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  1. I think I'm doing good. I feel good that's for sure... eating most anything well. tuna hits a bit heavy so I just can't eat much that...I can see my clothes getting bigger and I can even fit in the bathtub now which is like awesome...But still can't see it myself in photos. Not sure why. I'll try and get some photos uploaded on here.
    Had my surgery on 7/17/17.
    I started at my highest at 315 and down to 255. My first mini goal is to be 250 for my birthday...October 13th...I'll be 45... and two days later will be married for 23 years to the love of my life who has supported me on this journey from the beginning. It makes a world of difference to have someone who supports you. The hardest thing is I do miss eating out. It was a BIG part of our entertainment. Trying new places. I dont miss food... just the going out and the experience. plus my husband... he supports me totally... But he isn't in the best place himself. At over 350 he needs this too but is afraid. So trying to find new things to do can be a challenge.
    Hope everyone is doing well on your journeys. Love reading on here. It's an amazing group.

  2. Hi there! I'm 12 weeks post op RNY, and I'd loved a Bari-Buddy! I have my best friend who I walk with, but she doesn't understand the struggles of having had this surgery.
    I've been in a stall for 3 weeks, ever since I started exercising more. It's become very frustrating. Today when I weighed, I only weigh on Mondays, I actually gained. I'm so sad that I'm failing at this.
    I'm on Facebook as Jennie Homer - Smith. Feel free to friend me.

    Hi Jenny I friended you on Facebook my name is Sherry Renee Richards Bare on there. I'm only 7 weeks out but I've already been through a pretty long stall on my second week which lasted for about 2 and 1/2 Weeks. It finally broke and I started losing again and then I was just on a little mini one again that lasted about a week but dropped a pound finally this Monday. I weigh on Mondays only also. My doctor said stalls are very common your body is constantly adjusting. But you will probably find you were losing inches during these dolls even though the numbers aren't changing. Also my nutritionist said that we have a constant fluctuation of 3 lb within our body. This can happen within just five minutes. She did an experiment and weight herself in front of us, and drink a pretty good amount of Water about five glasses. And then weighed herself again and had gained 2 lb within 5 minutes. Your body will constantly fluctuate and is fine. As long as you know you are following your program correctly and I are not eating things that you shouldn't ben getting enough Protein and fluids you should be fine...
    your body will naturally lose weight. I'm on a pretty strict diet of 500 calories a day 60- 80 grams of protein and I've only lost about 53 pounds... which I'm totally fine with. You're welcome to message me on Facebook if you have any questions or just need to vent. It's totally cool.

  3. I weighed the day I got home. I had this daily graph I had to fill out. It required me to weigh daily. I didn't have any weight gain or swelling from surgery so I did a steady pound a day for the first two weeks and then I hit the popular stall that is very common around week 2/3 after surgery. I stayed that weight for almost three weeks and it started going down again. But I did lose inches during those three weeks. It doesn't bother me to weigh and see the fluctuation and stalls. There is a 2 - 3 lb body fluctuation that one can gain over night just from Water and stuff. Our nutritionist gained 2lbs in 5 minutes just by drinking 5 glasses of water. It was his way of showing us not to let those little gains bother us. As long and you know your are following your plan correctly and as long as the clothes are getting loser and your feeling better that is what matters. I haven't felt this good in years. I'm ecstatic. And I still have 100lbs to go. LOL I can't even imagine.

  4. 16 hours ago, nycteacher said:

    surgery was on July 17th has anyone tempted oatmeal yet? Thoughts? I have one my kids eat with 10g or Protein in it.. yay or nay?

    Im very slow with chewing and eating everything and have not thrown anything up. (knock on wood)

    I was sleeved on the 17th as well. I've eaten oatmeal I've bought off this site. It's also got more Protein than regular oatmeal with less carbs and stuff. I've had no problem. Hardest thing for me is I used to love LOTS of butter so that makes it different for me and I also find the higher protein makes its mushy and less oatmeally. LoL if that makes sense. But no problems with the tummy. But everyone is different and handles things differently. I've had no problem with anything I've eaten except Jello it just hits like a brick for some reason.

  5. Well I'm almost 6 weeks out and I've hit my first issue with my vsg. I can get really bad headaches due to inflammation and pinched nerves in my neck, one of the many reasons the decision to have the surgery. But I'm having a bad headache and this is the third day and it's at its worst. Aleve was my go to pill and worked wonderful and I'm not allowed to take that apparently. I had called the doctor yesterday and they said liquid Tylenol or crush a regular Tylenol. I did this and it didn't help . Does anyone have any recommendations? This is an inflammation issue due to my fibromyalgia and it flares a lot in my neck and low back/hips. Any help would be greatly appreciated on something that's anti-inflammatory that we are allowed to take if there is anything. Thank you so much

  6. I was only 2 weeks post-op and started my first stall. It lasted about 2 and 1/2 Weeks...almost 3 and then I started losing again. But during that time I lost inches in my waist because my belt had dropped like five holes. I was so surprised. I had heard that true weight loss really doesn't start till 6 weeks post-op. Or that's what my nutritionalist said. That any weight you lose before this is bonus weight. And you'll probably go through others as your body adjust and heals.

