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  1. So I am nearly 2.5 years out from surgery and pretty much I am just not big on eating much meat even tho I have always loved it. Is this a surgery thing or just me?
  2. Stephie626

    Eating Meat

    All good! 🤣🤣
  3. Stephie626

    Eating Meat

    Probably not nearly enough. I’m 2.5 years out tho and doing ok. Iron is the only thing I can’t get to stay out without extra vitamins. Me I eat meat just not like I used too.
  4. Stephie626

    Eating Meat

    Oh it doesn’t make me sick I’m just not interested in it. It’s a battle to eat it. I NEED the protein too.
  5. Stephie626

    Eating Meat

    And it’s not that I don’t like it I just am not interested. It’s too much it seems like.
  6. Stephie626

    Post your progress pics!

    2.5 years now ... still holding strong.
  7. Stephie626

    Post your progress pics!

    My first pic is just after surgery cause I didn't have any before good ones. Started at 237 and that was heaviest. Surgery was 4/11/17 I didn't have to do preop diet cause I needed to maintain. 2nd pic is 7/25/17. 60 lbs down weighing in last week at 177. I want to be somewhere between 150-140.
  8. Honestly I have had some ginger ale and it's the only thing that has helped some of my nausea. No issues with it whatsoever and I am almost 3 months post op.
  9. I was able to eat right up til surgery. However this is getting you ready for after surgery cause it's tough.
  10. Stephie626

    When can I eat a salad?

    I tried lettuce at like 6 weeks and couldn't do it. I'm 8 now and I have no issues but I was healed in the inside at 5 weeks and I know this cause I needed emergency surgery at 5 weeks for a very rare complication so he checked his work.
  11. Stephie626

    Help with puréed foods

    I didn't do puréed foods. Tuna, canned chicken. Very soft well cooked veggies.
  12. Stephie626

    After surgery

    I was sleeping on my stomach within the first week. I was uncomfortable in the hospital but I took no pain meds and never took any after going home either. I started walking a week post op. My major thing was learning what my Jody can tolerate with the few calories we are taking in. I am 4 weeks out this Tuesday and I can eat so much more but not very much at all. I don't get full on liquids at all tho. Vitamins are a pain but def take them.
  13. Stephie626

    How often do you weigh

    I started weighing weekly...
  14. Stephie626

    Is this normal?

    My dr knew going in. I'm active. And having gone thru something far worse medically I have found I heal extremely well and quickly. Thank you tho.
  15. Stephie626

    Is this normal?

    I never took pain meds after surgery. Not even in the hospital. And since last week I have been walking 2-3.5 miles a day. Oh surgery was just 2 weeks ago today. I start softball tomorrow and bowl Tonight.
  16. I'm on stage 3 and the only thing my food needs to be is mashable with a fork.
  17. I'm exactly the same. Surgery 4/11. Lost 20 lbs and now nothing... leveling out but inches were still falling.
  18. Stephie626


    Walk. I'm 2 weeks today and I bowl tonight and am playing softball tomorrow. Any cardio after 2 weeks is good. No lifting for 6 weeks.