had the crunch I have been missing w/o the carbs. Google the videos and when you are ready, I don't think you will be disappointed.

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