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  1. Oh! Thanks! I hate crushing my multi and calcium. I started with applesauce and I have been using yogurt but my sleeve seems to be getting tired of that too. It is harder to get it down as the days go. I will be trying this!
  2. GoddessMoon

    Need to pass gas - just home

    Walking is the only thing that will help move the gas around. When I came home I walked a lot only really had gas at night and mornings. Almost a month post op and it is gone.
  3. I wait 30 mins after I eat to drink.
  4. GoddessMoon

    Feel like a liar

    I understand your friend may be trying to "protect" you, but in the end it is YOUR choice who you tell. Everyone knows i have had it, and there are people I know that live around me and they have it. Everyone is supportive. If the individuals where you live have not heard of the weight loss surgery, what is wrong with giving them information on it? Sometimes we have to be the ones to open others eyes to new things and possibilities. This is your journey, not your friends.
  5. GoddessMoon

    Face to face

    Beautiful! Your skin is much clearer as well and has a glow.
  6. GoddessMoon

    New sleeve issues

    I would contact your doc office and let them know you are experiencing this at home especially if your pain meds are not working. They may be able to give you something else.
  7. GoddessMoon


    It will get better as the days goes on. My Surgeon does his sleeves smaller than some, and at first every time I would swallow, I felt everything. I still do but not as much. Stay strong and keep at it!
  8. GoddessMoon


    I think everyone goes through that regret stage!! Keep on pushing! I am 2 weeks out as of today and I am already feeling so much better!
  9. Sleeved on 11/30 already down 20 pounds. I have a follow up tomorrow so may be down some more!
  10. Your surgeons office usually gives you that info but typically it is 2 weeks before your date.
  11. GoddessMoon

    What if I lose too much weight pre-op???

    The weight they have for you is the weight they submit to insurance. At least that is what happened with me. I had to be a certain weight pre op before they would do the surgery because my bmi was really high. It all depends on the requirements of your insurance.
  12. GoddessMoon

    Tomorrow is the day

    Congrats! Try and walk as soon as you can! Keep us updated.
  13. GoddessMoon

    I just cheated on my pre op diet...😢😢

    You need to contact your Surgeons office. The pre op diet is to shrink your liver so it is easier for him during surgery. If you are not ready mentally then you may want to wait until you get your mind right. The surgery is a whole lifestyle change.
  14. GoddessMoon

    December Sleevers??

    It's gas pain. Get up and walk around. The only way to get rid of it is to walk. I am 2 weeks out and still have it at times but not as much as before. It just takes a little time to go away. Do you have nausea meds? Usually they send you home with some. I had nausea with water too and adding crystal light for flavor helped alot.
  15. GoddessMoon

    Sleeved yesterday!

  16. GoddessMoon


    Congrats! Keep us posted
  17. GoddessMoon


  18. GoddessMoon

    Advice needed

    Before my surgery I ate low carb..high protein and sugar free foods. I lost 90 on my own in about 8 months. You just have to read your labels and portion control.
  19. GoddessMoon


    It is due to the fluids in the hospital. It happens..but you will lose it.
  20. You look beautiful!! Congrats on your 1 year! Sent from my Studio Max using BariatricPal mobile app
  21. Welcome! I was sleeved on Nov 30th, and honestly I am still struggling with my fluids. I started soft foods on Friday and I seem to be doing okay with that, but the fluids are hard for some reason. I try to drink between meals. I may need to set a timer to get me on a schedule with the fluids. I also struggled while in the hospital, but seeing that I am a week or so out, I would hope it would be better. Keep at it! It should get easier as we go!
  22. GoddessMoon

    Post-op: How long until you ate real food?

    I was on clear liquids in hospital for 2days. I left on 12-3 Discharge diet was full liquid which I am still on. I can move to soft foods on 12-8. Meet with surgeon and dietician on 12-14.
  23. I am having my surgery tomorrow. I have to be there at 10am! I am nervous yet ready, but I know I got this!! *Fist pumps*
  24. GoddessMoon

    5 days after surgery

    I am 3 days post -op and I know I am not getting as much fluids in as I am suppose to. However, every day it seems to get better. I eat a little more jello...I can finally eat a whole popsicle and tomorrow I will try bone broth. The hospital broth tasted like ramen noodle sauce packets and did not agree with me.

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