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    Reactive hypoglycemia

    Just had my 3 year sleeve follow up and now, I am finding the same thing. My sugar goes from fastin 99 first thing to dropping to 70 after a few hours after having broccoli, eggs and sunflower seeds for breakfast. Thought protein was supposed to NOT cause a reaction. Having to rethink my meal plans now. Monintoring this morning and it started dropping within 15 mins after I ate. What the heck! Thought carbs were the enemy.
  2. I'm over 2.5 years out from gastric sleeve surgery. And for at least a year when I'm sleeping often my stomach has these spasms or shakiness. It never hurts, but can sometimes wake me up. Can't seem to connect it to anything specific like food or heartburn. Just wondering if anyone else has this. It doesn't last too long, maybe 10 mins roughly and sometimes I just roll over and it seems to settle down. I know the stomach sort of vibrates to move food along, but this happens on an empty stomach also. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  3. IveGotThePower

    Vets- at 2+ years post op HOW do you eat?

    I am 2.5 years post sleeve. I did the high protein recommended diet for 2 years. My weight crept up 14 lbs around year 1.5 to year 2 from my lowest. And I am not convinced that a diet high in animal protein is healthy long term. So, I experimented and am currently doing a whole foods plant based diet. My weight has stabilized, but still trying to get it to go back down. Greens are helpful for me and too many nuts have been an issue that I have had to address. Using Forks Over Knives, Chef AJ, Engine 2 recipes and watching lots of videos on wfpb. Dr. Michael Gregor is a favorite of mine. I also have been reading about studies done by Dr. Ornish, Dr. McDoughall, Dr. Colin Campbell, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Garth Davis (Proteinaholic) is a good read also. Still learning, but I think I'm at a good point now.
  4. IveGotThePower

    Paranoid as hell!

    I can attest to the stall. There is a thing called the 3 week stall. But it is different for everyone. I would not have believed this if it had not happened to me. I went 21/22 days eating about 600 - 800 calories a day and did not loose one single pound. Not one. So, don't worry too much about the speed that you loose. We are all different and as long as you are following the rules. It will happen.
  5. IveGotThePower

    Intermittent Fasting

    My understanding is that you can have water, coffee, tea (no sweeteners) and bone broth on a fast. Not even Stevia or no calorie sweeteners because even though they have 0 calories, they still raise insulin levels and we want to keep the insulin levels low and in fat burning mode. Our body can't burn and store fat at the same time, so it's either or.
  6. 27 Months out and 13 lbs up from my lowest weight! Not a happy camper. At my last NUT appointment she said isn't it crazy that you can eat a very healthy diet, and still gain? Yep, it sure is. Over the past 27 months I have pretty much refused to track my foods. Tried it before and it made me crazy. However, weight gain makes me even more crazy, so.... going to give it another try. I think I'm going to try to log the night before and maybe even do the same menu a few days per week for simplicity. I am using the free version of My Fitness Pal at the moment. Any tips/tricks advice from the expert trackers out there. Also doing a little intermittent fasting but need to increase that I suppose. Thank you for chiming in
  7. IveGotThePower

    Overheard Staff Joking About My Body

    Glad you reported it. Consider this a thoughtful gesture on your part in that you are facilitating an excellent learning opportunity for the idiots. You are doing a kindness to others who come after you who also do not have stripper boobs.
  8. Yes I am serious, and I'll let you know for sure. Just need to find them. Probably doing ground crickets and will try to add it to something or make crackers out of those tasty little buggers
  9. OMG!!! Totally laughed out loud! Made my week
  10. I hear you. He're's my 2 cents. We are all different. Your body is unique. It may take several tools to get where you want to be. The sleeve is one tool. You will need more tools, but the sleeve will help. I've been doing intermittent fasting maybe 2 or 3 days a week on the 8:16. I start eating at 8:00 and stop at 4:00. I think it is helpful. Also I have recently decided to (per my Nuts advice) cut out the fruit and lower the amount of cheese and nuts. Another tool I have just started using is tracking. So far, I'm using it more to learn where most of my calories are coming from (cheese and nuts). It's informative to say the least and we can use all the information we can get. You need to stop, and spend some time reflecting. Be honest with yourself about what is perpetuating the gain and devise a plan to make changes you want to make to get the results you want. Things I have started to do and am seeing small, but encouraging results. You can do this.
  11. IveGotThePower

    I Said I Wouldn't Do It....

    I do pack my breakfast, lunch and snacks for work 90% of the time, so that helps. Been trying to do individual freezer meals. I do them sometimes, but need to do the macros so I can grab and track. I need to work on portioning and entering recipes in MFP.
  12. IveGotThePower

    Macro Summary

    Uh! Wow! Extremely helpful information. Thank you for all the screenshots. I will so be looking at doing that.
  13. IveGotThePower

    I Said I Wouldn't Do It....

    Thank you. Surely we can do this. Lots of people do it without loosing their marbles....right? I saw someone post that they had everything logged first thing in the morning for the entire day. That sounds good. Sure I can scan an item and log it. Guess my biggest problem is when I cook. So many ingredients and portioning it properly is a pain. And converting from grams to oz or cups...the conversions are a pain sometimes. I mean how much is a cup of raw spinach? Do I squish it down? Maybe if we keep it super simple. Like 2 ingredient dishes that we use repeatedly. Gotta figure this out.
  14. I am so ready to try crickets. Just need to order it. To me it's less gross than eating a cow, pig or chicken.
  15. IveGotThePower

    Intermittent Fasting

    I read Jason Fung's book The Obesity Code a few months ago and LOVED it! I've watched many of his youtube videos as well as his videos on Diet Doctor. I've tried intermittent fasting a few times. Sometimes 1 or 2 days. Sometimes 4 days. I do the 8:16 where I eat for 8 hours and fast for 16 hours. Tried switching up the times I started to see what worked better for me (8:00AM to 4:00 PM works better for now). I do think it helps. It is another tool we can use. There are so many benefits. But it isn't easy. I am still trying to do IF consistently, but seem to only be able to do it for a day or sometimes two a week. Hoping that as I continue to practice, it becomes easier.
  16. IveGotThePower

    How about Dates?

