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  1. charpower

    January bypass buddies??

    Are you on your preop diet yet?
  2. charpower

    January bypass buddies??

    The WLS community on Instagram is PHENOMENAL! I’m ThatCharPower on there. Follow me!
  3. charpower

    January bypass buddies??

    Super exciting girl! They’re quite a few of us with January date so we’ll be your buddies. Are you want Instagram?
  4. charpower

    January bypass buddies??

    I totally feel like I have gone off the rails! Ever since I got out of the hospital I have been so happy to be able to eat and swallow that I’ve just eaten or drink anything that I wanted. I know when I go see the doc on the 13th he is going to be really upset with the fact that I have gained 5 pounds. I finally ordered my protein shakes and am getting myself mentally and physically prepared this week because January 23 I’ll be here before I know it. I have definitely had quite a few food funerals. It’s just an excuse and it really doesn’t satisfy that mental hunger. That’s what I need to work on Char in Philly
  5. charpower

    January bypass buddies??

    My surgery date is January 23! It’s coming up quick!
  6. Wow! Thanks for all of the information. Definitely worth considering. I have a liquid protein supplement that I take every day due to my dialysis treatments in 1 ounce cup it has 20 g of protein so I’ll definitely be sipping on that no matter how much my tastebuds change because getting those 20 g in is definitely worth whatever nasty taste the supplement may have post surgery.
  7. No I have not had any type of bariatric related surgery. My gastric bypass the schedule for January 23, 2018. I’ve had heart surgery in the past and hernia repair is well a few other things I had a hysterectomy in 2013 due to cancer. I wish that I had thought that bariatric surgery was and option for me back then because I may not have had some of those surgeries anyway. But I can’t live in the past I have to look towards the future so as of now bariatric surgery the beginning of 2018 and hopefully much better health moving forward.
  8. charpower

    Tespo Bariatric Vitamins

    My dietitian said that you could supplement things that she thought were missing but my surgeons main concern was that you actually just take your vitamins . He didn’t care which vitamins you take but to be sure that you’re taking them consistently. So the little Tespo shot glass of vitamins is much easier than swallowing a bunch of pills so I am here for it. I hope your Tespo experience is great!
  9. charpower

    6 years banded, nausea after eating

    Wow I’m so sorry that you’re going through that but I’m glad that they figured out what was going on and hopefully can remedy it. Best of luck.
  10. What a fantastic transformation! I know you must be proud.
  11. Oh and I’m already attending my bariatric support groups meetings.
  12. My bariatric program has me scheduled for my nutrition class the first week of January so I’ll be prepared and they already gave me a big binder that goes through each and every phase of the eating but I am wondering what people are doing so get their fridges ready , cupboards ready that type of thing What kind of items they’re purchasing what kind of tips they have. Four instance… I’m going to make some bone broth and put it in ice cube tray’s and then put them in Ziploc bags and store them in the freezer and then take out a couple at a time to eat postop.
  13. charpower

    3 weeks away

    It’s taste like Tang to me.
  14. Have you checked out their Bariatric formula? No artificial colors or fillers of any type. Less likely to mess up your stomach.
  15. Have you checked out their Bariatric formula? No artificial colors or fillers of any type. Less likely to mess up your stomach.