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    CharlyScott got a reaction from Cath226 in 61 next month   
    I will be 61next month and I am waiting on my surgery date. I am wishing that I would have done this sooner but I am not regretting this decision of mine one bit. I have always been late in doing things. I became a first time mom at 53 to two beautiful children (I had to have a hysterectomy at the age of 25) I got my Harley last year for my birthday and this year is my VGS. My reason is to improve my health and to see these two rugrats grow up. I am glad to find this forum as I was starting to think I was the only one over 60 having this done.
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    CharlyScott reacted to AHappierMe in WLS Blog - Daily Updates...Laughs, Tears, TMI!!   
    I really need to focus on managing expectations of my post-surgery life.
    Last night, as I was trying to finally drift off to sleep, I was thinking about the comments on this post and I was feeling thankful for hearing positive words and encouragement. However - then my mind went off the deep end!! All of a sudden, I was feeling super excited about my life post-surgery. In my day dream (if you can call it that at 12AM), I had become skinny, sexy and stylish. And - without credible reason - my weight loss had even lead to better eyesight (I have worn glasses since 25 years old)!! AND, the weight loss somehow added several zeros to my bank account because I imagined my husband and I frolicking on some private beach and other exotic locals. AND, I became a fashion maven - rocking outfits that only really attractive people can pull off. For a moment, I got caught up in all the wonderful things that were going to happen once I was a size 2 - but those things are not reality.
    Yes, I will feel more sexy and happy when I am not so fat. Yes, I am really excited for my husband to be fitter (and the benefits that come along with that...). Yes, I am thrilled to live a more illness-free life and spend a longer time with the ones I love. Yes, I am worried but dedicated to this surgery.
    But, I am keenly aware that losing weight will not change my whole entire life. I am not going to become some fashion model, jet setting across the world. I will still be Amber - full time mom, full time wife, full time worker at a University. But...just maybe, I can go into stores and feel confident and look good wearing tailored, stylish clothes. And, just maybe, this new found confidence and added happiness will contribute to an even better life. No - I don't expect to be all the things I fantasize about -- but a girl can dream, right??
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    CharlyScott reacted to heycrystal2052 in Old clothes? What did you do?   
    I had a huge issue w/ letting go of my clothes, but you're so right. I've decided to take my clothes to the Mission this weekend, it's time to let go. Thank you for this, today was my day to see your words!
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    CharlyScott reacted to PatsyKinOH in Old clothes? What did you do?   
    I consign mine so I can buy more clothes as I shrink. I've gone from a 34/36 to a 22/24 in the past 10 months so it's getting real! Thank God for Salvation Army! I look for the most gently worn stuff so I CAN consign them. For me it's win-win.

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    CharlyScott reacted to Clementine Sky in Old clothes? What did you do?   
    I started out with a lower BMI for having the VSG, and lost weight at a slower pace than many others, so I kept my older clothes for the first year. I just added a belt to the jeans. When that was no longer feasible, I decluttered my closet, washed all the clothes since some had been hanging in my closet gathering dust, and bagged them up to donate. My friend's sister is mentally delayed and living in a group home for adults with similar condition to hers. I donated the clothes to her, and then she had a fabulous time giving them away to other women in her home. She said she felt like Santa.
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    CharlyScott reacted to hmills653 in Old clothes? What did you do?   
    I always donate mine and the kids. I feel like if I can bless someone else it will come back to me in return and this weight loss is definitely a blessing.
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    CharlyScott reacted to sunmeadow in Old clothes? What did you do?   
    The Saturday before my surgery (which was a week ago today), I donated 3 large trash bags of my big out-of-season clothes and consolidated my smaller clothes into a single bin.
    I found it very liberating, especially the ones that I realized I actually hated, but bought only because they fit at the time.
    p.s. An organizational consultant that I saw speak at a conference let us all in on a secret:
    "They will never stop selling black pants."
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    CharlyScott reacted to Newme17 in Didn't tell my sister   
    @kheter55 I read my sister all over your post. She's 40. I actually don't even know where she's at. But anyway, I didn't tell her either in the beginning. I did at one point and nothing really good came out of her mouth. She's bipolar too, etc...a lot of mental problems. The only thing that I can encourage you about is...move on, and to move on is to forgive your sister for the things she's said. You can do this inside; doesn't mean you have to tell her this--most likely she wouldn't take it right anyway. This will allow you to have peace. She's your sister...love her but it doesn't mean you have to talk/share with her. Just don't hold the grudge; it'll help you in the long run. Blessings to you hon.
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    CharlyScott reacted to kheter55 in Didn't tell my sister   
    I had sleeve surgery in Jan 2017. I only told my husband, grown children & a few friends. My sister lives in CA & I haven't seen her in years. I've lost 60 lbs, I feel good, everyone tells me I look fantastic! Well my sister saw my picture on FB...she called to ask if I was sick & dying! She was very negative, asked me if I had surgery...at that point I lied and said no. After those comments she doesn't deserve to know! Well, she calls my brother who I see every September, I was going to surprise him. My sister calls him telling him I look horrible, like walking death!!!! He calls to tell me, I was so hurt. I messaged her grown daughter tell them what she said and that I did it for health reasons. They told her and she called me and left a message that how could I...that she never said that and she can't believe I did that. I told my nieces that she told my brother that!!!!! I can't deal with her. She's 74, bi-polar & has a narcissistic personality. Please tell me what you think. She was an RN.
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    CharlyScott reacted to kimmykimmy in Different Hair   
    My hair is thinning dull and breaking badly I am 7 months out I get more than enough protein actually I was told yo cut back to 90 grams a day I take all my vitamins the good kind from Unjury. Help