    Check your post op instructions. I am a lot further along than you and my Registered Dietition said I can use them as a sweetener. They have a lot of sugar, so I wouldn't do many. I believe 2 are comparable to one banana. So sometimes I add one to a smoothie.
  17. IveGotThePower

    Mouth Sores and Raw Tongue!

    Could also be a b vitamin deficiency. Look up folate deficiency. Let us know what your result is. The best to you. Don't ignore it.
  18. I chose the sleeve because it is less invasive (45 min surgery), less risk, fewer nutritional deficiencies. Some articles I read say the weight loss is a little less, although I also read that over time it is about the same as bypass. And no dumping, or at leas a lot less. I haven't had any. Made me feel a tiny bit better at my 2 year follow up when my Surgeon asked all these questions to see if I was having any issues. I told him he did not have to worry about me taking my vitamins and calcium because I had read an article about wls patients loosing their teeth from not taking their vitamins. He looked at me and said that would be the least of your worries. Apparently he was more concerned about neurological issues. Afraid to look into what those can be. But I have to wonder if the malabsorbptive nature of bypass and other more invasive surgeries increases the risk for neurological diseases. Also, I had terrible GERD before surgery. Tested for Pylori and was negative. 27 months out now and I can say my GERD has been 100% under control. I can control it with diet and might take a tums once every month or two. Diabetes is ibetter improved with bypass, so that is also a concern for some people.
  19. I hear you and I felt the same way a year ago. I was ready to have before and after tshirts made and rent a billboard with my picture on it. But after sharing to anyone who would listen for the past 28 months, I now feel that most people don't get it and never will. Maybe it takes a certain desperation to get to the point where we actually put in the time and do the work to understand what wls really is and does. And if you're not at that point, it just doesn't register. I hope you do reach some people and make a difference for them. So many people could benefit from this surgery.
  20. For me, it doesn't matter if it's head hunger, toe hunger, eyeball hunger or any other type of hunger. If I'm getting the hunger signal I have to manage it somehow. My method of managing it is portion control of low carb nutrient rich foods. By analyzing it and choosing not to eat, I make it worse and then my choices later are not as good.
  21. I drink carbonated beverages (Zevia and LaCroix) sometimes 2 or 3 times a week and sometimes every few weeks. I have now for over a year after my Registered Dietition from my bariatric program suggested it. I also do Kombucha which she suggested and I drink from straws! Yes, call me a rebel! I just sip and don't chug. I do burp a lot, but that's it. After you're healed you can try it and see. But I definitely wouldn't chug it. You're pouch would definitely explode! Totally! And that would be unpleasant.
  22. I love this question! From my personal experience, I don't think primary care doctors are qualified to address this issue. They are not trained in nutrition, they are not bariatric doctors and frankly, they have nothing to offer except to refer you to a specialist or information you can find online. I had to change my primary care doctor because he advised against wls. No health issues except being 290 lbs. Some issues were definitely coming though. Then the doctor I was referred to from the wls program I was going through told me (I kid you not) that "at least it's not bariatric surgery".....I had vsg. Yes. yes it is bariatric surgery and she looked at me and said, no it isn't. I wrote a letter to my wls program person who referred me to this very uninformed doctor. She said it is very difficult to educate doctors who are not in the bariatric circle. She said they offer information and try, but it is always a struggle. For years I would ask my original doctor if there was anything new that might help me. He just said nothing except diet and exercise. Which obviously I was already trying over and over and over. Yes, we know we're fat. And because there is so much misinformation out there, I don't take advice from anyone who is not HIGHLY qualified to dispense advice on weight loss or someone who has been successful at loosing a LOT of weight in a healthy way. The ignorance is real. One assistant tried to give me weight loss advice. She said, I bring a water bottle with me and drink lots of water all day, and I walk to work. She was overweight also. I said, that's great. I have some recipes I can give you on my next visit. I think that ticked her off. But I took offense for sure. She knew NOTHING about me and what I had done over how many years and how many times I had heard drink more water and exercise more. Did she really think I was 290 lbs and never even thought of water or exercise?? It's highly insulting to be spoken to as if you have no brain and have just emerged from a dessert ed island where there was no internet access. Give me a little credit please. My obgyn (physician's assistant) said my weight loss was impressive. I told her all about it then she looked at me and said "I see you have found something that works for you FOR NOW". For now! Ok, so I guess there is some other method for weight loss out there that I missed that works FOREVER? Sorry, what is that, cause I'd love to know. Any method of weight loss is for now. You don't just say, I'm done now, and the weight loss struggle is over. It's ongoing for life. It is great that you want to help people . I don't mean to take away from that. If you were to try to help your patients, personally, I would want to see statistics and research. Maybe ask them if they would like information for proven weight loss methods. And provide a pamphlet with websites where they can start researching to find their answer. Or ask them if they would like to attend a bariatric meeting and provide information. Ask if they have considered seeing a registered dietitian who specializes in morbidly obese patients. Great question!
  23. IveGotThePower

    I want a baby so bad!!!

    What she said.