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  1. OK so I'm getting sleeved a week tomorrow. Nervous excited worried... and looking to share my journey with someone in a similar position. I am happy and willing to support you in your journey and for this new chapter in my life to be the start of the real me...
  2. Mine is Tuesday morning 10.30am. Getting nervous.. good luck everyone..
  3. No I'm off to brussels fly Monday op Tuesday.. a lot of people go Mexico.. I'm going on my own quite nervous now..
  4. I think it's easier leading up to the surgery to question what we are doing.. the last two days I've questioned is it selfish? It's a lot of money I have a family.. what am I putting myself through just to be slim? But what I've realised is as a mother and wife and a person I always put everyone else first. I have low self esteem and I realise this is why I'm questioning.. but it's okay to put ourselves first.. our health and to feel good.. so come Monday I will be on a flight as will you all having surgery.. because we are worth it 😁
  5. Well good for you... and good luck.. kp us informed of the start of new journey... age is irrelevant.... 😁
  6. It's nice your going with hubby.. I wish I could but he is looking after young boys... It was 5000 .. yer mine next week too 😂
  7. Wen do you go? I'm off too brussels as cost half the price.. thanks for replying
  8. Hey everyone 😊😁not long now and I'm feeling a mixture of emotions as I'm sure u all are.. only my husband knows as my bmi is 33 and I know people wouldn't understand my decision.. anyone else in the same boat? Good luck everyone
  9. Caz73

    Uk Sleevers Wanted

    Hi I'm due a week tomorrow to be sleeved in Brussels. I'm excited but nervous.. any news on your date?
  10. OK so I'm off in a week..really nervous but excited too.. I'm travelling on my own which is OK but has anyone else been abroad ?
  11. Thanks for both your replies.. I'm only staying 3days.. I'm looking forward to my sleeve next week just nervous.. heard different experience of pain after and I know we all different.. just hoping flight home will be ok