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  1. Will definitely have to plan more for trips. Used to trips revolved around food. It was all they were about. WLS will change that I'm sure. Instead of going to certain places just to try the food it will have to be about the activities. OH BOY - this will be so different. Scheduled for surgery July 12, 2017. Soooo excited. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. *thumbs up:1311_thumbsup_tone2:

  2. I actually just started mine today. I too started early to get a good start before my surgery on July 12th. I already know I have a fatty liver and wanted this for sure under control before surgery. I attached my plan the doctor gave me. I scratched stuff out because I don't like the stuff. But you can still see the stuff. Just remember everyone doctor plan is a bit different. 59480d6d6a2c8_liquiddiet.thumb.png.50f605e6b51f0de0bb47bcdcb8b6bd48.png:)

  3. On 6/5/2017 at 10:59 AM, blizair09 said:

    At 8 months post-op, this is what I eat each day:

    Meal #1: 1 scrambled egg with 2 oz chicken breast

    Meal #2: 4 oz cottage cheese with 1 T sugar-free strawberry preserves

    Meal #3: 3 oz chicken breast, 1 string cheese, and 10 ParmCrisps

    Meal #4: 3 oz salmon with 1 oz green Beans, and 5 ParmCrisps

    Meal #5: 2 oz hamburger steak (93% lean) with 1 oz green Beans, and 5 ParmCrisps

    Meal #6: 3 oz chicken breast with 1 oz green beans, and 5 ParmCrisps

    Meal #7: 3 oz chicken breast, 1 string cheese, and 10 ParmCrisps

    Meal #8: 4 oz cottage cheese with 1 T sugar-free strawberry preserves

    I never get "full." I haven't let myself get there ever since the surgery, really. I have always focused on a set amount of food and gradually increased it over time. I could easily eat more at every meal; I just don't. (As an example, I could probably eat double the cottage cheese I eat, but I just won't do it.)

    I'm up to 1500 calories now and I'll probably stay there for half the summer and then move to 1600. I'm gradually trying to inch my calories up as I am only 15 pounds away from maintenance. But I do that by adding an extra meal, not adding volume to existing meals.

    Good luck!

    Ahhhh - This is so nice - thanks so much for sharing!

    GrInS :)

  4. On 2/24/2013 at 6:33 PM, ooffa511 said:

    I had surgery almost 10 months ago. Hubby is just eatting better


    I love this.... I'm hoping after my surgery my husband will also follow suite. He needs this just as much if not more than me, but he is scared and hopes he will eat better watching me. *wink* he sympathy gained he said... LOL - maybe he will sympathy loose. - My surgery is July 12th. Love the pics. Such an inspiration to see. Thanks so much to everyone for sharing - GrInS :)

  5. I've been buying and stocking up on Unjury unflavored and chicken broth flavored powders and Premier shakes in all flavors. Also different variety of broths, sugar free jellos and Popsicle. Just want to have everything and different options since I heard some flavors and brands may be hard to tolerate after. I haven't' bought any Vitamins yet. Have my pre-op upper GI, labs and class on the 12th of this month. Want to talk to them more about the best of the best. My body deserves the best and want to make sure I choose right. Was thinking about BariMelts brands- whats y'alls preferred brands? :)

    I did get myself this adorable portion Yum box. Perfect once I'm in the Puree and on stages. I'm worth it!

    yum box.png

  6. I hope this was the right place to post this. I'm scheduled for my surgery on July 12th. So excited and ready for this. But a big concern is the constipation I've heard can be a problem after surgery.

    I've been told to drink lots of Water after, but I have anal fissures which I'm dealing with it right now actually. I drink anywhere from 64 oz or more a day and I still have to take stool softener and Fiber stuff. I don't have a constipation issue. I just have to keep the stool soft and unrough (no nuts or stuff like that) for it to heal. I'm worried the too firm a stool will not be a good thing after surgery. :(

    Has anyone dealt with this and what they did or any recommendations?

    Do you have many bowel movements while on the pre surgical diet and post liquid phases? I'm thinking this would be a good time for mine to heal. It's always the movement that aggravates it and starts me back as square one.

    Thanks in advanced for your help,

    GrInS :)

  7. It's a mind game. This is normal for people who are used to seeing you at a larger size to think your face looks too thin. Someone who just met you will not see you that way.