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  7. Wow! Down 37 in 4 weeks!? I must really be doing something wrong! I had my procedure 7/24 and am down only 8 lbs! Great job! Very excited for you!

    You're not doing anything wrong. If you're following the program you will start losing weight. Everybody loses in different amount. If you weigh more you might lose it a little quicker than someone who weighs less. I was told that true weight loss really doesn't start till after 6 weeks. That anything you lose before this is considered bonus weight. It will happen. GrInS

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  8. My surgery was on July 17th. I have been losing slow and steady. But today I weighed and I gained 1.5 pounds. Now I am in full panic mode. Has anyone else experience a weight gain?

    I was also sleeved on 17th. Our nutritionalist did an experiment about how you can gain 2 pounds in 5 minutes. He drink 5 - 8oz glasses of Water and then weighed again and weighed 2lb more. You'd be surprised at what fluctuations your body can go through. I've gained as much as two pounds overnight depending on what I ate. I'm very sensitive to sodium. Don't let it get you down. Just go your course and it will start dropping. I also went through a three-week stall was stuck at 270... then started going down again. But did dropped inches even though I wasnt dropping on the scale. You've got this. GrInS

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  9. Yes I had to do a test before surgery. I had to swallow this weird stuff that aired my stomach up. And then I had to swallow this other stuff I think they called it barium, that they took photos of my esophagus and stomach as I swallowed it. I believe it was just called a barium swallow test. I never did a swallow test after my procedure. My doctor puts a drain in so I had to swallow this really dyed blue Water. It had no flavor. If I had any leaks it would go through the drain and that's how they tested me for leaks.

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  10. My surgery was 07/17/2017 and I'm at the stall. Been for about a week or so, since I started stage 2. Surgery was easy. Minimal pain... More issues with the pain meds. I"m allergic to Morphine so they gave me Dilaudid. Nope - same reaction- So the itching and burning was worse than the surgery. So I quit pain meds on Second day of four day stay. I did take two weeks off, but really think I only needed one.

    I do still have some incision pain still. The largest of the 10. I couldn't believe I had 10 marked. Asked Doc about them and he accounted for each one, but I was still surprised... plus the drain. ugh

    My only bad is I started puree a week earlier than the plan stated - I know bad bad bad. Our plan does four week pre-op, then two week clear post - op, then two week full liquids which only added Protein Shakes to the clear, nothing else. I was so nauseated on the shakes I moved to pureed - one meal at a time till now I can do all three meals pureed. The shakes started tasting like rotten eggs smell. I just can't do them anymore. Blah - plus I bought some stuff from the store on here. The Soups are amazing. Bought oatmeal but haven't tried it yet.

    I never got my Day of Surgery weight. They weighed me, but it was in Kilograms and of course I couldn't remember what it was after the surgery. I'm down from my highest of 315 to 270. I'm already feeling better. I can move so much more. And I don't really feel hunger or craving of any sort. So crazy.

    Just gotta be patient about this Stall. Patience... Patience.... Patience... :blink:


    Later Gaters - :251_crocodile:

  11. On 7/30/2017 at 7:07 PM, Redo2017 said:

    I was sleeved July 10. Feeling great, but I'm in the dreaded 3 week stall. I haven't lost an ounce in a week. I'm trying not to let it get me down because a lot of people experience this. *I will not complain. *I will not complain. *I will not complain.

    I’m in a stall already now. I’m only 4 weeks out and been fluctuating 2 lbs. for the last week ½. I’ve heard about stalls but never this early on. But my body is still shrinking. I can tell by my clothes, so that is what I’m going by. I’m also going to start doing the measuring thing, and compare that instead of the scale. I think that scale is an evil thing. :71_smiling_imp: Yes I do- lol

    I know this is an little older post and was wondering if you’re out of your stall and how you’re doing?

  12. WOW - you have done amazing. Congratulations!!

    Don't fret... I've heard it's very common to hit these wall. the scale might not be moving but you are losing inches. Don't let the scale rule you. It can be a horrible thing sometimes. I'm not even close to your 11 months but I at only three weeks hit a week stall myself. But my belts dropped another notch (they are an inch apart).

    If you have already evaluated your consumption and know your doing well on your intake. Just keep going. Your body will catch up. Your down quite a bit and will definitely be losing slower than those who are much heavier.

    But some tips maybe, if you are not already doing these are keep a food diary for a week and take to your nutritionist. Make sure its very detailed and maybe they can see or help to make sure its all good. Also working out and cardio are different. Make sure your adding some cardio during your gym times.

