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  1. Does the noise in your stomach after you eat ever goes away? Always everytime I eat certain foods it taste like I swallowed a nasty pill, does that ever goes away?

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    2. ssflbelle


      Have no nasty pill taste but the noise I still have 18 months post op from the sleeve. I can deal with that noise but it is what i call the skin farts I have a hard time dealing with. I have lost over 290 pounds and when I stand up air get under my belly excess skin and when I sit back down the air pushing out making a farting noise. It mostly does that when I have no underwear on and am home. However there have been times when it has happened in public with underwear on. I just told my Dr about it and said corn starch might help.

    3. MSinger


      I'm only 9 weeks post op, but my stomach noises have gotten much quieter. The only time I notice it acting up is if I eat too quickly.

    4. Sweet as peaches

      Sweet as peaches

      I was hoping it would. I don't want to be getting stares cause my stomach is talking to me. I might put a hat on it along a mustache and say it is just my overgrown twin trying to come out.

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