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    CharlyScott reacted to Sosewsue61 in I've Lost It Today!   
    Sugar is a potent trigger for cravings. You feel good because chemically it floods your body with an endorphin 'high'. A little treat with added Protein would be less hazardous. Be careful. Did you plan to do this? What preceeded this eating event - anxiety, fear, insecurity, etc.
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    CharlyScott got a reaction from Vivian Krueget in Concerned about Energy and Complications   
    Hello all

    I am 61 and got my sleeve 6/5/17. I will be honest I have had no complications. The first two days was not fun but I had just had major surgery. I have no regrets. My loss is slow and I am happy with that. I am more active with more energy each day. Yes the first two weeks was exhausting but now on my fifth week I couldn't ask for more. I started at 256 and today I am at 218.

    Stay away from the complications forum. It will only scare you.

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    CharlyScott reacted to Luisajfc in Happy! Happy!! Happy!!!   
    Good for you girl!!! That's all we are looking for.. a positive attitude with little and big changes.. we all aiming for it!

    “There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits.” —Michael Phelps
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    CharlyScott reacted to GingerBananaBelly in Happy! Happy!! Happy!!!   
    I just need a moment to express my supreme elation!
    Last week, I went to a conference with my parents. Turns out I needed a nice dress for a dinner one night. My dad took me to the local mall and kindly served and an audience for a mini fashion show. Before surgery, I wore a size 24; all the dresses I tried on were a size 20. We loved the last dress, but it was too big. The only only other size they had was a 16. My dad convinced me to try it on... IT FIT!!! I was so excited!!!
    Yesterday, my mom and I went to some stores for a little experiment. For the first time since college, I fit in pants off the rack! I also fit into an XL shirt. Again, I was ecstatic!
    Finally, I had my 6 week follow-up with my surgeon today. I'm 5'7 3/4. When I started my pre-op liquid diet, I weighed 277 pounds. On surgery day, I weighed 264 pounds. Today, at 46 days post-surgery, I weighed 234 pounds. That's 43 pounds overall and 30 pounds since surgery!!!
    I feel wonderful! My skin is glowing. I have loads of energy. I'm happier and more optimistic. I feel like I'm becoming more myself than ever before. I'm so glad I did this for myself. My health is improving so dramatically. It's wonderful!
    Anyway, thanks for letting me share! Blessings to you all!
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    CharlyScott reacted to 907city2farmgrl in Booked with Dra Cardenas today!   
    How exciting for you! I booked with her as well. I just moved my date up to August 30th! So excited and nervous. I'm starting with BL/BA. I don't heal the fastest so I want to see how I do with the healing and scarring before I move on to the Royal lower body lift. I'm so tempted to start with the RBL, she does such good work!

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    CharlyScott reacted to HeidiSue2009 in Three days post-surgery, the journey so far   
    Me too! I am on Clear liquids until 12/26. Then I move to full liquids for 14 days. It's not until day 20 until I am able to eat soft foods! Sent from my SM-N920V using the BariatricPal App
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    CharlyScott reacted to blizair09 in Why do we fall off the wagon? & How to get back on?   
    Honestly, you have to find the grit and drive within yourself to do what you need to do to be successful. There just comes a time when you have to ask yourself what is more important, you or food...
    You are worth it! food is just food.
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    CharlyScott reacted to OutsideMatchInside in Stupid things people say when they find out you've had surgery....   
    My temper wouldn't tolerate most of these comments. I'm too pretty for jail, so I'm glad I kept my surgery to myself.
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    CharlyScott reacted to Jazziminna in Stupid things people say when they find out you've had surgery....   
    My overweight husband said this... "So when you lose all of the weight I'll have a smoking hot wife, maybe then you'll feel like getting intimate more often." My response, "Maybe, I've had my eye on a couple of guys, I'm just waiting for the right moment." LOL He really needs to step up his game and give me something smoking too!!
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    CharlyScott reacted to AJ cowgirl in Stupid things people say when they find out you've had surgery....   
    New when I got today!
    Are you gonna look deflated like all the other people? I can say is I have no idea I don't know what they look like.
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    CharlyScott reacted to alycopp78 in Stupid things people say when they find out you've had surgery....   
    My father told me I needed to think about my son and husband and why couldn't I just live with being heavy or eat less.
    I am thinking about my family and being healthier so I can see my grandchildren.
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    CharlyScott reacted to Daisee68 in Stupid things people say when they find out you've had surgery....   
    A bit off topic but so far, my least favorite question post-op is "do u feel better?". I know they mean well and although I was 326 pounds, I felt and functioned just fine so 70 pounds down I kind of feel the same. I mean getting up off the floor is a little easier but otherwise I sort of feel the same....
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    CharlyScott got a reaction from mem1 in Any 2017 60'ish sleever's out there?   
    I am waiting on insurance approval and then date. I am 60 with b-day of 5/15. I have done changes of no smoking and I am at one week if no caffeine. Spoke with my insurance and they have assured me I should have no problem with the approval. Really excited for my next phase

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    CharlyScott reacted to daisygirl99 in Fibromyalgia and Sleeve   
    I was sleeved 2/9/17 and I have noticed a big improvement in pain and fatigue. I'm down 50 pounds.

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    CharlyScott got a reaction from Boonie mama in New to forum   
    My surgery was yesterday and to be honest I'm ready to go home. I still have pain and the nausea but I can't believe how good I feel.

    I am excited and committed to my new life and better health.

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