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    This is true. I have a friend who had the bypass and i felt she looked ill compared to what i was used to seeing. But after awhile I adjusted to the new and so much more happier her. Like stated above... people who don't know you won't see it that way. You look fabulous.

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  8. Yay Steve - That’s so wonderful - so glad for you.

    Yes it is an emotional roller coaster. food just like any other drug can control our lives and we just have to move on from those things that are hurting us. Just keep doing what your doing - looking at the (non food) positives like the being able to move better, less pain, less medications, etc. Look at us. We are Irish and I have to give up bread and potatoes. OMG.... - but I know it will be so worth it. Gosh I can't wait to fit in the tub again. LOL

    I too am excited about the idea of being able to move better. Just to do my own toes, work in my own garden without spending the whole next couple day recuperating from it. It will be so worth it, you will see. Find new interests – bowling, hiking, hunting – things that don’t relate to food. Like I love painting, crochet, and gardening. I’m putting a lot of focus into these things and not so much on the culinary stuff. All it has done is make me miserable like I’m sure it has you.

    I too was a bit ashamed to tell people. Like I failed or something.. taking the easy way out. I’ve gotten so over that. I’ve tried for 20 years to deal with my weight with many programs, diets, exercise routines and stuff. I have to say I really did try. So the heck with what others say. You’re doing this for YOU and your family. Losing the weight to be healthy and prolong life to be with your family What ever the reason. What people say doesn’t matter. I haven’t announced like all out, but most people I know, know. I don’t miss work and it was really hard to explain the taking 2 week off so most my coworker know too. But no one has been negative at all. Actually way opposite.

    Please do keep us updated on your progress.

    My surgery date is July 12th so same as you sooo nervous but ready to get on with this new chapter in my life. Praying for you and a more healthier and active future.

    GrInS :)

  9. Well I'm through all the pre-cert stuff. Had my Pysch eval - guess I'm not crazy :) and Nutritional eval. Took about a week for my insurance to approve. Over all from first call to office took about a month to get the that point. Then had my consult with the doc and surgery date is July 12th. Have a pre surgery thing on June 12th that includes upper GI - Labs and Pre surgery class. I have to do a two week liquid diet (which include cottage cheese and yogurt - seems weird) before surgery with the day before being all Clear Liquids plus that lovely magnesium stuff the night before too. yuck. So glad things are flowing along. Still nervous and working on new life habits. The whole drinking things I'm find the hardest. Just never had to THINK about not drinking. ugh... Any Hoo - Just posting the progress.

    Oh - does anyone know how to change stuff in our profiles? Can't figure it out for nothing.

    Thanks again

    GrInS :)

  10. My husband was who knew in the beginning. I didn't want to hear everyone's opinions and horror stories. But after doing my research and getting more comfortable and confident in my choice to do this and come to realize what others think really doesn't matter, I have opened up my circle of know-ees to a few coworkers since I never hardly ever miss work and will be after having this procedure. Surprisingly I haven't heard anything negative yet.

  11. 21 hours ago, Diana_in_Philly said:

    @mama3beartn - Here's a bit of my story. I'm 7 months out. HW 271.5 (April 2016) SW 246.9. CW 188.2. 55 year old mother of two girls - one a senior in HS, one in 8th grade. THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE (other than marrying my wonderful husband and having my two amazing girls). In my first year, I had to see my team monthly for the three months of supervised diet (began May 11, 2016). I had a few more appointments during August because my surgery was August 23 - so I had the big pre-op diet, post-op diet nutrition class. I saw my doc 2 weeks out, 3 months out, 6 months out and my next visit is at 1 year. I will see him annually after that.

    I correspond regularly with my NP at the practice and my RD, by email. I had a sleeve done. Was in the hospital overnight and back to my desk job in less than a week. I was in the gym about a week after surgery working out. If you can avoid moving to the middle of nowhere until after you get to the six month point, I'd say you're in the clear. I've had no complications (knock wood.)

    I don't have any good photos of me recently - but here are two for you to compare - the one in the blue shirt was in August 2015 at close to my high weight (within 5 pounds). The one with the red sweater was in November when I was about 3 months post op. I'm down another 25 pounds since then.

    Best of luck.




    Hi Diane,

    You look great! Congratulations!

    Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I'm glad to hear from everyone that it kinda goes to a yearly visit. That is totally do-able. We need to have yearly checkup anyway. I just didn't want it to be like the gastric band thingy where you were there every few months or so and had to rely on medical help for adjustments and so forth. We aren't moving for at least a year and could be two depending on how long it takes to find what we want and to sell our home. If approved, I'm hoping the process wont take too long. But heard that can vary too. Just continue to do my research and work on losing what I can now. Thanks again Diane,

    GrInS :D

  12. 21 hours ago, 2-Liter said:

    Complications can happen but generally if you follow your Surgeons instructions you should be fine. I had my surgery in Mexico so all of my follow up care is done by my PCP but honestly other than having Blood work done I haven't needed anything. I think that a Ketogenic Diet would fit Hand in Hand with the Homesteader Lifestyle. All those fresh vegetables and game meats should Help you weed most of the Sugar and Carbs out of your diet and give you the quality fats that your body needs. We will just have to ship you Avocados and Almonds lol.

    Thanks so much for the reply - Oh I do love Avocado. got me a little Avacado tree growing. Only a few inches right now - LOL

    We did look into that Ketogenics. My doctor and I have been trying many things. We kinda came to the conclusion my problem relates to my upbringing. I was raised pretty poor and satisfaction never came from what I ate but the satisfaction of feeling full. food was food and we ate anything. Just wanted to be full. I eat very well, all clean, organic and natural, have been for about 4 years now. haven't had a soda or anything but Water and hot green tea since 2011. And I don't think I eat overly too much. Just till I'm full. Problem is... My full feeling is too much for me to loose weight. We are working on that too. Lost 5 pounds this last two weeks so I'm trying. Just going to take some work. My doctor thinks the sleeve would be a great tool for me. Since I got the "what I'm eating" under control. The feeling of being full with less food would be a great benefit. So I"m still doing research. Had my Psych eval yesterday, and Nutritional eval next week. See what come from that. :D - oh boy

    thanks again,


  13. Hideey- ho

    I’m not sure where to actually post this. I’m hoping this was a good place. I’m currently in pre-pre-op. I have my Psych eval today and my Nutrition eval next week. These are required by my insurance. I’ve been doing A LOT of research and maybe too much - LOL. I read a lot on this website and other resources and see a lot about the worst of having barometric surgeries and problems and I’d really like to hear about the best. I mean it's worth it right?

    We are Urban Homesteaders and are looking to go full out in the country in a 1-2 years. I’m desperate to get this extra weight off not only because it’s starting to really affect my body with painful joints, degenerative disk disease, borderline diabetic and hypertensive, plus more that would just take to much time to list :) but I need to be able to do our chores and stuff on the homestead. My Children do a lot of it now but they won’t be around forever and I need to get doing these things more. I do what I can, but after standing too long (disk problem) – I have to sit cause leg is numb. Doc said getting weight off will help this tremendously. Hence I’m here on my journey to weight loss surgery. Yay

    I’ve always been a very positive glass half full person and reading on here has made me nervous. I’ve tried and tried diets and exercise programs and only come out worst than before. (Exercise I did was too intense and did some damage to my shoulders – go figure). So I had a question, and praying for a positive note more than negative - as a homesteader what is the reliance on the world for this? If the SHTF happens and we can’t go to docs every 3 months or what ever is required, are we screwed? This was the main reason I didn’t choose the lap band thingy. No way am I having a crazy contraption inside me and have to live at a doc office for constant adjustments. Seemed freakier to me. I was looking into the Sleeve; the gastric by-pass was a bit too much and seemed to have more post issues with anemia and stuff. I just would like to hear some positives on the surgeries. It’s taking me 5 years to finally say this is what I need to do so I could really use some advice or positive input. I totally get there are possible complications but heck, I’ve had gallbladder, appendix, tonsils, hysterectomy all removed and no problems. Hoping this will be similar.

    Any-hoo – really appreciate your time and sending prays to everyone to have a positive and successful weight loss journey.

    sorry for wording - typed this pretty quick on lunch break - ;-) - these little faces are so cute.

    Thanks again,

    God Bless,


  14. On 3/18/2017 at 10:59 PM, LACRACRA2 said:

    I was sleeved 7/6/16. Prior to surgery and since my total weight loss is 78 lbs. haven't lost anything in months though. Haven't gained YET! But I can eat more and more. I have been eating junk!!!!! I'm so depressed with myself. At 191 lbs and still have many more pounds to go!!!! Do you think it's too late? Have I stretched my pouch too much to come back?


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