    Hope all goes well. Keep us updated.

    GrInS :)

  13. Yeah a lot of doctors have different plans. It's crazy. I had a two week clear liquid post-op then two week full liquids ( just added the premier shakes) then two weeks pureed, which I'm still not too yet. :) Almost. Then on to adding full foods.

    I couldn't imagines doing pureed already at week 1. My stomach barely liked me putting the premier shakes in at week three. Took a few days to get used to. Just do what is comfortable for you. Start with mild soft stuff like scrambled eggs (soft). This is so going to be my first. Take a small bit and wait. See how your stomach feels. If real concerned talk to you doc about it or your nutritionist. We seem to talk to them more than the doc anymore here. He is more concerned about incisions, internal pain and dehydration.

    Hope all works out well.

    GrInS :)

  14. 15 hours ago, Here for help said:

    Definitely not normal. As the others said see your document asap. Try Vitamin Water zero. They have different flavors that you might enjoy. Good luck.

    I'm only 3 weeks out and it doesn't hurt to drink anymore. I'd definitely talk to your doc.

    I found drink that nice at Costco.. It's like the Vitamin Water zero but is called Vitarain zero. Not as strong to me as the Vitamin Water. But you might like the VW.

    You really shouldn't drink the G2 since it still has sugar. My doc allows the Power aid zero but not G2. The sugar might be making your tummy hurt.

    Hope it gets better for you.


    2.5 OZ fresh smoked salmon
    2Tbsp 0% fat plain Greek yogurt
    1/2 tsp dried dill
    1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
    1/8 tsp salt
    1/8 tsp pepper
    1. Place all ingredients except Greek Yogurt into a food processor. Process mixture until fish is finely diced.
    2. Use a spoon or rubber spatula to stir in Greek Yogurt until smooth.

    This recipe makes 1 servings. Each serving provides an estimated 13 grams Protein, 2 grams carbohydrate and 3 grams fat.


  16. Smoked Salmon Pate | Bariatric <a href=pureed Diet | FoodCoach.Me" src="https://www.bariatricpal.com/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://www.foodcoach.me/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/smokedSalmonPate-600x336.jpg&key=8cfac995fbef0b4ea22b933cf56995aa29e3d5e9395dd6ce9853b069587a7c28" title="Smoked Salmon Pate | Bariatric Pureed Diet | FoodCoach.Me" />
    1. Place all ingredients except Greek Yogurt into a food processor. Process mixture until fish is finely diced.
    2. Use a spoon or rubber spatula to stir in Greek Yogurt until smooth.

    This recipe makes 1 servings. Each serving provides an estimated 13 grams Protein, 2 grams carbohydrate and 3 grams fat.


  17. Sounds good. I'd maybe up the Protein and cut back on the fruits and veggies if you can't fit it in. But I'm comparing to my Plan. My doctor wants our Protein to be 60 to 80 grams a day and fit in fibrous veggies first then low sugar fruit if we have room after eating our protein. This prevents later down the road problems like Hair loss and stuff - common around 4 to 6 months post op. But like I said. Every program on here is different. I'm learning my doc is pretty strict compared to most on here. :) Sounds like your doing great though. Congrats on your progress and blessing to you for continued success.

  18. Day three in the hospital. They give a depository to help get your digestive system moving again. Since it gets somewhat paralyzed after the surgery and anesthesia. I have not had any Constipation problems since my surgery 2 weeks ago. I go about every other day and it's pretty liquidy but that's about all I'm putting in anyway. Heard it's very common to become constipated after introducing real food. Still got three weeks till that.

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  19. I've learned by being on here the last couple of months that every doctor and every program are very different. I've also learned I have a pretty strict doctor and program compared to most. Not only did I have a 3-week pre-op diet that consisted of a very strict list of items that is allowed, I have 2 week post op liquid clear only , and then three week liquid diet which includes the Premier Protein shakes . Then two weeks pureed before I introduce solids. I read on here people already eating pureed food after first week . Just showing you how different programs can be .

    My doctor has certain Vitamins he wants us to take and they must have certain amounts of certain ingredients. This is to prevent effects later down the road. Like Iron deficiency and other anemias common in bariatric surgery patients. Im a medical coder for hematology and oncology and see this alot in our centers.

    I put pictures below what I use but again every doctor is different. I use the Multivitamin pictured below and all other vitamins with BariMelts. I just showed the D3 which I have to take everyday. I also have B12 once a week, Biotin daily, and Calcium three times daily. These are very reasonably priced and I get them on Amazon. Some are 90 days supplies like the multivitamin for $45. Which is pretty good. I do have the calcium citrate chewables as well. I mix and match with my Berimelts.

    I was told the same thing about gummies they're really not that great. But if it is all you have I would use them other than nothing. Good luck and blessings on your journey.

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